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British Prime Minister Boris Johnson fined for lockdown-breaching party



UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson has been fined for the lockdown-breaching party hosted in 2020

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has rejected calls to stand down after he was fined for breaking his own Covid lockdown laws.

Fines were issued to Johnson and Chancellor Rishi Sunak, who were both given fixed-penalty notices for attending the Prime Minister’s birthday celebration at Downing Street on June 19, 2020.

The gathering took place in the cabinet room, with Met Police now confirming a total of 50 infringements have been issued.

It’s believed Johnson and Sunak are the first sitting prime minister and chancellor to be criminally sanctioned.

Opposition Labour leader Sir Keir Starmer says “Britain deserves better” calling for both leaders to resign immediately.

Sunak has made no immediate comment following the fines being issued, stirring speculation he may actually stand down following a disastrous week of scandals.

The Chancellor has come under fire after details of his wealthy wife’s tax affairs came under scrutiny.

If he did resign, some analysts say this would put huge pressure on Johnson to follow suit.

So-far, Johnson has issued a a “full apology” rejecting calls to quit as further investigations continue.

In a statement Johnson says he “humbly accepts” he has broken the rules, but claims the gathering lasted less than 10 minutes and it “did not occur” to him that the event was wrong.

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Bizarre antics disrupts court – but at what cost?



Darrell Brooks, the man accused of killing 6 people during the Waukesha Christmas Parade has appeared in court, shirtless

In a bizarre series of events, the 40 year old who is representing himself, consistently disrupted the court.

So Judge Jennifer Dorow moved the defendant to another room to participate via video link with the ability to mute him.

But the antics didn’t stop there, he removed his shirt, with his back to the camera, threatening to break items nearby.

He then took off his shoe and refused to sit down.

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Biden says nuclear ‘armageddon’ threat is back



U.S. President says the nuclear ‘armageddon’ threat is back for first time since Cuban Missile Crisis

The president was speaking at a fundraiser event, where he said Russian President Vladimir Putin was “not joking when he spoke about the use of tactical nuclear weapons.

U.S. officials have been warning that Russia could use weapons of mass destruction in Ukraine.

But they believe there’s been no change to Russia’s nuclear forces for the time being.

It comes as the leaders of more than 40 European nations convened in Prague to discuss Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Ukraine’s leader Volodymyr Zelensky spoke via video link.

UK Prime Minister Liz Truss says the summit is “not about moving closer to Europe” but “about working with Europe”.

When pressed about her working relationship with Macron, Truss admitted he is a ‘friend’.

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Climate Change

Thunderstorm asthma warning for millions of Australians



Australians are being warned to stay indoors, as wild weather approaches

As wild weather approaches Australia, there has been a Thunderstorm asthma warning, with some experts saying it could be the worst thunderstorm asthma event since 2016.

In Australia, experts say the ‘perfect storm’ is well and truly on its way.

Melbourne is dubbed the world’s allergy capital by some researchers and residents are warning to brace for a thunderstorm asthma event.

Asthmatics in the country, are urged to prepare for the peak event as it will put allergy and asthma sufferers at risk.

In 2016 ten people died in a thunderstorm asthma event that rocked the nation.

Deadly storms triggered thousands of asthma attacks and there’s fears that will happen again.

The director of two of the state’s pollen monitoring stations has warned the state is “overdue” for another deadly storm

In fact all of Australia’s eastern states are being warned of intense weather systems over the coming days.

Sydney recorded its wettest year in 164 years, with more heavy downpours expected to fall over Australia’s largest city.

The wild weather can be blamed on the La Nina weather phenomenon. The country remains in the grip of a rare third straight year weather event.

The wild weather is expected to continue sporadically for the rest of the year. The advice is to stay indoors, watch out for flash flooding and stay off the roads.

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