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Federer’s French Finale? | TICKER VIEWS



Well he did warn us after his third round win but Roger Federer has officially pulled out of the French Open and it’s come with a little bit of backlash.

Now of course as we know it’s hard not to love the man.

“And thank you for not falling asleep everybody, I appreciate it”


But The 39-year old, who turns 40 in August this year, finished that that four-set win in front of basically no one, given it was just before 1 am local time.

French fans haven’t seen Federer play since 2015 and they may never see him again.

Earlier in the tournament the 20-time Grand Slam winner did warn us that he was prioritising playing Wimbledon in a few weeks after two recent knee surgeries.

“After two knee surgeries and over a year of rehabilitation it’s important that I listen to my body and make sure I don’t push myself too quickly on my road to recovery.”


Tournament organisers have had a rough time after they were criticised for their handling of the Naomi Osaka media conference drama. Critics say should have had a softer touch.

Tournament director Guy Forget was understandably, and not surprisingly, supportive of Federer heading home. But not everyone was.

Tennis legend John McEnroe is never short of an opinion and he wasn’t happy. The seven-time Grand Slam winner suggested Federer should have retired in round three and allowed his opponent (Dominik Koepfer) to win.

Former Australian Open tournament director Paul McNamee agreed tweeting out:

“You’re not at a candy store, able to pick and choose which matches you play.”

Now if you’re a tennis tragic you may want to look away now.

It’s not a question many want to contemplate, but as every day passes: Will Federer ever play another French Open and will this be his last year all-together?

The countdown is on to what will arguably be the biggest moment in tennis history.

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Electronic Entertainment Expo stuns gamers!



Gaming fans have been keeping a keen eye on the Electronic Entertainment Expo this week.

Big game publishers have not disappointed… With a host of new games on the way there is barely enough space to mention them all here!

Studios like Nintendo, Microsoft, Capcom, Ubisoft, Take-Two Interactive, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, Square Enix and Sega (to name a few) have been sharing their latest games and hardware this week!

Independent developers have also had their chance to shine with small studios sharing heartfelt and clever games that – at times, outshine the big players.

Halo: Infinite will have free to play multiplayer across Xbox and PC

One game in particular has shone bright – Halo: Infinite is promising a return to form with the series now offering free Multiplayer which looks set to boost the communities numbers – 343 industries has promised that fans both old and new will find something to enjoy!

Battlefield 2042 feels like a love letter to fans of the series offering a “return to all-out war”

Battlefield continued to excite fans with a new gameplay reveal and the game even looks well placed to dethrone their competitors – Call Of Duty: Warzone when it releases in October.

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Djokovic creates history at Roland Garros



Novak Djokovic and Stefanos Tsitsipas at Roland Garros.

Novak Djokovic has won the 2021 French Open, defeating fifth-seed Stefanos Tsitsipas in a five-set thriller.

In his first grand slam final, Tsitsipas won the first two sets. But he needed medical treatment for a back injury at the end of the third.

This gave Djokovic the chance to strike and claim victory in the final three sets: 6-7(6), 2-6, 6-3, 6-2, 6-4.

Djokovic looked exhausted during the first two sets after a gruelling match against the king of clay, 13-time winner Rafael Nadal a few days earlier.

“It was not easy for me, both physically and mentally,” Djokovic said.

But Novak Djokovic bounced back to claim victory, in his second grand slam title of the year. He said he was grateful to a young boy who offered support and advice throughout the final.

“I found that very cute and very nice,” he said.

“To give the racquet to the best person was him. That was my gratitude for him sticking with me,” he said.

Novak Djokovic becomes the first man to win all four majors twice since Rod Laver in 1969.

“Of course, I am thrilled and I’m very proud of this achievement. I think part of the history of the sport that I love with all my heart is always something that is very inspiring and very fulfilling for me,” he said.

The win marks the end of Roland Garros, which saw big names Naomi Osaka and Roger Federer withdrawing from the tournament.

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The major change for NBA superstar Lebron James



NBA superstar, LeBron James is set to change his jersey number, beginning at the start of 2021-22 NBA season.

James will switch from number 23 to number 6, a number he wore at the Miami Heat.

James originally wanted to do the switch back in 2019, but his sponsor Nike said no due to potentially tens of millions of dollars’ worth of wasted inventory.

It is assumed that Nike and the Los Angeles Lakers have worked out a deal together to make the switch happen.

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