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Hospitals adopt holistic healing approach thanks to cutting-edge tech



Personalised treatment plans will soon arrive in Australian treatment wards with new technology here to change the hospital setting.

ICU team changing the hospital scene for the better

Australian hospitals are taking a step into the future with new technology to change patient treatment for the better.

Cordless sensors, artificial intelligence (AI) and cutting-edge technology will soon pop up across hospital wards in a bid to move away from traditional monitors and machines.

The move comes following an announcement made at the inaugural Advanced Diagnostics and Physiological Monitoring in Critical Care Symposium.

Person-centered and allied health services will play a large roll in the treatment of critically-ill patients who will soon experience specialised treatment plans backed by holistic healing processes.

Associate Professor Nai An Lai. Director of Intensive Care Medicine, says despite the rise of more advanced intensive care units (ICU), their presence will be less visible to patients.

“ICUs will look more like healing spaces rather than rooms filled with monitors and machines.”

Professor Lai

“Artificial intelligence will assist clinicians who will be alerted early to any significant changes in a patient’s condition. This machine learning will allow us to monitor patient data and predict any changes in their condition.”

Mobility is key

Physiotherapy will play an inaugural role in patient treatment plans as mobility becomes a key focus in a patient’s early treatment.

Doctors will encourage patients to pursue physical rehabilitation as part of their intensive care plan. as it may help patients speed up their recovery.

“There will be a more multidisciplinary approach to care that will include allied health services early in treatment,” Professor Lai says.

“This change in the model of care will empower patients and families to contribute more significantly to their treatment and recovery and will allow staff to deliver more personalised care.”

COVID-19 to place ICUs on a pedestal

The pandemic’s repercussions played a significant role in the decision to upgrade ICUs across the nation, according to Mater Infectious Diseases Physician Dr Ian Gassiep.

“As clinicians, we have had to work incredibly hard to keep pace with the rapid evolution of COVID-19 in terms of detection, diagnosis and treatment,” Dr Gassiep says.

“The skills and practices we’ve learned throughout the global pandemic is leading to new technologies and innovations to improve patient care in ICUs in the future.”

A timeline for the changes is yet to be set.

Written by Rebecca Borg

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