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Geeky gadget gift ideas for Christmas!



Exciting times for the all the “techheads” out there as the silly season approaches, many are embracing the trend of gaming.

The festive season has arrived! And online orders, video games and streaming services continue to thrive in a pandemic world.

With Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X shortages set to continue, there are still plenty of options available. So let’s consider what’s on offer from top tier tech through to those fun little secret Santa gifts.

Content creator and tech reviewer Emily Dalton (1upEmily) jumps in to provide some ideas on ticker gaming this week!


A recent partnership between a couple of toy giants saw the creation of one of this years hottest toys, The Super Mario LEGO collection! A clever take on the adventure game characters merged with the imaginative play that LEGO offers.

The Mario and Luigi starter sets are your first stop. The characters come complete with their iconic sounds and colours in charming LEGO brick bodies.

One of the most impressive things about the series is the integrated lights and sounds that change depending on where the toys are placed and what they jump on.


Working from home gave some the opportunity to understand just how unprepared our home office spaces were for a comfortable and well lit experience.

For gamers, getting the perfect set up is part of the process. Decent lighting and themed backgrounds are a must for streamers and content creators looking to stand out and the Nanoleaf breed of lighting options are as fun as they are stylish!


Most workplaces will try to inject at a bit of festive fun into the team, no matter how many employees actually want to participate there’s usually a kris kringle of some sort.

Rushed and ill-prepared gifts are never fun to receive. But! there are some great little pieces out there that won’t break the bank.

Fun ideas that might help put a smile on that one colleagues face, you know the one who you’ve matched with but have no idea what to get them.


A good game room celebrates the beloved characters and video games that originate from. Posters are quite common but there are some incredibly detailed statues and artwork available.

From big names in anime through to the gaming characters we all know and love. Collectors are always on the lookout for the next limited edition piece to decorate their home and office so keep an eye open if you’re happy to splash out.

Hopefully some ideas have been generated from our geeky gift guide and be sure to tune in and check out more from Ticker gaming and of course be sure to see what Emily Dalton and Team Retro are up to right here!


Four-day office week for Snapchat employees



Snapchat is asking workers to return to the office 80% of the time, or the equivalent of four days a week.

They want workers back from the start of next year.

It’s the latest sign of tech employees receiving less flexibility nearly three years after the pandemic took hold.

It also comes amid a wave of cost-cutting in the tech sector.

The company says in a statement: “We believe that being together in person, while retaining flexibility for our team members, will enhance our ability to deliver on our strategic priorities of growing our community, driving revenue growth, and leading in [augmented reality].”

The new policy will take effect at the end of February.

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Twitter quietly cancels COVID misinformation policy



More big changes at Twitter under the new Elon Musk ownership.

This time, its Twitter’s controversial COVID misinformation policy, which the social platform has quietly canceled.

Twitter said in December 2020 that it would begin to label and remove misinformation about Covid-19 vaccines.

But Twitter CEO Elon Musk has been a vocal critic of how health officials reacted to the coronavirus pandemic.

Musk has committed to free speech on Twitter, which might explain why the change has now been enacted.

But online safety experts have contended his approach has led to an increase in hate speech, harassment and misinformation on the platform.

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Hospital staff have resorted to using pen and paper following cyber breach



Vanuatu’s public service remains offline nearly a month after a ransomware attack on the nation’s government.

The ABC reports hospital staff have resorted to using pen and paper, as key infrastructure remains offline.

Senior ministers describing the incident as a “serious breach” of national security.

Cybersecurity staff were told about the attack when government websites became unavailable.

Port Vila’s hospital has also been badly affected, with staff using pen and paper for some medical records.

It’s understood some government employees are using their personal email addresses and hotspots to complete their work.

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