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REVEALED: When will Coinbase allow Dogecoin trading?



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Investors in Dogecoin have a reason to be very bullish today, as Coinbase announces they’ll be trading the meme coin

Coinbase, one of the world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange platforms announced that it will allow the trading of Dogecoin on its platform from Thursday.

In a tweet, Coinbase says “starting today, inbound transfers for dogecoin are now available in the regions where trading is supported.”

“Trading will begin on or after 9AM Pacific time on Thursday June 3, if liquidity conditions are met.”

Coinbase says “one of the most common requests they receive from customers is to be able to trade more assets on the platform” such as Dogecoin.

The exchange platform is assuring consumers that they will always look for new digital assets.

Billy Markus and Jackson Palmer created Dogecoin as an alternative cryptocurrency. Since then, the joke went viral earlier this year.

How about bitcoin? Is is finally stabilising?

Coinbase made the announcement to add Dogecoin to the platform after a very volatile few months in the crypto space.

However, it does appear Bitcoin is beginning to stabilise again. This comes after the world’s biggest cryptocurrency recorded no price changes overnight.

Swings in the price have now fallen to their lowest levels since the beginning of the year.

This comes despite speculation that US financial authorities are moving to create further regulations, and become more active in the crypto market.

Bitcoin’s volatility percentage has fallen from its high of 162 percent on May 24 to 106 per cent today.

Fund-trat Global Advisors’ Tom Lee says “despite another set of ‘negative headlines,” Bitcoin actually “rose $2,000 dollars over the weekend.”

He can’t help but view this as “reinforcing the likelihood that Bitcoin has bottomed…given bad news is not creating new lows.”


Gucci goes big in metaverse with new Vault Art Space



Forward thinkers who love fashion, this exhibit is for you

Luxury brand Gucci has opened a Vault Art Space as it continues to explore the art world and the metaverse

Gucci inaugurated the gallery in a partnership with NFT marketplace SuperRare

The debut exhibit is titled “The Next 100 Years of Gucci”

Spring Cry by Alanna Vanacore

Keep your eye out for a special selection of NFT artworks, each a collectible fragment of Gucci’s heritage.

The artworks are showcased and auctioned off directly on Vault’s website in three drops between now and the end of July.

All sales will be in Ethereum.

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Ethereum to finally undergo shift to new energy model



Ethereum is about to undergo its long awaited makeover, which will see the company shift from its energy intensive model.

The crypto has been working to shift from its proof-of-work method to a proof-of-stake model, which requires far less power than mining.

Crypto currencies have been criticised for their mining processes to generate new coins. But this new method will be eco-friendly and lead to faster transactions.

The transition has been repeatedly pushed back because of major flaws.

But developers reportedly say the latest test run was very smooth.

The price of Ethereum has lost nearly half its value this year and is trading at just over $1,800 USD.

Investors will continue to keep an eye out on what will come out of this upgrade.

Meanwhile, Bitcoin investors can enjoy a sigh of relief as the cryptocurrency bounces back after months of turbulence.

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Luxury watchmaker accepts bitcoin for limited edition collection



They say cash is king and some call crypto a waste of time, but one company is proving to customers, that its not an old-timer

Luxury watchmaker Hublot is accepting bitcoin as payment for a limited-edition watch collection.

While the release begins with this limited-edition collection, the addition of bitcoin to the platform will not be going away for the United States eBoutique

Hublot partnered with BitPay to accept bitcoin and will continue to accept bitcoin through this outlet.

In order to secure one of the watches from this collection, customers will be paying just over 21 thousand or slightly more than the current price of 1 bitcoin.

The Swiss-based company joins other high end brands like Gucci and Balenciaga in accepting bitcoin as legitimate payment.

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