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Washington is convulsed with fear and loathing | ticker VIEWS



So, you thought that the last-minute bipartisan breakthrough in the Senate last week to buy some time to deal in December with the debt limit crisis was a good sign? That when the US again comes to the edge of the abyss the lawmakers will have practiced their “get-along” muscles and know what to do?

Forget it.

Bruce Wolpe from the US Studies Centre

Washington is convulsed with fear and loathing.  In the perverted hyper-partisan environment that suffuses the Capitol – both the House and the Senate – the response to working together is … never to work together again.

Let’s start with the loathing first

The Senate Republican Leader, Mitch McConnell, hates the Democratic leader, Chuck Schumer. It’s mutual.  Right after the vote to avoid default, Schumer took the floor and said the Republicans had played a “dangerous and risky partisan game” and that it was the Democrats who could “pull our country back from the cliff’s edge that Republicans tried to push us over.” McConnell, suffused with anger, took his rage to the President, and wrote Biden:

“Senator Schumer exploded in a rant so partisan, angry and corrosive that even Democratic Senators were visibly embarrassed …This childish behavior only further alienated the Republican members who helped facilitate” the temporary fix to the debt limit.

In the House…

Speaker Nancy Pelosi has zero respect for Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy. They don’t talk to each other. Even worse:  McCarthy said in August that, if and when Republicans win the House and Pelosi turns the gavel over to him, “It will be hard not to hit her.”  Pelosi has called McCarthy a “moron” over his hostility to wearing masks to curb Covid.

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi of Calif., speaks during a news conference on Capitol Hill in Washington, Thursday, May 13, 2021. (AP Photo/Susan Walsh)

Former President Trump hates a lot of people – especially those Republicans who turned on him for refusing to support Trump’s efforts to overturn the 2020 election. 

Most especially, Trump hates Mitch McConnell, and embroiders his rhetoric with a few choice words:  

Weak. Pathetic. Third rate. A stone-cold loser. A dumb son of a bitch. A dour, sullen political hack, bereft of any wisdom or skill.

Former U.S President Donald Trump

This relationship is not going to improve.

Democrats are far from united on how to finally close out the provisions of Biden’s social policy and climate agenda.  Senator Joe Manchin is a major holdout so far.  He does not believe that “we should turn our society into an entitlement society.” To which Bernie Sanders, the democratic socialist Senator, said:

“Is protecting working families and cutting childhood poverty an entitlement? Perhaps most importantly, does Senator Manchin not believe what the scientists are telling us, that we face an existential threat regarding climate change?”

Let’s get to the fear bit

For the Republicans, Trump’s loathing of his enemies – or who he sees as enemies – means that Republicans are afraid of crossing him, because he has the power to destroy them.  Even those who deeply want to run in 2024 – former Vice President Mike Pence, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo – know they can’t run if Trump is in, that he will crush them to take the nomination.

WASHINGTON, DC – JANUARY 06: A large group of pro-Trump protesters stand on the East steps of the Capitol Building after storming its grounds on January 6, 2021 in Washington, DC. A pro-Trump mob stormed the Capitol, breaking windows and clashing with police officers. Trump supporters gathered in the nation’s capital today to protest the ratification of President-elect Joe Biden’s Electoral College victory over President Trump in the 2020 election. (Photo by Jon Cherry/Getty Images)

Republicans in the House know that if they make any moves to support the work of the Select Committee investigating the deadly insurrection of January 6, Trump will endorse other Republicans to defeat them in pre-selection for Congress next year. He is already going after the nine Republicans who supported his impeachment for violating his oath of office under the Constitution.

For the Democrats…

If they refuse to agree to agree on the Biden program, the president’s first term will be over this year.

They have in their hands – today – the elements of a wide-ranging legislative agenda that will represent the most significant contributions to improving health, education, income security, and children, since Lyndon Johnson in the 1960s and FDR in the 1930s. Plus massive work on climate change.

U.S President Joe Biden

Unity requires compromise. A loss of three votes in the House, and one in the Senate, dooms the bill.

If there is failure to reach a compromise that brings them all in, the Democrats go into next year’s midterm elections with virtually nothing – except rhetoric and promises – to offer to their voters.

Democrats fear they will lose their majorities in the House and Senate.

And guess what? They will.

And even though Democrats understand the consequences, that fear has not concentrated their efforts enough to agree on the Biden legislation and enact it into law.

And those that survive the purge by the voters will loathe being in Congress without any power.

Bruce Wolpe is a Ticker News US political contributor. He’s a Senior Fellow at the US Studies Centre and has worked with Democrats in Congress during President Barack Obama's first term, and on the staff of Prime Minister Julia Gillard. He has also served as the former PM's chief of staff.

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“Woman. Life. Freedom,” Iran protests now on the world’s stadium



Protests are engulfing Iran as a revolution against oppression spills onto the global stage, with the world unable to turn a blind eye

In Iran, protests are engulfing the country as thousands take to the streets in a revolution against oppression. 

Women are cutting their hair and burning their hijabs, demanding some form of change to the strict rules that impact their ultimate freedom.

“Woman. Life. Freedom”


From the Iranian Revolution in 1979 to the Iran-Iraq war in the 1980s, the nation’s residents have witnessed their fair share of turmoil.

Many insist that religion, like Islam, is being used as a reason to violate basic human rights in Iran.

Women in the country and around the world, are now lifting the veil on Iran’s corruption.

“What is happening in Iran fills me with both fear and hope… Hope that there might be some meaningful change.”

Donna miles, writer, & Columnist

Pure desperation

For nearly forty years, women in Iran have faced a life of control and oppression. Subject to the strict Islamic Republic rules, bound by religion.

There have been protests in Iran before, but nothing like what we see today.

Women and men are filling the streets of the entire country, in a show of solidarity against the regime, putting their lives on the line.

Footage of Iranian women burning the hijabs and cutting their hair has encapsulated social media.

“People are risking their lives… The regime is very brutal. It significant that this time round that there is international focus and attention on Iran.

One thing is clear…The revolution is taking place, at least in people’s hearts and minds.”

Donna miles, writer, & Columnist

Spilling onto the global stage

The uprising against the regime in Iran and its treatment of women is openly and loudly spilling onto the global stage.

Its voice is so powerful it is even flooding into the sporting arena. In Qatar, Iranian soccer players refused to sing their national anthem before their World Cup game.

Credit: Al Jazeera

While the move from the sporting stars was seen by a global audience, a cloud of fear now looms over the safety and wellbeing of the players returning to their homeland.

“The players have been extremely brave. This is a significant issue for them. Enough to take a political stand to refuse to sing the national anthem.”


As history shows us, sport has often been used as an avenue to express a political stance.

At the 1968 Mexico Olympics, U.S. athlete Tommie Smith raised his black-gloved fist, in defiance of racial segregation.

This is perhaps one of the most iconic moments, illustrating the blurred line between politics and sport.

Credit: The New York Times

UN finally calls out Iran

During the Iran protests, footage of authorities using brutal force against protestors sparked global attention and outrage.

Now, the United Nation has called out Iran’s actions.

At its 35th special session, the UN Human Rights Council launched a new investigation. It will independently investigate alleged human rights violations during the protests.

“It will be independently investigated.”


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Is Musk flushing Twitter down the drain?



Elon Musk

Elon Musk has made plenty of changes to Twitter, but will it make or break the social media platform?

When Elon Musk walked into Twitter with a sink you knew things were about to get interesting. 

It’s been a chaotic few weeks of change for the social media platform. Musk quickly showed thousands of employees the door.

Noticeably, he also upended the iconic ‘blue tick’ hierarchy. 

The new boss is adamant in making the platform a place of free speech, often using public Twitter polls to dictate his next move.

It’s not very often you have a billionaire and CEO of a tech giant communicate with people everyday via a tweet thread.

“As far as communicating with people, that is something we haven’t seen. You don’t see Jeff Bezos or Bill Gates out there communicating like this or any other billionaire.”

greg nibler, tech expert

While people have been quick to judge Musk’s changes, he remains one of the most successful businessmen in history.

He lead the charge on flying to space with his SpaceX empire and was ahead of the game in the electric vehicle market.

Perhaps, the changes to the platform are a smart move for the company to succeed, despite the abruptness of them.

Proof is in the pudding because the numbers show Twitter has added 1.6 million daily users this week alone, which is an all-time high.

“It is a reality show on Twitter and people want to see it…
Is that going to turn into profitability, I don’t know.”

Greg nibler, tech expert

Plus World Cup traffic hit almost 20,000 tweets per second today, breaking another record. 

It’s likely Twitter may be more successful in private hands. Financially though, the company has declined, causing widespread concern about its economic stability.

Musk wants to vastly increase the revenue the company makes through subscriptions, but a question mark looms over its ability to triumph.

“The way in which Twitter has lost so much money in value so quickly must also be a concern to people who have lent money to Musk… Wondering has it been a good investment for them.”

KEITH SUTER, international affairs commentator

Suspended accounts debate

Previously, Twitter had banned the accounts of many users, particularly those prone to far-right rhetorics.

Former President Donald Trump’s account had been suspended for nearly a year, alongside conspiracy theorist Alex Jones and controversial Andrew Tate.

Musk asked his followers in a poll if Twitter should “offer a general amnesty to suspended accounts? As Musk says, they haven’t broken the law?”

It all follows a turbulent economic time for the social media giant as it finds its place in the ever changing cyber sphere. 

Whether or not Twitter goes down the drain, remains to be seen. 

But love him or hate him, Musk has created an entertaining platform, with millions flocking to get a taste of what is the Twitter saga.

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Does Donald Trump need Twitter to win in 2024?



Donald Trump is making a political comeback in 2024, but can he gain relevance without Twitter?

Donald Trump is making his political comeback, and Twitter boss Elon Musk has welcomed the former President back to the platform with open arms.

It was only a matter of weeks after taking over that Musk decided to lift Trump’s nearly year-long suspension.

Many expected Trump to jump at the offer and begin flooding our Twitter feeds again.

However, the former President may not want to return to Twitter, but why?

U.S. Commentator Susan Tehrani believes Trump’s decision to withhold his return to Twitter comes back to money.

“It might have to do with millions of dollars… [If he returns to Twitter] He may stand to lose a lot of money…

If Trump’s company goes public and only for him to go back on Twitter, start Tweeting and devalue Truth Social… He’s going to give his followers a reason to abandon Truth Social.”

Susan Tehrani, u.s. commentator

Twitter was Trump’s favourite app when he was President. He used the platform to drum up support and create buzz. Love him or hate him, Trump undeniably had people right around the world speaking about his latest thought.

In today’s society, people consume news via social media, in particular via Twitter.

With Trump absent from Twitter, it raises question about how he will maintain relevance in social media sphere in the lead up to his 2024 return.

Trump heads his own social media platform ‘Truth Social’, but it has just four million users, opposed to Twitter’s more than 200 million.

“With El on Musk at the helm it encourages a health debate…Then it going to be a place where Donald Trump can once again bypass even the mainstream media…And communicate directly with a wide audience.

Donald Trump would stand winning if he came back on Twitter.”

Susan Tehrani, u.s. commentator

Does Twitter need Trump, more than Trump needs Twitter?

With Musk at the reigns of Twitter, the social media giant is shifting its direction. Musk has made it clear he doesn’t believe in the previous ‘blue tick’ hierarchy, quickly scrapping the process.

He has been vocal about his desire for free speech on the platform. However, many are concerned that the changes may have a negative impact.

Although, change isn’t always a bad thing and perhaps Twitter needed a makeover, to keep up with today’s evolving society and array of opinions.

While Twitter is still popular, Musk’s move to reinstate Donald Trump’s account might have been strategic.

Trump is a bold politician, and regardless of his Twitter status, many are wondering what his next move will be.

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