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Geeky gadget gift ideas for Christmas!



Exciting times for the all the “techheads” out there as the silly season approaches, many are embracing the trend of gaming.

The festive season has arrived! And online orders, video games and streaming services continue to thrive in a pandemic world.

With Playstation 5 and Xbox Series X shortages set to continue, there are still plenty of options available. So let’s consider what’s on offer from top tier tech through to those fun little secret Santa gifts.

Content creator and tech reviewer Emily Dalton (1upEmily) jumps in to provide some ideas on ticker gaming this week!


A recent partnership between a couple of toy giants saw the creation of one of this years hottest toys, The Super Mario LEGO collection! A clever take on the adventure game characters merged with the imaginative play that LEGO offers.

The Mario and Luigi starter sets are your first stop. The characters come complete with their iconic sounds and colours in charming LEGO brick bodies.

One of the most impressive things about the series is the integrated lights and sounds that change depending on where the toys are placed and what they jump on.


Working from home gave some the opportunity to understand just how unprepared our home office spaces were for a comfortable and well lit experience.

For gamers, getting the perfect set up is part of the process. Decent lighting and themed backgrounds are a must for streamers and content creators looking to stand out and the Nanoleaf breed of lighting options are as fun as they are stylish!


Most workplaces will try to inject at a bit of festive fun into the team, no matter how many employees actually want to participate there’s usually a kris kringle of some sort.

Rushed and ill-prepared gifts are never fun to receive. But! there are some great little pieces out there that won’t break the bank.

Fun ideas that might help put a smile on that one colleagues face, you know the one who you’ve matched with but have no idea what to get them.


A good game room celebrates the beloved characters and video games that originate from. Posters are quite common but there are some incredibly detailed statues and artwork available.

From big names in anime through to the gaming characters we all know and love. Collectors are always on the lookout for the next limited edition piece to decorate their home and office so keep an eye open if you’re happy to splash out.

Hopefully some ideas have been generated from our geeky gift guide and be sure to tune in and check out more from Ticker gaming and of course be sure to see what Emily Dalton and Team Retro are up to right here!

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Gaming boosts Cancer research as global premieres excite



The Game Awards 2023 dazzled with world premiere trailers, including the mysterious title OD, a collaboration between Kojima Productions, Xbox Studios, and Jordan Peele.



Other celebrated titles included: Jurassic Park Survival, a new AAA game set in the original film’s timeline, thrilled fans with its immersive experience. The trailer is available here.

SEGA’s showcase revealed the development of classic games like Streets of Rage, Shinobi, Jet Set Radio, Golden Axe, and Crazy Taxi. Watch the announcement here.

Baldur’s Gate 3 clinched the Game of the Year award. The launch trailer is here, and it’s now on Xbox Series X and S.


Game On Cancer’s Record-Breaking Giveaway

Game On Cancer hosts the Great Gaming Giveaway, the largest in Australian history. Donate $50 or more to Cure Cancer by December 16th for a chance to win prizes from brands like Xbox ANZ, EA Games, and more. Visit Game On Cancer for more details.


New Game Releases and Updates

This week brings Alan Wake 2: The Final Draft with New Game + and an expanded ending here. God of War Ragnarok gets free DLC, Valhalla, with a roguelike-inspired adventure here. Five Nights at Freddy’s: Help Wanted 2, the sequel to the VR survival horror game, arrives on December 14th here.

The gaming community is buzzing with excitement as these releases, updates, and charitable initiatives unfold, adding to the festive spirit for gamers worldwide.



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China seeks to establish itself as EV leads



China’s dominance in the electric vehicle (EV) market is reshaping the global automotive landscape, as acknowledged by Elon Musk, who views Chinese car companies as Tesla’s most formidable competitors.


Beyond being a manufacturing hub, China has excelled in EV development, influencing the industry across resource refining, battery production, software, and manufacturing. Established brands such as Audi, Toyota, and BMW are now collaborating with Chinese partners for EV platforms, batteries, and production. This shift is evident in Australia, where China-made car sales have surged 16-fold in the last five years, and top-selling EVs are predominantly Chinese.

Leading Chinese brands like BYD, SAIC Motor’s MG, and Chery are making significant strides in Australia, with ambitious plans and models that outperform established competitors. China’s impact extends beyond its borders, making it a driving force in the global EV market, shaping growth, innovation, and competition in sustainable mobility.

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Elon Musk reverses ban, invites Alex Jones back



Elon Musk has made a U-turn on his decision from last year and extended an olive branch to controversial conspiracy theorist Alex Jones.

The unexpected move has sent shockwaves through social media and sparked heated debates about freedom of speech and censorship.

Last year, Musk had taken a hard stance against Jones, banning him from his SpaceX facilities and distancing himself from the controversial figure.

However, the Tesla CEO now seems to be embracing a more inclusive approach, stating that he believes in open dialogue and wants to foster a space where diverse viewpoints can coexist.

Musk’s decision has ignited speculation about what prompted the change of heart.

Some speculate that it could be a strategic move to reach a broader audience and enhance his influence, while others see it as a genuine attempt to bridge the gap in today’s polarized society. Regardless of the motives, this development raises important questions about the boundaries of free speech in the digital age.

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