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“What we saw yesterday is an insult” – Vic Premier condemns ‘ugly’ protest in Melbourne



Victoria’s Premier Daniel Andrews slammed anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protesters in the city of Melbourne saying “they’re not there to protests, they’re there for a fight, they are there to pretend to be protesting.”

Melbourne’s leader confirmed there is more COVID-19 cases in construction than in aged care and says “what we saw yesterday is an insult, an insult, to the vast, vast majority of tradies or people in the building industry who are not about wrecking, they’re about building.”

“What we saw yesterday is an insult to the vast majority of tradies or people in the building industry,” Premier Daniel Andrews said to media on Wednesday.

He described the protest as ugly, saying “protest is probably not the right word, it was something very different to a protest. It was ugly”

“Yesterday we saw 1000-2000 people, many of whom behaved appalling. They do not reflect an entire industry.”

During a city-wide protest on Tuesday, several protesters identified themselves as construction workers and CFMEU members who opposed mandatory vaccinations.

The Premier confirmed there will be further announcements on Wednesday about mandatory vaccinations in other industries.

Police in Australia are bracing for more riots by anti-lockdown and anti-vaccine protesters

Thousands of protesters took to Melbourne’s streets, after the Victorian government shut down the construction industry over COVID fears.

Protesters blocked city streets and marched down freeways to the West Gate Bridge.

Victoria’s Police Minister Lisa Neville described the protesters violently storming through Melbourne CBD as “thugs”.

Three police officers were injured during the chaotic scenes.

More than 500 police were on the ground responding to the protest action yesterday.

The Victorian Police Commissioner says he has intelligence to suggest another protest is being organised for today, and has implored them to stay home and away from the city.

On Wednesday the Chief Commisioner said “this protest can’t be allowed to occur again.”

“I’d be very surprised if you see any cat and mouse games today.”

“We have significant tactics in place, we will be agile in our response, we will be very swift in our response and conduct as we have seen yesterday and the previous day will not be tolerated.”

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