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Improve your winning strike rate with Bet Odyssey



Bet Odyssey is a time saving app that automates the Racing and Sports review process.

By using crowd sentiment, Bet Odyssey allows punters to save time and improve their winning strike rate.

But, how does it do it?

“By automating its form guide review process,” Bet Odyssey CEO George Parthimos explained to tickerNEWS. “On a typical Saturday afternoon, there could be thousands of horses that may be running.

“People may be spending hours trying to go and apply a traditional and thought-through approach that they have used for years.

“Bet Odyssey allows punters to enter in their own selection criteria, and the company will sift through the millions of data points that perfectly match what the punter is looking for.”

Parthimos reveals there are comparisons with how the technology works to a popular search-engine giant.

“The system uses similar search systems to Google,” the CEO says. “It looks for the most-popular selections across the entire platform.

“It bubbles those to the top and it produces the best-of-the-best.

“This takes a lot of the decision-making out of the punter, and is very unique in what it does.”

Parthimos admits it has been a long road to get to this stage, but is excited by the prospects of where the company is going, including a focus on the lucrative – yet early – US market.

“It has taken us three years to develop the algorithms, and apply algorithms on top of other algorithms,” he reveals. “The consumer response has been fantastic since our soft launch in July.

“The United States is also a market we are looking at in the future, with a focus on the four core sports: NBA, MLB, NHL and GridIron.”

For more information, head to their website.

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For all media inquiries, please get in touch here:

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