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Uncertain times ahead – the changing landscape of global order



As the world grapples with shifting global dynamics, many are speculating whether the leadership of the world order is transitioning from the United States to China.

But the real threat is actually much worse than that.

A more plausible outcome might be the emergence of growing political disorder and potential anarchy on the global stage.

Countries such as the United States, Japan, and several Western nations are expressing concerns about the possible erosion of the carefully crafted “rules-based world order” that has been in place since the aftermath of World War II.

Growth and prosperity

This international political framework has played a pivotal role in fostering unprecedented economic growth and prosperity, particularly for China, which is now challenging the very order it benefited from.

Several factors contribute to the threat facing the rules-based world order:

1. The Ascendancy of China:

China’s state capitalism model has not only fueled its domestic prosperity but has also allowed the Chinese Communist Party to tighten control over its society.

China has sought to expand its influence globally, most notably through initiatives like the Belt and Road Initiative.

China’s aspirations include securing prominent leadership roles within the United Nations, contradicting earlier hopes that it would evolve into a more open and pluralistic nation.

Claims of China becoming a responsible stakeholder in the world order now seem to be primarily propaganda.

2. U.S. Withdrawal from Global Leadership:

The United States, under the leadership of Donald Trump, initiated a significant shift away from its traditional role as a leader in the global order.

Trump’s decisions included withdrawing from international organizations such as the World Health Organization, the Trans-Pacific Partnership, and the Iran nuclear deal.

His administration also undermined institutions like NATO and the WTO and strained relationships with key allies.

Blaming China

When the COVID-19 pandemic struck, the U.S. chose to downplay the pandemic’s significance and focus on blaming China, a departure from the nation’s historical commitment to promoting democracy and global cooperation.

3. Western Reluctance to Share Power:

Western nations have been hesitant to allocate adequate representation and influence within the rules-based order to emerging powers. This reluctance undermines the order’s credibility and fairness.

For example, France and the United Kingdom continue to maintain their permanent United Nations Security Council seats, preventing more deserving nations like India and Brazil from obtaining similar positions.

The United States’ refusal to join the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank, an initiative led by China, and its pressure on allies to follow suit is another example of this resistance to accommodate emerging powers.

Despite China’s significant contribution to the global economy (around 18%), its voting share in the International Monetary Fund remains disproportionately low (approximately 6%).

What happens next?

1. Resurgence of the U.S.:

While the U.S. has faced criticism and a loss of global trust in recent years due to events such as the Iraq and Afghanistan wars and the 2008/09 Global Financial Crisis, President Biden’s administration represents a return to more conventional global leadership.

However, even with a more cooperative approach, achieving satisfactory outcomes for complex global issues remains uncertain.

The possibility of a return to Trump-style leadership or a divided U.S. Congress could cast shadows over the future of the world order.

2. China’s Role:

China’s ascent to global leadership is challenged by domestic economic issues, international concerns about its coercive behavior, and limited diplomatic friendships.

Initiatives like the Belt and Road Initiative have faced obstacles and criticism.

China’s actions have the potential to undermine its own rise on the global stage.

3. Managing Complexities:

In today’s geopolitical landscape, finding definitive solutions to global challenges is increasingly elusive. Instead, the best approach may be to “manage” these issues to maintain a semblance of stability.

Achieving a balance of power between liberal and illiberal forces will be crucial for maintaining order.

However, this task is complicated in a world where conflicts can manifest through various means, including cyberattacks, economic pressures, and information warfare.

Ahron Young is an award winning journalist who has covered major news events around the world. Ahron is the Managing Editor and Founder of TICKER NEWS.

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Jesse Baird and Luke Davies – Two bodies discovered in search for missing Sydney couple



In a tragic turn of events, two bodies have been found in the search for missing Sydney couple Jesse Baird and Luke Davies, who were allegedly murdered by a serving police officer.

The grim discovery comes after days of intense searching across multiple crime scenes, culminating in the retrieval of the couple’s remains near a remote property approximately two hours south of Sydney on Tuesday afternoon.

Detective Superintendent Danny Doherty said during a press conference that homicide squads opened a new crime scene in Bungonia, which was about 20 minutes from the original crime scene.

‘There were two surf bags that have been found,’ he said.

‘And some debris and other items of interest of significance that are located.

‘And at that stage it was declared a crime scene and immediately the family were informed of the development.’

He also said Lamarre-Condon revealed where the bodies were located after he received legal advice.

It was the first time he cooperated with police during the investigation.

Prior to becoming a police officer, Lamarre-Condon was a celebrity blogger

‘We are very confident we have located Luke and Jesse,’ she said.

‘Today, this afternoon, detectives attached to Strike Force Ashfordby located a second crime scene in Bungonia which is a separate scene which they had been searching yesterday and earlier.’

The unfolding tragedy began to unravel when Senior Constable Beau Lamarre-Condon was charged with the murder of Channel 10 personality Mr. Baird, with whom he reportedly had a brief romantic involvement, and Mr. Davies.

The young couple is believed to have been shot dead at a residence in Paddington on February 19.

Assisting police

Following the discovery of bloodied clothing and personal items belonging to the couple in a skip bin in Cronulla, a manhunt was launched on February 20.

Despite initial resistance, Lamarre-Condon eventually surrendered to authorities at Bondi Police Station on February 23.

Police allege that Lamarre-Condon’s predatory behavior towards Mr. Baird escalated following their breakup in late 2023.

Furthermore, evidence uncovered by investigators, including blood and a bullet cartridge matching the constable’s service weapon, suggests a meticulously planned attempt to conceal the murders and dispose of the victims’ bodies.

Detectives say Lamarre-Condon assisted police with locating the bodies during an interview on Tuesday.

“He was forthcoming about the location of the two people.”

“What we will allege is the accused went back to the property and moved those bodies to the current location.”

Various locations

The van allegedly utilised by Lamarre-Condon to transport the victims’ remains was tracked to various locations, including the crime scene in Paddington and a property in Bungonia, before ultimately being located in Sydney’s southern suburbs.

Detectives assert that Lamarre-Condon also purchased tools and equipment, such as an angle grinder and weights, in further efforts to cover up the crimes.

Despite the constable’s initial refusal to cooperate with authorities in locating the bodies, information provided by Lamarre-Condon eventually led to the discovery of the couple’s remains near the remote property in Bungonia. The tragic end to the search for Jesse Baird and Luke Davies serves as a sobering reminder of the complexities and challenges inherent in law enforcement investigations.


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After string of flops, Disney’s live action movie head departs



Disney has announced that Sean Bailey, the head of its live-action movies division, will be stepping down from his position.

The news comes as part of an executive shuffle within the entertainment giant, with Bailey’s successor named as David Greenbaum, former co-president of Disney’s Searchlight Pictures.

Greenbaum will assume the role of president of Disney live action and 20th Century Studios.

The decision to appoint Greenbaum to this newly created position is aimed at fostering greater collaboration within Disney’s production slate.

The move aligns with the company’s strategy to streamline operations and enhance efficiency across its various divisions.

Activist investors

The reshuffle at Disney comes at a time when the company is facing pressure from activist investors.

Notably, activist Nelson Peltz has urged Disney to focus on improving streaming margins and to undertake a review of its creative processes to enhance output from its studios.

Despite the change in leadership, Searchlight Pictures, under the leadership of President Matthew Greenfield, will continue its operations. Greenfield assumed the presidency alongside Greenbaum in 2021.

In the wake of his departure from his executive role, Bailey will remain involved with Disney as a producer on upcoming projects, including the highly anticipated “Tron: Ares” movie.

The announcement of Bailey’s departure and Greenbaum’s appointment underscores Disney’s commitment to adapting to the evolving entertainment landscape and maximizing its creative potential.

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Is China’s space rise a challenge to the U.S?



As China accelerates its space program, the U.S. finds itself navigating uncharted territory, grappling with the implications of an emerging space power.

The space arena, once dominated by the U.S., is witnessing a paradigm shift.

China’s advancements include the successful deployment of advanced satellites, groundbreaking research in space weaponry, and the establishment of a lunar base. #featured #ticker today

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