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Former Hollywood heavyweight investigated in UK



Former Hollywood producer Harvey Weinstein is set to face new charges for alleged indecent assault in the UK

The 70 year old American is currently serving a 23 year prison sentence in the United States following a string of sexual assault cases.

The Crown Prosecution Service (CPS) in the UK announced that it had authorised Metropolitan Police to charge the Hollywood filmmaking heavyweight on two counts of indecent assault.

The alleged assaults took place in London in August 1996, but both counts against one woman who’s identity has not been publicly released.

The alleged victim would be aged in her 50s today.

The Crown Prosecution Service also put out in their statement

“That criminal proceedings against the defendant are active and that he has the right to a fair trial.”

The Service stressed that media and commentary or information posted online should not prejudice any proceedings.

What happens next for Weinstein as a result of these latest British charges?

What happens next isn’t clear at this point.

Formal charges by Metropolitan Police would have to be laid before anything else can happen following this recommendation from the CPS.

Harvey Weinstein was convicted of a string of historic sexual assault charges in the USA – several years ago was sentenced to 23 years in prison.

He began his sentence in New York State in 2020, but he was extradited to California in 2021 to face charges of a different trial and is currently still awaiting that.

Whether he would be extradited to the UK to face a court here is unknown at this point.

The CPS also at pains to point out that its recommendation is not a finding of guilt or innocence.

Simply an independent, fair and objective assessment about whether it is appropriate for something to go to a criminal court in the UK.

The CPS Special Crimes division usually deals with serious criminal allegations – often against high profile individuals, or election offences.


What it takes to be the new James Bond



With Daniel Craig retiring from the role of James Bond, speculation is already rife as to who will take over as 007.

While some fans are clamoring for a woman or a person of color to take on the iconic role, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson say they are open to anyone who can do the job.

“It’s not about being male or female,” Broccoli told Variety. “You could be any color, but it has to be the best person for the job.”

The producers also said that they are looking for someone who can bring something new to the role, while still paying homage to the legacy of James Bond.

“We want somebody who is fresh and exciting and has a take on the character that is unique,” Wilson said. “And most importantly, somebody who can carry on the tradition of 007 and give audiences around the world what they want.”

No matter who is ultimately chosen to take over as James Bond, it is clear that the producers are committed to keeping the character fresh and relevant for a new generation.

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The iconic Hollywood sign is getting a makeover



The iconic Hollywood sign is getting a fresh coat of paint ahead of a very important milestone

The giant letters on the hill are being cleaned and repainted before the sign’s 100th anniversary next year.

It’s expected to take around eight weeks, and requires around 250 gallons of fresh paint.

Of course, the original sign was dubbed ‘Hollywood-Land’ but the last four letters were removed in 1949.

It was only meant to last 18 months but has since gone on to define not only a town, but an entire industry.

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Human sized KFC drumstick jumps from 4,500 metres in the sky



A gigantic piece of Kentucky Fried Chicken took to the skies, jumping from a four-thousand metre drop

The parachuting poultry flew above some of Melbourne’s most iconic landmarks including the MCG and Federation Square.

The human sized Chicken landed safely inside a ginormous Uber Eats bag after jumping from the troposphere to the earth’s crust in a stunning 200 kilometre an hour descent.

The adrenaline pumping stunt is part of the celebration of 500 KFC restaurants now visible on the Uber Eats platform in Australia.

“We know from thousands of searches on our app that the desire for KFC has been sky high for some time. Now that KFC has landed on Uber Eats we wanted to tell that story in an impactful, distinct and memorable way. It might not fly into your bag, but KFC’s favourites are now available to get in a few clicks on the Uber Eats app in every state and territory,” said General Manager Uber Eats, ANZ, Bec Nyst.

“It’s no secret that Aussies love having convenient ways to get their favourite food delivered, so we’re pretty excited that KFC has finally landed on Uber Eats,” said Sally Spriggs, CMO KFC Australia.

”We’re always up for a bit of fun, so what better way to make some noise about this new partnership than having a huge Kentucky Fried Chicken drumstick jump out of a plane and land into a giant Uber Eats bag? Just like us, I’m sure fans will have a bit of chuckle about this, and we’re thrilled that more people will be able to get KFC delivered fresh and fast with just a few taps on the Uber Eats app.”

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