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Musk’s Cybertruck is almost here. Really.



Tesla’s highly anticipated Cybertruck is expected to finally make its debut on the market this spring.

But Elon Musk faces the challenge of convincing Wall Street that this futuristic pickup is more than just a gimmick.

Musk recently posted a series of Cybertruck glamor shots on his social media account, hinting that a formal announcement may be imminent. Despite the hype, key details about the Cybertruck, such as its price and final specifications, remain unknown. Concerns among Tesla investors have also risen due to the complex design of the vehicle, which could impact profit margins. This concern was exacerbated by the resignation of Tesla’s CFO, Zachary Kirkhorn, earlier in the month.

Niche vehicle

Needham analyst Chris Pierce suggested that the Cybertruck might ultimately become a niche vehicle, saying, “I don’t see it as a material driver of the stock price.” He also mentioned the minimal chance that it can outweigh investor margin concerns regarding Tesla’s existing vehicles.

Wedbush analyst Dan Ives, a noted Tesla supporter, sees the Cybertruck as somewhere between niche and mainstream within Tesla’s vehicle lineup. However, Ives believes it will be crucial for Tesla’s long-term prospects and to convince Wall Street that its ambitious endeavors are worthwhile.

The Cybertruck was first unveiled in a now-infamous event in 2019 when Musk accidentally shattered a “bulletproof” window. Its release has been delayed multiple times, but the first model recently rolled off the assembly line at Tesla’s Texas Gigafactory.

Unique design

The Cybertruck’s unique design, featuring a stainless-steel exoskeleton, has been compared to various objects, including a refrigerator on wheels, a doorstop, a Lego block, and a cartoon character from “Spongebob Squarepants.”

Even Tesla enthusiasts are growing restless due to the lack of clear information. One Tesla owner recently called on Musk to provide detailed specifications, pricing, and a new estimated delivery date for the Cybertruck. Musk responded by stating that it’s an extremely challenging product to build and that it’s unlike anything else.

Musk also warned about the complexity of the Cybertruck’s manufacturing process, emphasizing the need for precision in designing and building its parts.

The Cybertruck’s stainless-steel exoskeleton presents both a major talking point and a manufacturing challenge. Stainless steel is costly, difficult to shape, and requires specialized welding techniques. Meeting safety regulations in certain regions may also be a challenge.

Tesla has accumulated nearly two million Cybertruck reservations, but these preorders are unlikely to directly translate into sales since customers are only required to submit a $100 deposit.

Wedbush’s Ives anticipates mass production to begin around Halloween, with customer deliveries starting after Thanksgiving. Tesla’s projections indicate shipping approximately 50,000 Cybertrucks in 2023, with production ramping up to 200,000 to 300,000 units by 2024.

As for pricing, Musk initially suggested a starting price of less than $40,000 in 2019, but it’s now expected to begin at around $50,000. The dual-motor version is projected to cost $60,000, while the tri-motor version is expected to be priced at $70,000.

The entry-level price puts the Cybertruck on par with Ford’s F-150 Lightning electric truck, a decision that some find surprising given Musk’s bold claims about the vehicle.

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YouTuber Trevor Jacob behind bars for plane crash stunt



YouTuber Trevor Jacob has been sentenced to jail after orchestrating a dangerous stunt involving a plane crash in a reckless bid for views.

The shocking incident unfolded as Jacob attempted to push the boundaries of extreme content creation on his YouTube channel.

In a bid to capture the attention of his audience, Jacob embarked on a perilous mission, piloting a small plane before deliberately crashing it. The stunt, which was filmed and uploaded to his channel, garnered immediate backlash from viewers, many of whom decried the reckless behavior as dangerous and irresponsible.

Authorities swiftly intervened, launching an investigation into Jacob’s actions. Following the investigation, he was arrested and subsequently sentenced to a prison term.

The incident has raised important questions about the ethics of content creation, the pursuit of internet fame, and the potential legal consequences for those who prioritize views over safety.


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Russian women want their men back from Ukraine



In a heartfelt plea, Russian women have taken to the streets demanding the safe return of their loved ones from the Ukrainian front.

The conflict in Ukraine has stretched on for years, and the toll on families has been immense. Mothers, wives, sisters, and daughters are uniting to call for an end to the fighting and the return of their men.

The women, often referred to as the “mothers of the front,” are growing increasingly frustrated with the ongoing conflict. They argue that their husbands, sons, and brothers have been away for far too long, and the human cost of the war is simply too high.

With no clear resolution in sight, their calls for peace and reconciliation are becoming more urgent.

This grassroots movement has sparked a national conversation in Russia, with many questioning the government’s handling of the conflict.

While the official stance has been to support the separatist forces in Ukraine, these women are highlighting the personal tragedies and broken families left in the wake of the war. Their determination to bring their loved ones home is palpable.

The situation raises important questions about the impact of long-term conflicts on families, the role of women in peace movements, the government’s response to public sentiment, and the prospects for a peaceful resolution in the ongoing Ukraine conflict.

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Is a long commute a reason to quit?



Workers reconsider roles due to lengthy travel times

A surge in resignations is hitting the job market as employees reevaluate the impact of long commutes on their work-life balance. The trend, intensified by the rise of remote work during the pandemic, sees a growing number of professionals opting to quit rather than endure extended travel times.

A recent survey conducted among commuters revealed that 68% of participants identified their daily journeys as a major source of stress. The findings suggest a paradigm shift in the traditional understanding of commuting as an inherent aspect of employment.

Employers are now grappling with the challenge of retaining talent as dissatisfaction with lengthy commutes becomes a catalyst for resignations. The implications extend beyond individual decisions, impacting productivity and overall workforce dynamics.

The phenomenon underscores the need for businesses to reassess their remote work policies and invest in solutions that alleviate the burden of commuting. As the job market adapts to evolving expectations, companies that fail to address the commute conundrum risk losing valuable contributors.

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