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U.S. charges former senator over Haiti President Killing



The U.S. has charged a former senator following the assassination of Haiti’s President last year

51-year-old John Joel Joseph made his first U.S. court appearance on Monday afternoon after being extradited from Jamaica.

He was charged with conspiring to commit murder or kidnapping outside the U.S. and providing material support resulting in death.

He becomes the third person charged in relation to what authorities say was a wide-reaching plot involving at least 20 Colombian citizens and several dual nationals.

Haiti’s President, Jovenel Moïse was murdered in July last year amid a worsening political and economic crisis.

Joseph was accused of helping “obtain vehicles and attempted to obtain firearms to support the operation against the president,” according to the U.S. Justice Department.

President of Haiti Jovenel Moïse was murdered in July last year.

They also claim he attended meetings with “co-conspirators” that intended to kill President Moise.

Joseph is a well-known politician and critic of Moise’s Tet Kale Party–and will face life imprisonment if he is convicted of the charges against him.

Along with Joseph, the two individuals that the U.S. has charged include businessman Rodolphe Jaar and former Colombian soldier Mario Antonio Palacios.

Both men were accused of being involved in the assassination.

There are over 40 other individuals that are suspected to be involved in Moise’s killing.

Since the president’s murder, violence has surged in Hati.

Rival gangs are currently battling for control of neighbourhoods in and around the country’s capital.

A statement on May 4 estimates that 39 people have been killed and over 68 injured.

Roughly 9,000 people have been displaced.

Costa is a news producer at ticker NEWS. He has previously worked as a regional journalist at the Southern Highlands Express newspaper. He also has several years' experience in the fire and emergency services sector, where he has worked with researchers, policymakers and local communities. He has also worked at the Seven Network during their Olympic Games coverage and in the ABC Melbourne newsroom. He also holds a Bachelor of Arts (Professional), with expertise in journalism, politics and international relations. His other interests include colonial legacies in the Pacific, counter-terrorism, aviation and travel.

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Is the metaverse the future of social network?



U.S. firms like Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Microsoft are going all in on the metaverse. Meanwhile, Chinese companies appear to be taking a more cautious approach amid tighter regulation.

#metaverse #china #unitedstates #tech #veronicadudo #ozsultan #crypto

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Global metaverse race



China is looking to invest in the metaverse market as numerous cities rollout policy proposals.

Technology continues to change our lives forever.

As new advancements are released to the public—safety continues to be a major concern.

People are interacting with computers in a different way, with the word Metaverse becoming a buzzword in both the tech and business industries.

While the term, “metaverse” is broad, it refers to a set of digital spaces online—including 3D—that allows people to do many things from socializing and learning to interacting and collaborating.

Analysts say it’s the next evolution in social connection and the successor to the mobile internet.

According to Morgan Stanley, the metaverse market could be worth $8 trillion in the future.

China’s technology giants are investing in the metavese and recently, numerous Chinese cities have announced policy proposals to attract and support metaverse companies.

This comes after tense year of regulatory scrutiny on the countries tech sector.

The Chinese city of Zhengzhou recently announced a series of policy proposals to support metaverse companies operating in the region.

The initiative involves the municipal government establishing a nearly $1.5 billion dedicated fund in an effort to foster growth and development in the industry.

So, is the metaverse taking the world by storm?

Oz Sultan from the Sultan Interactive Group joins us to discuss. #china #metaverse #veronicadudo #ozsultan #regulation #crypto #tech

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Will deepfakes change election results?



Artificial intelligence is fuelling concern as deepfakes emerge and challenge the truth

A U.S. House Intelligence Committee warned of the impact deepfakes may have on American society and democracy in 2019.

At the hearing, California Democrat Adam Schiff showed an artificially-generated clip spoofing Senator Elizabeth Warren.

Lawmakers called on social media platforms and companies to take the threat of deepfakes seriously.

More recently, a democracy-distorting video was posted online showing Kemal Kilicdaroglu, the main contender in the Türkiye election, speaking perfect English.

The deepfake phenomenon is fuelling an arms race between fake content creators and those seeking to moderate it.

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