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New PM Sunak announces new budget date



Chancellor Jeremy Hunt will deliver an Autumn Statement on November 17, where he is expected to announce spending cuts to plug a £40billion black hole in the public purse.

Pensioners and benefit claimants should also learn how much their payments will rise by.

To calm jittery markets after Liz Truss’ shambolic premiership Mr Hunt is set to rein in borrowing by squeezing department Budgets.

Downing Street said: “The Prime Minister told Cabinet that economic stability and fiscal sustainability would be at the heart of this Government’s mission.

In his first intervention since being appointed justice secretary last week, Robert Buckland signalled the government was prepared to think again about the use of Alastair Darling’s emergency 50p tax rate for high earners.

It comes as Tory backbenchers have urged the new Prime Minister to use his first Budget statement to pledge significant tax cuts for middle-income earners.

Steve Baker, deputy chairman of the European Research Group of backbench Eurosceptic MPs, has written to Mr Johnson calling for a cut in capital gains tax – currently set at 20 per cent or 28 per cent depending on circumstances – and changes to inheritance tax rules.

In his letter, seen by The Sunday Telegraph, Mr Baker says Theresa May’s decision not to call a snap election in 2017 meant she “missed an opportunity” to enshrine in law her proposed increase in the income tax personal allowance from £11,850 to £12,500 and higher rate threshold from £46,350 up to £50,000.

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Workers rush back to their desks over job fears



Workers across Australia are rushing back to their desks, driving office utilisation rates to their highest levels since February 2020.

Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays emerge as the busiest in-office days, contrasting with the continued reluctance to return on Fridays.

This insight, drawn from XY Sense data based on 18 enterprise customers in Australia employing approximately 68,000 individuals across 127 buildings, reflects a significant shift in workplace dynamics.

The surge in office attendance coincides with a resurgence in workplace attendance mandates and policies linking physical presence to bonuses and performance reviews.

However, co-founder of XY Sense, Alex Birch, suggests that rising job insecurity, rather than these policies, primarily drives this behavioral shift.

“The pendulum has moved towards the employer, and therefore people feel more obliged to go back into work,” commented Mr. Birch.

Job market

Danielle Wood, chairwoman of the Productivity Commission, anticipates this trend to persist as the job market softens.

She notes a disparity between employer and worker perceptions regarding the productivity benefits of hybrid work arrangements, hinting at potential shifts in the employment landscape.

Meanwhile, economists at the e61 Institute observe a partial reversal of the pandemic-induced “escape to the country” trend.

Rent differentials between regional and capital city dwellings, which narrowed during the pandemic, are now widening again.

This trend suggests a diminishing appeal of remote work options and a return to urban commuting.

Aaron Wong, senior research economist at e61, said the emergence of a “new normal,” characterised by a hybrid lifestyle that blends access to office spaces with proximity to lifestyle amenities such as natural landscapes.

While regional rents decline, rents for homes on the urban fringe surge, reflecting evolving preferences shaped by remote work opportunities.

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Why resilient economy is fuelling demand for Australian property



Despite inflationary pressures, Australian house prices have surged to a record high for the fifth month in a row, as indicated by CoreLogic data.

Australian house prices have not only weathered inflation but have also soared to unprecedented levels, marking the fifth consecutive month of record highs, according to data from CoreLogic.

This resilience reflects the enduring demand for property in the country, showcasing the sustained interest of buyers despite challenging economic conditions.

VentureCrowd’s Head of Property, David Whitting, talks how investors can access alternative ways of property investing.

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Three reasons why you don’t need to panic about inflation



Inflation in the US has exceeded expectations for the third consecutive month, driven by increases in essential commodities such as oil, electricity, takeaway food, and medical costs.

  1. Despite a 3.8% year-on-year rise in CPI, it’s notable that this figure has decreased from its previous 9% high.
  2. The robust CPI and economic growth numbers suggest a positive outlook for US corporate earnings.
  3. The S&P500 has seen five 1% drops this year, all of which were met with investors buying the dip.

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