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‘Don’t call me a liar’ – Amber Heard  returns to the stand



Amber Heard returns to the stand Monday after the defamation trial with ex-husband Johnny Depp resumes for the fifth week after a brief pause

High profile trial between actors Johnny Depp and Amber Heard resumes for the fifth week after a brief pause.

Depp is suing his ex-wife Amber Heard for libel in the US state of Virginia, over an article she wrote for the Washington Post in 2018.

In the article, she described surviving domestic violence, without mentioning Depp by name. 

The Virginia Court heard that Aquaman star Amber Heard feared her ex-husband Johnny Depp would accidentally kill her during an alleged assault on their honeymoon.

36-year-old Heard painted a picture of the actor as an abuser plagued by drug addiction, jealousy and self-harm.

In court on Monday, Heard broke down in tears telling jurors that she believed she’d likely “not survive” if she had remained married to Depp.

Heard accused Depp of repeated instances of physical abuse telling the court it was the “worst and most painful” thing she’s ever gone through.

The court was shown a series of photos of bruises and marks on her face.

Heard testifies, “I don’t want anything from him, just don’t call me a liar.”

“I want to move on. I want Johnny to move on too,” she says.

Cross-examination from Mr Depp’s attorneys is expected to take place soon.

Cross-examination of Depp

Depp’s attorney presented Heard with numerous photos of her following incidents of alleged abuse, asking whether she could see any visible signs of injury.

“None that you can see,” Heard says multiple times.

The attorney pointed out Heard’s deposition testimony stating that Depp frequently wore rings, then asked about photos after allegedly being hit in the face by Depp.

Heard say she wore makeup in several photos and she used ice to reduce swelling on her injuries.

Depp’s attorney also replayed audio where Heard tells Depp he should tell the world he was a domestic abuse victim and that it was a “fair fight.”

“I said that to the man who beat me up, yes,” Heard said. “I thought it was preposterous.”

Heard was then asked, “And the man you beat up numerous times?”

“I could never hurt Johnny,” Heard replies.

The first day of cross-examination concludes on Heard charity contention

During her testimony, Heard admitted she has not yet donated the entirety of her $7 million settlement to the American Civil Liberties Union and Children’s Hospital of Los Angeles.

She says this was because Depp filed the $50 million suit against her but that she intends on resuming donations in the future.

Amanda Gunn contributed to this report.


Netflix’s ‘Cheer’ star jailed over sexual abuse charges



Rising star, Jerry Harris has been sentenced to 12 years in prison for child sexual abuse image charges

Jerry Harris from hit Netflix show, ‘Cheer’, has pleaded guilty to to the crimes of coercing teenage boys to send him obscene photos and videos.

In the Federal Court in Chicago, prosecutors say the 22-year-old’s celebrity status enabled him to “persuade and entice” his young victims to engage in sexual conduct.

The cheer star was arrested in 2020 for production of child pornography and has since been in custody in Chicago for almost two years while awaiting trial and sentencing.

Prosecutors allege at the time of his arrest, Harris solicited sex from minors at cheerleading competitions.

He also allegedly solicited photos and videos from two 14-year-old brothers, after a complaint was filed.

A few months after his 2020 arrest, Harris was indicted on more charges in Florida and Texas alleging misconduct.

Earlier this year, he pleaded guilty to one count of receiving child pornography and travelling with the intention to engage in illegal sexual conduct.

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Elon Musk’s secretly welcomed twins last year



Elon Musk secretly welcomed twins just weeks before his second child with Grimes was born last year

The world’s wealthiest man, Elon Musk is believe to have fathered 10 children after a top executive from one of his companies gave birth to twins last year.

The mother of the children is Shivon Zilis, a senior member of Musks’ artificial intelligence company, Neuralink.

Zilis is considered a rising star in the world of AI, after being listed on Forbes’ 30 Under 30 in 2015, and LinkedIn’s 35 under 35.

According to her LinkedIn, she is currently the Director of Operations and Special Projects at Musk’s neurotechnology firm, Neuralink.

Court documents show the pair filed a petition to change their twins’ last names to Musk, and contain their mothers last name as part of their middle name.

The petition was filed in Austin, Texas which is also the birthplace of Zilis and Musk’s children where they were reportedly born in November 2021.

The two children will add to the six children Musk has with ex-wife, Justine Musk, and two children with Canadian singer Grimes.

The twins will also join Justine and Musk’s 18-year-old daughter, Vivian Jenna Wilson who has recently strived to cut ties with her father.

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Netflix approves ‘Stranger Things’ spin-off series & stage play



If you haven’t seen Stranger things by now, I’m afraid you’re far behind, the fourth season of the TV show briefly crashed the Netflix app as fans rushed to view it

The series has logged over 1.15 billion hours in viewing time on Netflix, behind South Korean drama “Squid Game.”


It’s so popular that Netflix has now approved a ‘Stranger Things’ spin-off series to help build a franchise.

It’s come at a perfect time because the last season ever of stranger things won’t air until 2024.

So fans can get their fix soon enough now a spin-off science fiction series gets underway.

“Stranger Things” is the biggest English-language hit into a broad entertainment franchise.

The new series will be based on an original idea from the twins who created “Stranger Things”

Netflix is remaining tight lipped on the story or characters but its also announced a stage play set in the world of “Stranger Things.”

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