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Why the U.S. is failing to address Russia’s main concerns



The White House has confirmed Joe Biden will talk with Ukrainian President Zelensky as tensions on the border remain volatile

This comes as the US urges China to use its influence over Russia to discourage an invasion.

Press Secretary Jen Psaki says the virtual meeting between Biden and Zelensky is standard practice and the world shouldn’t expect any significant announcements.

The United States is failing to address Moscow’s primary concerns, but Russia is keeping the door open for further negotiations

The written responses provided to Moscow by Washington don’t address Russia’s fears of an expansion of the NATO military alliance into Ukraine.

Fears of an invasion of Ukraine remain high, with over 100,000 Russian troops stationed at the border, braving the icy conditions.

Russia’s Foreign Minister Lavrov says there is “no positive reaction on the main document”… arguing a NATO expansion will threaten the territory of the Russian Federation.

Russia is continuing to deny it is planning an invasion of Ukraine, but America and its Western allies are preparing for any eventuality.

NATO has been increasing its support towards Ukraine, providing increased weapons supplies and military training.

Russia says, constitutes a growing threat on its western flank.

Russia and Ukraine agree to ceasefire

Russia and Ukraine have agreed to an unconditional ceasefire on the eastern border following talks in Paris.

The announcement came after a meeting of the so called Normandy format – a four way conversation between Russia, Ukraine, Germany and France.

President Vladimir Putin has read the written responses from both the US and NATO, but is declining to rush to any immediate conclusions.

Meanwhile, EU Commission President Ursula Vonn Der Leyen says the situation is at crisis point, but diplomacy is still on the table.

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FAA uncovers Boeing quality control issues



The Federal Aviation Administration disclosed concerning findings from its 737 MAX production audit involving Boeing and supplier Spirit AeroSystems.

The audit uncovered multiple instances where the companies allegedly failed to adhere to manufacturing quality control standards.

The FAA highlighted significant “non-compliance issues” within Boeing’s manufacturing processes, including concerns related to parts handling, storage, and product control.

While a summary of the audit findings has been shared with the companies involved, the details have not been made public due to the ongoing nature of the investigation.

Following a mid-air emergency on January 5 involving a new Alaska Airlines 737 MAX 9, where a door plug was lost at 16,000 feet, the FAA initiated the audit.

This incident prompted a temporary grounding of the MAX 9 and raised questions about the aircraft’s safety protocols.

New acquisition

Boeing, in response to these revelations, has been in discussions to acquire Spirit AeroSystems.

However, the company has not provided immediate comment regarding the audit findings.

FAA Administrator Mike Whitaker emphasized the necessity for Boeing to implement comprehensive corrective measures to address what he termed as “systemic quality-control issues.”

Whitaker stated that Boeing must commit to substantial improvements, with clear milestones and expectations set forth by the FAA.

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Can U.S. Moon lander Odysseus recover from it’s dormancy?



The U.Ss moon lander Odysseus has gone dormant just a week after its somewhat lopsided touchdown on the lunar surface.

The mission, which aimed to conduct various experiments and collect valuable data, encountered an unexpected setback as the spacecraft’s systems initiated a dormant state.

Engineers and scientists at the space agency are working around the clock to analyze the situation and determine the cause of this unforeseen development.

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Trump wins disqualification case at U.S. supreme court



Former President Donald Trump has emerged triumphant in the Colorado ballot disqualification case, as the United States Supreme Court upheld the decision in his favour.

The ruling marks the conclusion of a contentious legal battle that began when Colorado sought to disqualify Trump from its ballot during the previous election.

The Supreme Court, in a close decision, sided with Trump, asserting that the grounds for disqualification lacked substantial evidence and did not meet the necessary legal criteria. #ticker today #featured

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