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Is Joe Biden hiding the recession?



The US President and his administration are being accused of hiding what many are calling a recession

According to government reports Inflation in the US is at a 40 year high standing at an incredible 9.1%

And on top of that, the US economy shrank at 0.9% in April.

For some, the government doesn’t want to admit a recession- coming up to the midterm elections.

According to recent polls, Inflation is one of the major concerns for many American voters.

And most economists argue that the high inflation is being driven by Covid 19.

In early 2020, nationwide lockdowns meant millions lost their jobs.

The former US President Donald Trump inserted 2 trillion dollars into the economy to keep businesses afloat.

It was the first of three stimulus packages, which have now totalled five trillion dollars being pumped directly into the economy.

The main sectors driving up high prices are Gas, Food and Housing.

And grocery prices have risen more than 12% over the last year.

That’s the highest its ever been since 1979.

It’s anyones guess when inflation will go down.

But the Federal Reserve, led by Jerome Powell has responded to the high inflation by raising interest rates twice this year.

The Fed’s control of interest rates is perhaps the best tool to help curb inflation.

As for whether we can call it a recession.

I’ll leave that call to you.

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The importance of personal branding



How to position and build your own personal brand

If you’re into the world of innovative snacks and energetic entrepreneurship, you’ve likely heard of Jake Karls and Mid-Day Squares. This dynamic duo has taken the snack industry by storm, but what’s their secret, and what’s in store for the future?

Jake Karls is the co-founder of Mid-Day Squares, a brand that has carved a niche in the health and wellness market by providing delicious and nutritious chocolate bars.

He joined the Ticker Talks Growth hosts Liam Gostencnik and Tim O’Sullivan to discuss the journey of Mid-Day Squares and where they are heading next.

Watch part two of the interview here:

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Why is it so expensive to attend a wedding?



Guests are paying on average around $2,000 just to attend a loved one’s wedding.

We all know getting married is expensive, but it turns out even attending weddings can set you back a pretty packet.

New research by Finder shows that guests are on average spending nearly $2,000 just to attend.

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Chinese youth swap LinkedIn for Tinder to find a job



As LinkedIn withdraws from the Chinese market, young professionals and job seekers are turning to an unlikely platform in their quest for employment: Tinder.

This shift comes as a local news outlet recently reported the departure of LinkedIn from China.

Tinder, primarily known as a dating app, is now being repurposed by Chinese youth as a job-searching tool. Users are leveraging the platform’s network and communication features to connect with potential employers and explore career opportunities.

It appears to be a creative adaptation to fill the void left by LinkedIn, a platform renowned for professional networking.

This unconventional job-hunting trend has gained momentum, showcasing the adaptability and resourcefulness of the younger generation in China when faced with unexpected circumstances.

LinkedIn plans to maintain a certain level of presence in China, focusing on offering services to companies operating within the country. These services will facilitate hiring and training of employees based outside of China, as confirmed by a spokesperson from the company.

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