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Sherpa solves last-mile delivery through technology and a network of drivers. Our focus through our suite of services and products is to consolidate and streamline the last mile delivery experience.

Sherpa operates in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Perth and Adelaide and the Gold Coast.

We currently serve over 25,000 businesses allowing them to offer a faster & better service to their own customers.

We offer:

> Delivery and driver management software.

> One platform for own driver network and 3PL integration.

> Customer Centric technology – real time tracking, SMS notifications, POD’s etc…

> Return delivery management.

> National Australian fulfilment network.

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Modern emergency technology



Evacovation is emergency management solution company driven by technology and real-time data.

Evacovation is a journey of dreams and commitment to create a paradigm shift in the emergency response management sector. The corporation has adopted a holistic business approach to provide an all-inclusive, customized solutions for each client. The portal and mobile application is flexible to adopt changing policies and variations of structures.

It is imperative to fully comprehend the risks of any asset, site, person or community. Therefore, our engagement process at Evacovation starts from an audit and ends with a complete emergency response management system which is enabled through latest technology, regular trainings and performance monitoring.

Internally, Evacovation has deployed latest operating systems, doud servers, operational excellence and bespoke customer services to ensure seamless flow of business information and execution The information from each dient is coded and secured which is accessible to the authorized parties only. Furthermore, our research department keeps the pace with changing international laws and best practices to be adapted and regularly updated in both the portal and mobile application.

Each case study of test runs at the client site are monitored with an analytical report submitted to the client. It dearly identifies areas of improvement to help calibrate the performance of the app according to repeating scenarios. The consulting division of Evacovation may assist the dient on improved processes, equipment and emergency response management processes to improve efficiency.

Evacovation is launched with a purpose to modernize the emergency response systems globally and have them integrated vertically from the government level all the way to every household.

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Be at your NaturoBest



NaturoBest provide comprehensive, premium formulas with high levels of nutrients in one formulation.  This is convenient and great value for money.  We place quality as our highest priority.  Ingredients are well-researched and very carefully chosen.

Experienced fertility naturopath Nikki Warren designed the range.  Out of her desire to provide high quality prenatal supplements that she is proud to call her own, NaturoBest was born.

We are proud to announce that in October 2019, NaturoBest was approved as an Australian Trusted Trader.

The Australian Border Force was satisfied that our supply chain and procedures for sending goods safely to international destinations met their strict criteria.

Australian Trusted Trader accreditation is a mark of distinction. It signals that the Australian Border Force have independently assessed and accredited our business against World Customs Organization standards.

Environmental Responsibility

We focus on being environmentally friendly and have setup the following initiatives to reduce our impact on the environment:

> We use a 100% carbon neutral delivery process
> Our warehouse uses solar powered air conditioning

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Protecting oceans and marine life



Digital lending and payment provider WLTH and Parley for the Oceans, a new form of environmental organisation, announce a five-year partnership to empower customers with an innovative lending solution that offers an everyday way to protect the oceans and support the movement to end marine plastic pollution across Australia. 

WLTH is collaborating with Parley for the Oceans to develop and deliver simple mechanics to its customers to aid in the protection of Australia’s treasured reefs and coastlines from the threats of plastic pollution.  

Aimed at a new generations of banking customers who are driven by authentic, impactful commitments to environmental responsibility, WLTH and Parley for the Oceans will deliver an eco-innovative suite of products and services over the next five years.

Scheduled for release in Q4 2021, WLTH will introduce the Convego® Parley Ocean Card developed with Giesecke+Devrient (G+D). The innovative new payment card, made of Parley Ocean Plastic®  created from intercepted and upcycled marine plastic waste, will empower cardholders with an everyday tool to take action for the oceans.  

Founder and CEO of Parley for the Oceans, Cyrill Gutsch said: “To end plastic pollution and the environmental crises behind it, we need to align our economic system with the ecosystem we all depend on: the oceans. Everyone has the power to demand change and take action to help create it, but it’s on industry leaders to own the responsibility of bringing new and better options into reality. The keys are collaboration and eco-innovation. This Convego® Parley Ocean Card and the alliance behind it represent the future we have the opportunity to create, and the role leaders of financial technology can play in shaping it.”

The dynamic partnership with WLTH gives Parley for the Oceans a new platform to scale its global mission to intercept plastic from beaches and coastlines while educating communities throughout Australia. Together, WLTH and Parley for the Oceans are re-imagining the future of lending and its social impact, creating a practical solution for customers to actively address today’s major ocean threats.

Co-founder of WLTH, Drew Haupt commented: “With sustainability in our core DNA, we have partnered with Parley for the Oceans and G+D to launch the first recycled ocean plastic cards in Australia. Not only is it an honor to be one of the first fintech doing so, but it’s also a goal we’ve been aspiring to achieve since the planning phase of building WLTH.”

“As a business, we want to make a difference to the environment and the world around us, and through this partnership, we will be fighting against the growing threat of marine plastic pollution, as well as protecting the oceans and waterways, that are such a huge part of the Australian lifestyle.”

Out of the gate, WLTH will contribute proceeds to Parley for the Oceans with every new user who activates a WLTH Pay account. WLTH will include additional mechanics such as round-up features, plastic off-setting options, and will host events and customer expeditions with Parley for the Oceans throughout the year to raise awareness for the beauty and fragility of the oceans.

WLTH’s commitment to support Parley for the Oceans includes allocating contributions for every home loan towards Parley for the Oceans’ Australian Clean-up Efforts to support intercepting plastic from beaches and coastlines from around the country. 

Global Head of Sales and Distribution at G+D, Dr Carsten Wengel added: “Consumers are looking for new ways to a more sustainable lifestyle. That’s why we offer banks our ecologically eco-innovative payment cards. They remind consumers every day of their own and their bank’s environmental commitment to protecting the planet.”

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