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Today on Ticker gaming: Thousands of Call of duty: Warzone cheaters have been caught and removed with permanent bans in place for the popular shooter. An Animal Crossing glitch that fans actually want in the game!

And megastar Katy Perry drops new single, “Electric,” with an old friend, everyone’s favorite electric mouse – Pikachu!

And in streaming, The Sims has been around for years and now gaming communities are embracing the life simulator with open arms. Living digital lives with the most stunning homes and elaborate networks going around so be sure to keep an eye out on Twitch for the latest from SIMS 4!

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TikTok copycat? Ads launched on popular instagram feature



Social media giant Facebook is launching ads on its TikTok clone.. Instagram Reels.

Facebook is going global in a bid to make money from its short-form video feature, the company confirmed on Thursday.

The test on ads via Instagram Reels began in India, Brazil, Germany and Australia back in April.

The tests ran with high-end brands including BMW, Louis Vuitton, Netflix and Uber.

“We see Reels as a great way for people to discover new content on Instagram, and so ads are a natural fit,” said Instagram’s Chief Operating Officer Justin Osofsky.

“Brands of all sizes can take advantage of this new creative format in an environment where people are already being entertained.”


Reel ads will loop and can be up to 30 seconds long, they will appear between user content in a similar layout to rival app TikTok.

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Global Politics

Press freedoms in Hong Kong “hanging on by a thread”



A pro-Democracy newspaper has been raided again, and the editorial team warns press freedoms in Hong Kong are under threat like never before.

Nine months after the Apple Daily newsroom was raided, hundreds of officers again swept the office and arrested five top executives under national security charges.

The paper and its jailed owner Jimmy Lai have long been a thorn in Beijing’s side with unapologetic support for the financial hub’s pro-democracy movement.

Five hundred police sifted through reporters computers and notebooks.

Hong Kong police said 500 officers raided the anti-government tabloid’s Tseung Kwan O office,, going through reporters’ documents and notes.

Apple Daily streamed the event live online.

Police raid the Apple Daily newsroom

Dawn operation

More than 500 officers conducted a dawn operation which authorities said was sparked by articles Apple Daily had published “appealing for sanctions” against Hong Kong and China’s leaders.

Pictures published by Apple Daily showed police sitting at reporters’ desks and using their computers.

A person streaming a live feed for Apple Daily’s Facebook page said reporters were prevented from accessing certain floors or getting their equipment or notebooks.

In a message to readers, Apple Daily warned Hong Kong’s press freedoms are “hanging by a thread”.

Police say at least 30 articles published in 2019 may have breached national security by calling for foreign sanctions against the Hong Kong government.

This is the first time where authorities said news articles could potentially violate the security law.

Supt Li, who heads the police force’s national security department, said Secretary for Security John Lee had issued  an order to freeze HK$18 million worth of assets.

Five people were arrested and money seized during the raids.

After the raid, reporters returned to a semi-gutted newsroom with the paper saying 38 computers were taken away.

Five executives of Apple Daily and Next Digital – editor-in-chief Ryan Law, chief executive Cheung Kim Hung, Chief Operating Officer Chow Tat Kuen, Deputy Chief Editor Chan Pui Man and Chief Executive Editor Cheung Chi Wai were detained.

The raid is the latest blow to media tycoon Jimmy Lai, the tabloid’s owner and a staunch Beijing critic.

Security Secretary John Lee describes the newsroom as a “crime scene” and says the operation is aimed at those who use reporting as a “tool to endanger” national security.

“We are talking about a conspiracy in which these suspects try to make use of journalistic work to collude with a foreign country or external element to impose sanctions or take hostile activities against Hong Kong and … China,” Mr Lee said. 

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Retro gaming & the art of the game!



After a mega week of gaming news and updates from E3 – We take a look back at where it all started with a celebration of retro gaming content, the nostalgia driven stuff that we all know and love. Gamers are also a clever bunch and today we are joined by a talented artist capturing the soul of some favourite characters and games from the past, present and future!

Check out Brent Jenkins art:

Brent Jenkins covers art from a variety of games including Legend of Zelda, Pokemon, Chrono Trigger & Metal Gear Solid

Retro gaming is loved by a wide range of people. Collectors, fans and artist through to cosplayers and developers who build their own “retro” games with today’s tech.

The gaming industry celebrates beloved classics as collectors chase down rare and discontinued items from throughout gaming history there can be some hefty prices on sought after items. – A copy of Super Mario Bros. for NES sold for $660,000 at auction, making it the highest-priced video game collectable ever…But beyond the collectors is a community of nostalgia loving and heartfelt gamers.

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