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Climate Change

Aviation industry using sustainable fuels to decarbonise



The aviation sector remains one of the fastest-growing sources of global emissions.

In a quest to decarbonise, the airlines are pushing for the green light on sustailbale fuels.

While hydrogen and electric aeroplanes seem the perfect solution they are not yet feasible.

For now, 65% reductions in emission has to be achieved by replacing the kerosene with sustainable fuels.

Sustainable fuels are currently priced two to five times higher than their non-eco counterparts. This barrs it from being an economic resource.

However, multiple governmental policies and a strong push from biofuel companies might soon impel the reduction in sustainable fuel cost.

At Glasgow’s COP-26 climate event, aero heavyweights pledged to achieve net-zero by 2050.

In July 2021, the European Union agreed to scale up the use of sustainable fuels to 63% in 2050. Additionally, Britain set its target for 10% by 2030.

Other companies are keen to be part of the solution. They are setting net-zero commitments to reduce their carbon footprint by .

Shreya Vats contributed to this report

Climate Change

Yellowstone disaster: record rainfall, massive flooding and mudslides



As Yellowstone National Park celebrates 150 years, emergency crews are scrambling to reopen roads and facilities following heavy rain and huge flooding

This is Yellowstone’s first natural disaster and has forced the region to close during the peak summer period.

Tourists and residents are being evacuated from the area as some roads have been destroyed leaving visitors stranded.

Resulting in a major blow to local tourism operators and surrounding communities. 

Montana, one of the three states the park belongs to, has not seen this type of flooding in more than a century.

The national park’s northern half is expected to remain shut for at least the rest of the season, with Montana’s governor declaring a statewide disaster. 

Record rainfall has triggered epic flooding, mudslides and rockfalls in Yellowstone.

Dangerous rockslides caused the park officials to shut down all five entrances to the park on Tuesday.

It follows one of the wettest springs in years and a sudden spike in summer temperatures, meaning the runoff of snow from the winter months has been quite intense. 

Danaya Malenda contributed to this report.

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Climate Change

U.S. under scorching summer hot-spell



The U.S. is currently enduring an extreme heatwave, with over 100 million Americans told to stay indoors where possible and avoid the blazing sun

St Louis, Memphis, Minneapolis and Tulsa are all under dire heat warnings, with temperatures reaching 38 degrees coupled with high humidity. 

The National Weather Service says 107 million Americans will be affected by heat advisories and warnings this week alone. 

Beginning in the west and south-west, the heatwave has now moved east into parts of the Gulf coast and will reach as far as the Great Lakes and the Carolinas

In Chicago, officials have started alerting residents about relief centres.

Six community buildings will be opened to aid those who do not have access to suitable air conditioning. 

The city significantly ramped up its heatwave protocols after more than 700 people died in the 1995 heatwave.

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Climate Change

Yellowstone National Park shut due to flooding



Parts of Yellowstone National Park in the US are underwater after the region was hit by unprecedented rainfall and flooding 

Parts of Yellowstone National Park in the US are underwater after the region was hit by unprecedented rainfall and flooding.

All of the park’s entrances have been slammed shut, with the National Park Service confirming no visitors will be allowed to enter until further notice. 

This is the first time the park has been closed in 34 years.

There are also warnings many roads could be closed for an “extended period of time” due to the rainfall. 

Some parts have already seen substantial flooding, rockslides and mudslides with other areas on the verge of being flooded completely. 

The park’s first priority has been evacuating visitors near the northern loop of the area with the southern loop being evacuated shortly after. 

The National Weather Service has also issued flood warnings for some areas due to what authorities are calling “excessive” rainfall advising campers and hikers to avoid streams or creeks.

Katerina Kostakos contributed to this report.

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