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Federer’s French Finale? | TICKER VIEWS



Well he did warn us after his third round win but Roger Federer has officially pulled out of the French Open and it’s come with a little bit of backlash.

Now of course as we know it’s hard not to love the man.

“And thank you for not falling asleep everybody, I appreciate it”


But The 39-year old, who turns 40 in August this year, finished that that four-set win in front of basically no one, given it was just before 1 am local time.

French fans haven’t seen Federer play since 2015 and they may never see him again.

Earlier in the tournament the 20-time Grand Slam winner did warn us that he was prioritising playing Wimbledon in a few weeks after two recent knee surgeries.

“After two knee surgeries and over a year of rehabilitation it’s important that I listen to my body and make sure I don’t push myself too quickly on my road to recovery.”


Tournament organisers have had a rough time after they were criticised for their handling of the Naomi Osaka media conference drama. Critics say should have had a softer touch.

Tournament director Guy Forget was understandably, and not surprisingly, supportive of Federer heading home. But not everyone was.

Tennis legend John McEnroe is never short of an opinion and he wasn’t happy. The seven-time Grand Slam winner suggested Federer should have retired in round three and allowed his opponent (Dominik Koepfer) to win.

Former Australian Open tournament director Paul McNamee agreed tweeting out:

“You’re not at a candy store, able to pick and choose which matches you play.”

Now if you’re a tennis tragic you may want to look away now.

It’s not a question many want to contemplate, but as every day passes: Will Federer ever play another French Open and will this be his last year all-together?

The countdown is on to what will arguably be the biggest moment in tennis history.

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Major League Baseball has told a team to stop testing for Coronavirus



A Boston Redsox outfielder said that MLB told his team struggling with COVID-19 to treat symptoms, instead of testing

The Boston Redsox have nine players who have tested positive with coronavirus.

When questioned about the situation on WEEI’s Merloni & Fauria show, Refroe said the league had instructed the team to stop testing for the virus.

“MLB basically told us to stop the testing and just treat the symptoms,” Renfroe said.

“We’re like ‘No. We’re gonna figure out what’s going on and try to keep this thing under control.'”

When the bewildered host asked Renfroe to confirm if Major League Baseball had asked the team to stop testing, he confirmed “yes”.

Major League Baseball quickly released a statement to Julian McWilliams of the Boston Globe saying Renfroe’s claim was incorrect.

“He (Renfroe) is completely wrong and inaccurate.” the statement said.

The Red Sox are currently missing shortstop Xander Bogart, starters Nick Pivetta and Martin Perez, outfielder Jarren Duran, and closer Matt Barnes because of the outbreak.

The Redsox have released a statement saying they have followed league COVID restrictions, and will continue to test. The team is currently under the 85% vaccinated threshold to ease restrictions imposed by the league.

-By Parker McKenzie

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North Korea banned from the next Olympics



The ‘Hermit Kingdom’ has been banned from the 2022 Winter Olympics because it skipped the Tokyo games this year

The International Olympics Committee (IOC) announced the suspension of the North Korean Olympic Committee until the end of 2022. The Beijing Winter Olympics will run from the 4th-20th of February, 2022.

IOC president Thomas Bach announced the suspension on Wednesday.

“They were in violation of the Olympic Charter, and did not fulfil their obligation as stated in the Olympic Charter to participate in the games of the Olympiad by sending athletes.” Bach said.

North Korea announced in April that it would skip the games over coronavirus concerns.

Bach said that any athlete who qualifies for the games may be able to compete under a neutral flag, in the same way Russian athletes have competed since the countries doping ban.

“Athletes should not suffer from wrong decisions of their agencies or their officials,” Bach said.

“So there we have kept this door open.”

The International Olympic Committee said that North Korea will forfeit an undisclosed amount of money in financial support.

The decision could influence countries considering boycotting the China based Olympics over concerns of human rights.

When asked about this in response to the IOC helping Afhgan athletes receive visas, Bach downplayed the IOC’s ability to influence the actions of the Chinese government.

“There are limitations in our influence,” the IOC president said.

“It’s to take care of humanitarian issues within the Olympic community. This is what we are doing.”

North Korea had 20 athletes compete at the 2018 winter Olympics in South Korea, winning no medals. They previously sent no competitors to the Sochi Winter Olympics in 2014.

-By Parker McKenzie

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Good-bye Hamilton? Verstappen takes lead after F1 lead



Max Verstappen has taken the lead in the Formula One driver’s championship after a victory in front of his home fans at the Dutch Grand Prix

The Dutchman converted his pole position to a second consecutive win over Mercedes’ Lewis Hamilton.

It comes as the Formula 1 season returned to Circuit Zandvoort for the first time since 1985.

Valtteri Bottas finished in third, as an army of fans painted in orange cheered on their home hero.

Verstappen is now three points ahead of Hamilton for the championship, as drivers prepare for next weekend’s race at Monza in Italy.

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