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Do performers have a responsibility to protect fans?



Many are labelling the deadly crowd crush at Astroworld as a “preventable and predictable tragedy”. Is the accountability on artists to create a safe space at their own events?

Musician and artist Krystelle Lorraine, says the entire system needs to take responsibility and make an urgent change.

Musician and artist Krystelle Lorraine said artists need to make an urgent change.

“I think there is a clear problem when artists don’t engage themselves in creating a safe space, not just for themselves, but also for secure or coerced for the concert experience,” Lorraine told ticker NEWS.

What if the artist is unaware?

Let’s say he didn’t what was going on?

“Okay, well, there should be a team that has direct access to him that can let him know that things need to immediately hot that it’s not just emergencies like this, but we’ve had active shooters, we’ve had natural disasters, we’ve had stages collapse,” Lorraine said.

What about the venue size?

Astroworld Houston was at a venue permitted for 200,000 people, and there were only at tops 50,000 people allowed to go to this event.

“So it it by standard by permit standard should have been completely safe. There were partitions to protect the concert goers. There were adequate security and staff based on the the standards that Live Nation that has set forth and so what is it that caused the surge?,” Lorraine said.

Investigation continues into deadly Astroworld Festival

Authorities have confirmed that a criminal inquiry has been launched into Travis Scott’s Astroworld festival following the deaths of eight people.

Investigators have already begun investigating what happened at the event, with Houston’s mayor saying it will “will take weeks, if not longer” before answers are found.

This comes as authorities announce the arrests of 25 people during the concert, however it is unclear whether these arrests are linked to the festival tragedy.

8 people died and many more were injured after a stampede caused attendees to be crushed at Scott’s event in Texas.

Witnesses say the crowd of 50,000 was out of control well before the show even started

Is the artists accountable?

“If the artist is the vocal point, they are the focal point. They’re the ones with the literal microphone.”

“So at any point, Travis Scott could have said, Hold up, like, hold on. And I know at one point he did say that, but did he do enough? Absolutely not, eight people are dead,” Lorraine says.

“The system needs to become more engaged and keeping people safe. And that includes the artists that includes the entertainment companies like Live Nation, that includes even people going to these to these events.”

Lorraine says we all need to make sure these events meet security needs and that they are better trained.

“It’s absolutely ridiculous that some that it is likely that a security guard was injected with drugs in the neck by a needle, none of this should be happening,” Lorraine said.

An opportunity to advocate

Lorraine says it is Scott’s responsibility to move forward and move forward graciously.

“I think that at a bare minimum, he can pay for the funeral costs of those who were lost. But I think that really what I would love for him personally to do is to engage in becoming more actively involved and changing the systems,” Lorraine said.

“Artists have something that happened at one of their concerts and they become a a voice to advocate for new and better security systems. So I think that this is a perfect opportunity for him to advocate.”

Scott released a statement on Sunday saying he is “absolutely devastated by what took place”

The singer and event organisers are also facing a civil lawsuit, with attendees suing over what they’re calling a “preventable and predictable tragedy” which could have been avoided. 

Social media is flooding with anger at what unfolded, with people calling for Scott to be boycotted.

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