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Credit Suisse investors hit the panic button



Investors are worried about the financial health of Credit Suisse after the bank’s shares plunged.

The bank’s Chief executive attempted to reassure investors last week, but his efforts seem to have fallen short.

Credit Suisse is due to unveil a restructuring plan at the end of the month, and many are concerned that it won’t be able to weather the storm.

Its shares fell by about 10%, before recovering slightly, after the bank’s boss failed to reassure investors.

Last week’s the bank’s CEO tried to reassure investors that the bank’s financial foundations are solid.

A report in the Financial Times claims that executives at the Swiss bank spent much of the weekend seeking to calm key stakeholders about its financial strength.

Shares in Credit Suisse have been sliding over the past year amid fear’s over the bank’s financial position.

In July, the bank announced a strategy review and replaced its chief executive with an asset management expert.

According to Reuters, the Bank of England is monitoring the situation together with Swiss regulators.

The bank has been hit by scandal after scandal.

And now the market moves suggest some investors believe the bank is running out of cash.

They can only hope the restructuring effort can right the ship.

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British lawmakers want to fine social media



Social media companies could be fined if they don’t remove harmful content, according to a new plan from the UK Government

Lawmakers want to make it illegal to encourage users to harm themselves online.

It’s part of a crackdown on online behaviour on content that leads to self harm.

In a statement, Digital Secretary Michelle Donelan said these firms “can no longer remain silent bystanders”.

She says they’ll face fines for allowing this abusive and destructive behaviour to continue on their platforms.”

It follows the death of Molly Russell in 20-17, which sparked concern for harmful content online.

A coroner ruled social media platforms fed her content that “romanticised acts of self-harm”.

Sexually explicit materials will also be banned under the new policy.

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Twitter adds millions of users after cutting staff



elon musk twitter

Twitter boss Elon Musk says new user signups to the social media platform are at an “all-time high”.

That’s despite his recent struggles with a mass exodus of advertisers and users fleeing to other platforms.

Musk says signups to Twitter are averaging over two million per day over the past week.

Reported impersonations on the platform spiked earlier this month, before and in wake of the Twitter Blue launch.

Musk says buying Twitter will speed up his ambition to create an “everything app” called X.

Musk’s “Twitter 2.0 The Everything App” will have features like encrypted DMs, longform tweets and payments.

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Binance pours in another billion to help crypto



Crypto exchange Binance has allocated another $1 billion for its industry recovery fund, effectively doubling the size of the fund within just one week.

The additional allocation was announced by Binance’s CEO.

Binance won’t be on its own. Aptos Labs and Jump Crypto, along with other prominent crypto companies joined Binance’s initiative and will contribute $50 million to the fund.

The crypto market has seen a massive decline since the start of the year, leading to several crypto firms going out of business.

The recovery fund will be used to buy distressed crypto assets and support the industry.

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