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Ukraine’s military destroy 18 missiles aimed at nation



Russian President Vladimir Putin has frequently described the Kinzhal as proof of “next generation” weapons

Ukraine’s military says it destroyed six Russian hypersonic missiles over the skies of Kyiv overnight, out of a volley of 18 aimed at the country.

And, if confirmed it could mark a major demonstration of the effectiveness of its newly-deployed Western air defences against what Russia has previously described as an unstoppable superweapon: called the Kinzhal missile, or Russian for “dagger.”

But what is the Kinzhal missile? What makes it supposedly so potent, and what would their purported interception suggest?

The Kinzhal is said to be able to travel at 10 times the speed of sound, hence the label hypersonic.

Russia’s defence ministry says a Kinzhal destroyed a Patriot air defence system in the overnight volley, an American model recently deployed by Ukraine.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has frequently described the Kinzhal as proof of “next generation” weapons that can take on NATO, with a range of 3,200 kilometres and the ability to carry a nuclear or conventional warhead.

They were first unveiled to public in 2018.

Russia says it used them for the first time in Ukraine last year and has only acknowledged their use on a few occasions.

Earlier this month, Ukraine claimed it shot one down over the capital for the first time, using one of those Patriot air defence systems.

Previously, the ability for Patriots to intercept Kinzhals was only theoretical. Hitting six at once would suggest it could be a reliable defence, rather than just a lucky shot.

The Kinzhal is not Russia’s only hypersonic weapon. It also possesses a hypersonic cruise missile called the Zircon, which can be deployed by naval ships.

Ukraine’s President Volodymyr Zelensky also praised the efforts of those who helped to destroy the missiles, whilst also thanking European partners for providing the appropriate equipment.

“I want to thank all the defenders of the skies,” Zelensky said.

“That’s why we are constantly working on visits that will bring more opportunities.

“I thank all our partners in the world who have helped our country with the appropriate air defence systems.”

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Understanding the “very serious threat of military aggression” from dictatorships



The U.S. National Security Strategy has outlined the risks of autocratic states

U.S. President Joe Biden has not minced his words since he took office.

The U.S. National Security Strategy has outlined the risks autocratic states pose to Washington.

From Russia staging a full-scale invasion of Ukraine, to China’s Xi Jinping winning an historic third term as leader, autocratic states are able to make quick decisions.

But Washington has sought to change that narrative by holding regional dialogues with Pacific Island nations, and African leaders.

The U.S. is also increasing its security and defence in the wake of this perceived threat.

Meanwhile, Russian President Vladimir Putin has criticised aim at the U.S. and its NATO allies for escalating tensions when it comes to the war in Ukraine.

It’s become a proxy war between two great superpowers.

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Why are Hollywood writers walking off the job?



Writers in Hollywood and New York are on strike

Thousands of film and television writers are making their voices heard and pounding the pavement over a labor dispute.

The writers are on strike demanding better working conditions like pay increases in pay and residuals so they can stay in this industry.

Writers in Hollywood and New York are marching in picket lines looking to flex their muscles in an attempt to send a message to producers that they are not happy with what’s being offered.

The Writer’s Guild strike marks their first in 15-years and has sent Hollywood into turmoil, disrupting production.

The walkout comes as traditional TV audiences continue to shrink and the industry grapples with how to transition to the ever-growing popularity of streaming.

After failing to reach an agreement with studios like Netflix and Disney—the Writer’s Guild of America said its leadership unanimously supported a strike.

Seth Schachner from StratAmericas joins us to discuss. #stirke #hollywoodstrike #writers #tv #streaming

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Debt limit dispute: Will America default?



Can U.S. lawmakers agree on the debt limit before the fast approaching deadline to avoid default?

The executive branch and Congress are trying to strike a deal about the debt limit as the country marches closer to defaulting.

But can President Joe Biden and Republicans come to an agreement on fiscal policy in time?

The federal government could run out of money as early as June 1. Without borrowing more there is a risk that the United States will begin defaulting on its financial obligations.

Negotiations between Speaker Kevin McCarthy and President Joe Biden at the White House continue as lawmakers are staring down a swiftly approaching deadline.

The Treasury has been warning that the government would likely default on some bills in June if Congress does not raise the debt ceiling.

Democrats have insisted on raising the debt limit without preconditions. But Republicans say President Biden and the Democrats are playing Russian roulette with America’s economy after a two-year spending binge that brought 40-year high inflation and pushed the nation’s debt to over $31-trillion.

While both sides have agreed that action is needed to reduce the deficit—each have extremely different ideas about how to do it.

Republicans are looking to cut spending levels, while Democrats have called to increase tax revenue from the ultra-wealthy and large corporations.

So, can Washington D.C. politicians broker a deal and prevent the American economy from falling off a cliff?

Mitch Roschelle, Managing Director at Madison Ventures and a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of San Diego School of Business joined us to discuss. #U.S. Politics #Mitch Roschelle #debt ceiling #Capitol Hill #Washington D.C.

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