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Messi’s debut in navy blue, trading the stripes for PSG



For the first time in 17 years, Messi makes his debut as the new recruit – only to sit on the bench for half the game.

Messi makes his debut in PSG navy

Lionel Messi took to the field in Paris Saint-Germain’s (PSG) navy blue in what was his first game for the team.

The ex-Barcelona player commenced his debut match on the bench before coming on as a substitute for PSG in Sunday’s match against the Stade Reims.

Despite Messi’s debut being a key contributor behind the 20,545 tickets sold, it was Kylian Mbappe’s two-goal performance which gave PSG supporters their money’s worth.

The 34-year-old was invited out onto the field at Auguste Delaune Stadium in the game’s 66th minute, replacing teammate Neymar. 

It was a move that sent PSG fans cheering in uproar.

While Messi was unable to nab a goal for his newfound team, he worked alongside Mbappe in a pairing punters anticipate to be a great one.

The match was the Argentine’s first game in three weeks with his last appearance dating back to July 11 where he led his country to victory in the Copa America Final. 

A move that still has its politics

Messi’s move to PSG didn’t come without controversy, following a Barcelona member’s complaint with a French Court.  

PSG has signed Messi on for two years, with the deal set to be worth 35 million euros per season.

Written by Rebecca Borg


Michael Jordan’s sneakers sell for record $1.47m at auction



A pair of basketball shoes worn by US basketball star Michael Jordan have sold for a record price at a Las Vegas auction

Jordan wore the pair of Nike Air Ships during his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls in 1984.

The shoes were what founded the iconic partnership between Jordan and Nike – now a signature global brand.

The sale also marks the highest price ever paid for game-worn footwear of any sport, easily beating out the previous record of $615,000 paid for a pair of Nike Air Jordan’s in 2020.

The price still falls short of the most expensive sneakers ever sold.

Recent sales are just the beginning of rare shoe market that’s beginning to soar.

In April, rapper Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy 1 Prototypes sold for $1.8 million at a private sale.

The record price for sneakers has been broken several times in recent years, and the market is now considered much more niche than ever before, attracting interest from leading collectors as well as the general public.

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Women’s 10km world record holder found dead



Kenyan athletics champion Agnes Tirop has been found stabbed to death at her home in Iten, with police treating her husband as a suspect.

Tirop is a two-time World Athletics Champion bronze medalist, and just last month set the world record for the women’s 10km event at a road race in Germany.

A police investigation into her death is now underway, with her husband a key suspect who is yet to be located by police.

Crime scene investigators searched Tirop’s house on Wednesday night, after she was reported missing by her father.

“When [police] got in the house, they found Tirop on the bed and there was a pool of blood on the floor,” Tom Makori, head of police for the area, said.

“They saw she had been stabbed in the neck, which led us to believe it was a knife wound, and we believe that is what caused her death.

“Her husband is still at large, and preliminary investigations tell us her husband is a suspect because he cannot be found. Police are trying to find her husband so he can explain what happened to Tirop.”

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Top NFL coach fired after emails uncover homophobic, misogynistic comments



One of the biggest coaches in the NFL has resigned for misogynistic and anti-gay language in emails before he was appointed coach of the Las Vegas Raiders

According to The New York Times, Jon Gruden sent emails to Bruce Allen, the then President of the Washington Football Team, and others during a seven-year period that ended in 2018.

Gruden emailed Allen that NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should not have pressured then-Rams coach Jeff Fisher to draft “queers,” referring to a former player who was gay.

The Times also reported that Gruden used an anti-gay slur in several instances while referring to Goodell, and used offensive language to describe some owners, coaches and media members who cover the league.

Gruden also denounced the emergence of women as referees in his emails, according to The Times, and said that Eric Reid, who kneeled during the national anthem to protest racial injustice, should be fired.

He has apologised for his “insensitive remarks” and said “sorry, I never meant to hurt anyone” in a statement on Monday local time

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