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WHNCD: sick dad who can’t eat goes viral on tiktok for selfless act



Watched almost 8 million times on tiktok, Andrew Coles, a survivor of head and neck cancer makes his daughter her favourite dinner – even though he has no ability to eat or swallow any food or liquid

On World Head and Neck Cancer Day, his daughter and news reporter, helps spread the message with his heartbreaking story.

This video has been watched on tiktok almost 8 million times, bringing the total viewing to almost 25,000 hours.

Andrew Coles, a survivor of head and neck cancer makes his daughter her favourite dinner, which is roast salmon and veggies.

The heart felt clip is flooded with comments, hundreds of thousands of people, touched by Andy’s selfless gesture to cook a meal when he can’t eat or drink at all.

TikTok helps millions learn about head and neck cancer

Over 18 million people are huge fans of my dad on tiktok, with my page turning into a dedicated feed of videos to spread awareness.

Meet Andy – hasn’t eaten since 2020 and can not swallow food, liquid or even his own saliva

When looking at pictures from my 21st birthday, I never have imagined how a small detail in a happy snap would lead to a shock diagnosis that would change my family forever.

Detail in old birthday photo leads to heartbreaking diagnosis

My family noticed the lump on dad’s neck while looking at 21st photos. 

In April 2019, my dad was working as a logistics manager in Melbourne when he started feeling fatigued and complaining of a sore throat, as well as noticing a lump on the left-hand side of his neck.

Initially dismissed as a symptom of being run down, then 57-year-old continued to work until he almost passed out when driving me to work one day.

At the hospital, doctors ran tests and discovered the lump in his neck was in fact a tumour; diagnosing him with stage four tonsil and tongue cancer, which is a form of throat cancer.


The Radiation to treat his head and neck cancer was so severe, that it left dad with a rare airways disease. It means he can no longer eat or swallow food orally, taking away one of life’s greatest pleasures… eating food.

The disease he has is called Supraglottic Stenosis, and since the end of his radiation for throat and tonsil cancer, dad has had 7 emergency surgeries, including 3 tracheotomy’s.

Cancer of the head and neck has left him with an airways disability and now the fight is to explore surgeries and treatment to walk more than 20 metres, swallow through his mouth and have some quality of life back.

Through tiktok, over 18 million people have watched how my dad eat through a tube in his belly, day in my life caring for my sick dad after surgeries and of course… the most famous cooking videos (with an occasional tiktok dance on the feed)

A go fund me linked in my tiktok bio has raised over 17 thousand dollars in generous donations towards dad’s medical bills, thanks to the reach received on tiktok.

World Head and Neck Cancer Day

What is Head and Neck Cancer and why is it different? Head and Neck Cancer (HNC) is not just one type of cancer, it includes more than 10 different cancers that can affect a person’s mouth, tongue, throat, salivary glands, skin or voice box.

The treatment for HNC can be brutal as it affects a person’s identify unlike any other cancer. It can leave a person unable to speak, with devastating facial disfigurements and take away basic abilities that we take for granted like eating, breathing, speaking, drinking and swallowing.

Today we reflect and show our support for the 650,000 people who are diagnosed with HNC around the world every year, including over 5,100 Australians. 

Tens of thousands are living with side effects, just like my dad.

Men are three times more likely to be diagnosed with head and neck cancer and 60 per cent of oral cancers are advanced by the time they are detected.

My dad has never smoked. However, human papillomavirus (HPV) is the cause of around 70 per cent of oropharyngeal cancers.

These types of cancers occur in the tonsils and base of tongue.

It is estimated 700 Australians will be diagnosed with an oropharyngeal cancer this year, and around 490 of these cases will have been caused by HPV.

What are the symptoms?

There is no screening for Head and Neck Cancer: Early detection is key. 

Head and Neck Cancer Australia say the following signs and symptoms are common for many types of head and neck cancer. Sometimes people do not have any signs or symptoms and sometimes the same symptoms can be caused by other things. 

Important groups and charities like Head and Neck Cancer Australia exist to provide vital resources that educate, empower and engage HNC patients and their families and to raise awareness about HNC nationally. You can support them here

Head and Neck Cancer Australia is the only Australian charity dedicated to providing education and support to people living with HNC. It was founded by a team of leading clinicians who saw first-hand the profound impact of head and neck cancer and were passionate about driving change.

HNC Facts

  • There has been a 34% increase in Head and Neck Cancer in the last 10 years.
  • Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples are disproportionately impacted with a 30% gap in survival rates compared to non-Indigenous Australians.
  • 70% of tonsil and base tongue cancer are caused by the human papillomavirus.
  • There has been a 385% increase in tongue cancer for otherwise healthy young women. 
  • Men are three times more likely than women to be diagnosed
  • Three Australians are diagnosed with mouth cancer (oral) every day.
  • 60% of oral cancers are advanced by the time they are detected.
  • The economic cost of HNC is twice that of breast cancer.

The power of a post

If it wasn’t for tiktok, millions wouldn’t know anything about this type of cancer.


Reply to @iirealebony how dad eats and what the doctors told us today! Staying hopeful despite odds ❤️ #fyp #foryou #askme #qanda #love #dad #cancerfighter #cancerawareness #feedingtube #disability #disabilityawareness #foodie #whatieat #pov #dinner #caregiver

♬ original sound – Britt

My dad and I are determined to raise awareness and give hope to others going through a similar journey.

I encourage you to share cancer awareness tiktoks, posts, facebook support groups, and stories that you engage with to help families like mine on World Head and Neck Cancer Day.


Issey Miyake, Japanese fashion designer dies aged 84



The fashion world is in mourning after the loss of Issey Miyake

Renowned Japanese fashion designer, Issey Miyake has passed away at age 84.

Internationally-recognised, Issey Miyake, had been battling liver cancer.

His experimental designs generated a cult following, particularly in the art world, as they resembled what is seen in galleries around the world.

HG7FWB 2010s UK Issey Miyake Magazine Advert

His creations seemed more like sculptures than items of clothing.

While it is now common practice for designers to show their work in the art-world, when Issey Miyake first garnered popularity back in the 1980s, it was unusual.

Issey Miyake grew up in Japan before working in Paris with other renowned designers.

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The life of immortal Australian performer, Olivia Newton-John



The world has lost a true Hollywood legend, Olivia Newton John has passed away at the age of 73

Olivia rose to stardom for her remarkable performance in hit musical “Grease” where she co-starred alongside Actor John Travolta, in 1978.

She was just 29 years of age, playing the role of an innocent teen in love with the bad boy.

Together, they won hearts across the world, bringing in a whopping $395 million USD from the box office. 

A movie star turned cancer advocate, Newton-John spent much of her later years fiercely fighting for awareness and further research.

We take a look back on her life, her legacy and the hole she is leaving behind

Long before Olivia Newton John became a household name in Hollywood, she started from a home in Melbourne.

Born in Cambridge 1948, her family emigrated to Australia. The youngest of three children. Her teenage years saw her became a major drawcard on the Happy Show.

But the bight lights of Melbourne in the 1970s could never contain that voice.

She moved to the UK and in 1974 represented the Britain in the Eurovision song contest.

Australian trailblazer Helen Ready encouraged Olivia to move to the United States where she quickly climbed the charts.

She certainly had somewhere else to go – Rydell High.

She scored the role in the film adaptation of the Broadway hit, despite her concerns about being 29, playing a high school senior, insisting on a screen test with John Travolta.

Now the girl from Melbourne, was now a Hollywood star.

And there was nowhere to hide – Grease became the biggest box office hit of 1978.

Olivia Newton John’s career soared

Just like Sandys transformation in the film, Olivia was ready for a new spandex clad image, just in time for the 80s.

Pioneering an iconic look and telling us all…”let’s get physical”

Physical smashed the charts, before she starred alongside Gene Kelly in her second major film, playing the star.

In 1986 she gave birth to her daughter Chloe and resumed her career in the early 90s, before she was diagnosed with cancer – receiving the diagnosis the same weekend her father died.

LOS ANGELES, CA – OCTOBER 19: Actress/singer Olivia Newton-John (L) and daughter actress/singer Chloe Lattanzi attend ‘Dancing with the Stars’ Season 21 at CBS Televison City on October 19, 2015 in Los Angeles, California. (Photo by David Livingston/Getty Images)

She survived and became an advocate for breast cancer research, teaming with the Victorian government to create the Olivia Newton John cancer wellness and research centre in Melbourne.

Leading a three week, 230km walk along the great ocean road to raise funds.

Forever passionate about the environment. She cancelled a tour of Japan over the slaughter of dolphins.

She battled in her personal life too. Her partner Patrick McDermott disappeared on a fishing trip in 2005. Her daughter faced health problems

Through all her battles, she continued performing.

An immortal Australian performer, a passional advocate for health, the voice of a generation.

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Anne Heche fighting for life in coma



U.S. actress Anne Heche is in a coma following a horror car crash in Los Angeles

Heche’s representative has confirmed the 53-year-old is fighting for her life in an “extreme critical condition.”

“She has a significant pulmonary injury requiring mechanical ventilation and burns that require surgical intervention…

She is in a coma and has not regained consciousness since shortly after the accident.”

Anne heche representative

There are concerns Heche may have been intoxicated at the time of the crash, after plowing into two separate homes.

New reports also suggest Los Angeles Police Department requested a warrant to test Heche’s blood to determine if she was under the influence.

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