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A new way to trade the Future



Trade your opinion on yes-or-no questions in key CME Futures markets

Say you have a strong sense of whether the price of Gold will close above USD$2,000 today, and you wanted an immediate means of taking that position with a simple Yes/No push of a button.

Now there’s a new way to express that market sentiment immediately, and across a robust number of key futures products, via Interactive Brokers’ innovative trading platform.

Event contracts offer the most intuitive, straightforward way yet to access 10 of the world’s most important futures markets.

They are short-term, limited-risk contracts that streamline how you can take part in benchmark markets.

And it’s as simple as using event contracts to trade your opinion on Yes-or-No questions on whether key futures markets will move up or down by the end of each day’s trading session. 

Interactive Brokers’ just made it even simpler with its newly launched IBKR EventTrader platform.


Event contracts are based on the outcome of an event and are short-term positions good for that trading day only. This provides investors with a straightforward way of participating in key futures markets.

You can select from event contracts in the Equity Index, Energy, Metals and foreign currency futures markets, and to trade, just choose YES or NO on an event contract.

You will be presented with a menu of short-term price predictions by product. To participate, just choose a side on a given prediction.

So, if you think the price of crude oil is going to rise on the news of an OPEC production cuts, you can buy a YES contract and benefit from any increase in the price of oil by the end of the day. 

Similarly, if you think the stock market is going to fall on disappointing news, you can buy a NO contract on an Equity Index Event Contract and profit from any decline.

Will the S&P 500 Index close above 3,900 today? Simply Yes or No.

Event contracts are settled in cash, so there is no need to worry about delivery or expiry.


You don’t need a big investment to gain access to major futures markets’ daily activity, nor is there a big expense to enter a trade – between USD 0.25 to USD $19.75 per trade.

For each event contract you hold that expires “in the money”, in reference to the underlying futures settlement price, you receive a fixed payout of USD $20.00. Your max profit per contract is USD $20.00 minus the contract cost, fees and commissions. Event contracts are priced between USD $0.25 to USD $19.75 per contract and quoted in USD $0.25 increments.

Interactive Brokers offers a low, transparent commission of just USD 0.10 per event contract.

Event contracts also provide exposure to key futures markets while limiting an investor’s risk because the most one can lose is the price paid for the contract.

  • You can buy one contract or multiple contracts at once. 
  • You receive a fixed payout of $20 for each event contract you hold that expires “in the money,” minus contract cost, fees and commissions.

Basically, IBKR EventTrader empowers investors’ ability to take a position on their daily price predictions.

And it’s fun.

You can get more insights on

You can also get a concise and detailed EventTrader Demo in this webinar:  Trading CME Event Contracts at Interactive Brokers Using IBKR EventTrader Platform – IBKR Webinars

So if you’re looking for a new and straightforward way to trade key futures markets, check out IBKR EventTrader

With low commissions and no minimums, it’s easy to get started. Yes or . . . Yes.

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Deepfakes are taking over Hollywood



Deepfakes are the online phenomenon changing the way in which we consume and trust social media

Have you ever scrolled through social media and found a celebrity selling something a bit left of centre?

Chances are you have fallen victim to a deepfake.

These images and videos are a type of artificial intelligence, which promises to create doctored videos, which are almost impossible to tell apart from the real thing.

They have typically been used in pornographic clips and for celebrity endorsements.

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Debt limit dispute: will America default?



Can U.S. lawmakers agree on the debt limit before the fast approaching deadline to avoid default?

The executive branch and Congress are trying to strike a deal about the debt limit as the country marches closer to defaulting.

But can President Joe Biden and Republicans come to an agreement on fiscal policy in time?

The federal government could run out of money as early as June 1. Without borrowing more there is a risk that the United States will begin defaulting on its financial obligations.

Negotiations between Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden at the White House continue as lawmakers are staring down a swiftly approaching deadline.

The Treasury has been warning that the government would likely default on some bills in June if Congress does not raise the debt ceiling.

Democrats have insisted on raising the debt limit without preconditions. But Republicans say President Biden and the Democrats are playing Russian roulette with America’s economy after a two-year spending binge that brought 40-year high inflation and pushed the nation’s debt to over $31-trillion.

While both sides have agreed that action is needed to reduce the deficit—each have extremely different ideas about how to do it.

Republicans are looking to cut spending levels, while Democrats have called to increase tax revenue from the ultra-wealthy and large corporations.

So, can Washington D.C. politicians broker a deal and prevent the American economy from falling off a cliff?

Mitch Roschelle, Managing Director at Madison Ventures and a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of San Diego School of Business joined us to discuss. #U.S. Politics #Mitch Roschelle #debt ceiling #Capitol Hill #Washington D.C.

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Qantas leadership change takes full flight as airfares skyrocket



The next CEO of Australia’s high-profile airline, Qantas has a huge task ahead

After the long reign of her predecessor Alan Joyce, Vanessa Hudson inherits an airline with some key challenges ahead.

The challenges facing any CEO at the moment are high. Rising costs, tough competition, and cash-strapped customers are all part of the package when it comes to running an airline.

Qantas is one of the world’s most famous airlines.

At the height of the pandemic, the company’s results see-sawed.

However, it survived in part due to the actions of CEO Alan Joyce, and his right-hand CFO Vanessa Hudson.

Now, Alan Joyce is stepping down and Vanessa Hudson beat a field of 40 contenders for his job.

While Alan Joyce kept shareholders happy in recent times, some analysts believe he skimped on capital expenditure, leaving a multi-billion dollar hit to the new CEO.

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