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“It’s coming to Rome”: Italy crowned as Champions in Euro2020 Final



Italy secures its first win since 1968 in the Euro 2020 Final after an intense shootout at Wembley Stadium

“It’s coming to Rome”. Italian defender Leonardo Bonucci screams this phrase into the camera, overwhelmed by elation after he scored the match’s equalising goal.

He valiantly helped his nation to their second European Championship in the second half.

It was a generally poor shoot-out, with the Azzurri missing two and England missing their last three shots.

Italy comes back after falling behind in the final two minutes

We spoke to Nathan Albon from the BBC and he couldN’T hide his disappointment

Italy winning the Euro 2020 final comes as a welcome surprise to fans, who were left on the edge of their seat after their team fell behind in the first two minutes of the game.

The Azzurri were seemingly scrambling to restore their defensive lines, as Luke Shaw capitalised on a Giovanni De Lorenzi positioning error to steer home his driving volley from inside the 18-yard box.

But did England look like taking full advantage of this? Seemingly not.

Was it the pressure? The occasion of ‘playing’ at home in a Final may have gotten to the Three Lions. But Gareth Southgate’s men turned timid.

Did they go out and attack, trying to extend the lead? Or did Italy crank the pressure up, trying to impose a possession-based style of football; similar to the one it experienced against Luis Enrique’s Spain only days before in the Euro 2020 semi-final?

English fan celebrations may have begun a tad early when the half-time whistle was blown


Giorgio Chellini and Bonucci – arguably the hero, along with goalkeeper Gianluigi Donnarumma – showed why they are regarded as one of the best centre-back pairings in world football. It was the masterstroke of the two, to come up with the idea to allow the latter to join the midfield fray, meaning the Azzurri would free Jorginho and Marco Verratti to pull the midfield strings.

And once this occurred, the English started to fall.

As La Nazionale pushed forward time and time again, it became evident that the trophy was more heading towards Rome, and not down the aisles of the Stadium it currently resided in.

Souuthgate’s attempt to steer control back with the introduction of Jordan Henderson, almost worked, as his partnership with the midfield seemingly gave England a fleeting chance. And Jack Grealish’s menacing presence gave Three Lions’ supporters the hope they desperately craved.

But the dreaded Beast awoke – every footballing fan and player’s nightmare – the spot-kick.

With confidence, each player strode to the 12-yard disc, but a combination of nerves, misguided spot-kicks and Donnarumma guessing the right way on the final three occasions, saw Italy add a second European Championship to their cabinet, elimination the haunting moments of both the Euro 2000 and 2008 Finals.

Euro 2020 final
Italian goalkeeper and match hero, Gianluigi Donnarumma,

The heartache of failing to qualify for a World Cup tournament – the first time in 58 years – saw Mancini brought into the Azzurri fold, replacing then-tactician Giampiero Ventura. And what a whirlwind journey it has been.

From their lowest-ever ranking, to the highs of their infamous night at Wembley, the former Manchester City and Inter boss has led his nation to an 34-match undefeated streak – something unimaginable only a year ago.

England misses out on winning first European Championship since 1968

In the first half, England’s Luke Shaw secured the match’s first goal in the first two minutes.

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