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Inclusivity dominates the runway at Melbourne Fashion Festival | ticker VIEWS



Melbourne Fashion Festival weeks kicks off in Australia’s busy city, with the entire show centred around inclusivity and diversity

The iconic international festival runs from November 15- 21 and will feature an exciting new program of city-wide runways, locations, talks, exhibitions, and workshops. As Melbourne has lived through the world’s longest lockdown, the fashion on the runways will also be about representing and injection freedom, and life back into the city.

All about inclusivity

Deni Todorovic is a stylist, who is non-binary and a person of colour. They know all too well what exclusion and societal stigmas feel like. That’s why having them for the opening show at Melbourne Fashion Festival is a significant representation of how serious the organisers are about breaking down barriers.

The festival is about appreciating everyone, whatever their sexual orientation, ethnicity, physical ability, or weight is.

“Fashion is the quickest way to speak without speaking.

For me as a queer person, as a non-binary person, it is my go-to to communicate who I am with the world.”

Deni Todorovic, Stylist 

“At your day to day, walking into a store environment it’s incredibly gendered… and that really upsets me because it can be really damaging to people.”

Deni Todorovic, Stylist 

“My show [Melbourne Fashion Festival opening show] is about celebrating authentic diversity,

and the way we can use fashion to express ourselves.”

Deni Todorovic, Stylist 

Effie Kats is an Australian Fashion Designer who will also be featured on the opening show at Melbourne Fashion Festival. The runways will be about celebrating iconic designer but also up and coming designers who deserve a place on the stage.

Kats has overcome many challenges and stereotypes in her own right. She is a motivated entrepreneur and designer who is on a mission to empower women in what they wear.

“There’s going to be a heavy emphasis on inclusivity… you’re going to see lots and lots of diversity represented.”

Effie Kats, Fashion Designer & Entrepreneur

Not a token

Often in society, people will ensure diversity is incorporated as a token or a box ticked off. It can often be seen as the ‘right’ thing to do and that people who sit outside the traditional moulds aren’t like everybody else. This could not be further from the truth.

In 2009,  Rhiannon Tracey experienced a tragic accident while on holiday in Bali with her family. This accident changed her life forever. After diving into a pool that was labelled incorrectly, Rhiannon suffered a spinal cord injury that would leave her wheelchair-bound.

While this sounds like anyone’s worst nightmare, she turned this challenge around and is using it to embrace inclusivity and break down barriers. Tracey is now a motivational speaker, model and influencer who is breaking down stigmas every day.

Tracey will be featured at the Melbourne Fashion Festival, where she will be advocating for normality surrounding people who fall outside of the ‘traditional’ moulds of society.

“Be the change you wish to see.”

Rhiannon Tracey, Motivational Speaker & Model


Holly is an anchor and reporter at Ticker. She's experienced in live reporting, and has previously covered the Covid-19 pandemic on-location. She's passionate about telling stories in business, climate and health.

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Streaming service shift and the award season snubs



Netflix Introduces Changes to Subscription Model, Academy Award Nominations Spark Cinematic Buzz, and the Doomsday Clock Continues its Ominous Ticking.

Netflix is set to discontinue its ad-free Basic subscription in select countries, commencing with Canada and the UK in Q2 2024.

This strategic shift introduces a significant price increase for the baseline entry, signalling potential adjustments to Netflix’s global pricing structure.

Simultaneously, the 96th edition of the Academy Award nominations has stirred cinematic debates, with the prevailing question being whether the upcoming season will be dominated by “Barbie” or “Oppenheimer.” These contrasting narratives set the stage for a fierce competition, highlighting the diverse and compelling offerings in this year’s film industry.

Beyond the realm of entertainment, the Doomsday Clock, a symbolic representation of the likelihood of a human-made global catastrophe, continues its ominous countdown.

Maintained since 1947 by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, the clock serves as a metaphor for threats arising from unchecked scientific and technological advances. As global tensions, environmental challenges, and technological risks persist, the ticking of the Doomsday Clock serves as a poignant reminder of the urgent need to address multifaceted threats to humanity.

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Adidas faces potential $320M Yeezy shoe write-off post-Kanye split



Adidas is contemplating a significant financial blow as it considers writing off $320 million worth of Yeezy shoes following its separation from music and fashion icon Kanye West.

The sportswear giant’s decision to sever ties with West’s Yeezy brand has left a mountain of unsold merchandise, threatening to dent the company’s balance sheet.

The partnership between Adidas and Kanye West, which began in 2013, had been immensely successful, with Yeezy shoes becoming a highly sought-after fashion statement.

However, recent controversies and disagreements between West and Adidas prompted the sportswear company to distance itself from the celebrity designer.

The massive inventory of Yeezy shoes now presents a dilemma for Adidas, as it grapples with finding a solution to deal with the surplus stock. A $320 million write-off could significantly impact the company’s financial performance in the short term.

Adidas is currently exploring various options, including discounting, donating, or repurposing the unsold inventory to mitigate the financial hit.

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Warner Bros discovery warns of Hollywood’s ‘real risk’ post-strikes’



Warner Bros Discovery, has issued a stark warning regarding the ‘real risk’ that Hollywood faces in the aftermath of the recent strikes that have taken a considerable toll on the industry’s financial health.

The strikes, which disrupted film and television production for several weeks, resulted in substantial financial losses for studios, production companies, and countless industry professionals.

Warner Bros Discovery emphasised the necessity for a resilient and adaptable approach to navigate the ongoing challenges and uncertainties facing the film and television sector.

The conglomerate stressed the importance of implementing measures to mitigate such risks in the future, which include fostering better labour relations and contingency planning to safeguard against potential disruptions.

The message underlined the need for the industry to adapt to the evolving landscape of content creation and distribution, particularly in the digital era.

This warning from Warner Bros Discovery highlights the need for the entertainment industry to recognise the ever-changing dynamics and economic challenges, and the importance of preparedness to maintain its prominent position in the global market.

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