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Tesla announces new employee incentives for warfighters



Many major Western companies have withdrawn from Russia in a show of solidarity for Ukraine

Elon Musk confirms Tesla car prices are on the rise
Elon Musk

But some have even gone as far as supporting Ukrainian employees who wish to defend their motherland.

Tesla has stepped up their support for Ukraine by announcing that any Ukrainian employees who are asked to return to defend their country will receive pay for at least three months.

This statement was sent by the company via email to employees in Europe, the Middle East, and Africa.

It’s still unknown whether this will apply to employees in North America and other regions as well.

Once these three months are over, Tesla will reassess the war in Ukraine to decide on what more should be done to help the situation and Ukrainian employees.

The email also commended employees for working with Space X, another one of Elon Musk’s companies, to help establish the Starlink satellite internet service in Ukraine.

Tesla’s energy team was highly involved in the project, assembling and providing battery energy storage systems known as Tesla Powerwalls to run the Starlink equipment.

Inverters and charging cables were also donated by Tesla’s certified installers in the area for the construction of the Starlink and Powerwall systems.

AC cables were also recycled at Tesla’s new factory.

Tesla does not currently operate in Ukraine but there are about 5,000 Tesla owners within the country

So for those who do own an electric vehicle, Tesla is now offering free vehicle charging at some of its Supercharger stations in Poland, Hungary, and Slovakia.

This comes as Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky requested for reservists to come forward to fight for Ukraine, back in February.

Of course, there are other businesses also altering their operations in the wake of the Eastern European war.

General Motors and Ford suspended their business in Russia not long after Russian forces invaded Ukraine.

One automaker Stellantis even established a support team to support and monitor the wellbeing of the company’s employees based in Ukraine.

We’re now anticipating a response from other companies.

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ChatGPT creator releases tool to detect A.I. generated text



OpenAI has released a software tool that can identify if text has been generated by artificial intelligence

The company behind the popular chatbot ChatGPT says it has trained a language model to distinguish between something written by a human, and A.I.

‘AI Classifier’ uses a variety of providers to address issues such as automated misinformation campaigns and academic dishonesty.

The detection tool is very unreliable on texts under one thousand characters, and AI-written text can be edited to trick the classifier.

Many schools across the world have already banned ChatGPT from being used for projects.

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Elon Musk asks court to throw case out



Twitter CEO Elon Musk has asked a judge in the U.S. to throw out a case against him

The suit claims Musk’s delayed disclosure over his large stake in the social media giant defrauded shareholders, who sold out at artificially lower prices.

Musk says investors in the proposed class action have no independent right to obtain damages.

The CEO believes he properly disclosed his stakes in Tesla and the former SolarCity Corp on several occasions, as per requirements.

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Samsung reports lowest quarterly profit in eight years



Samsung has reported its lowest quarterly profit in eight years, dropping 69 per cent

The company believes sluggish demand and macroeconomic uncertainty will make for a tough first half, though demand will likely recover in the second half.

The South Korean tech giant made $3.5billion profit for the quarter – the lowest since 2014 – with revenue down eight per cent.

In its chip business, profits also plunged when compared to year ago.

Memory chip prices are widely expected to decline further in the first quarter as customers continue to hold off purchases and use up existing inventory while device demand remains depressed.

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