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This week, exciting updates from Rockstar, Nintendo, Atari, and a blast from the past with two classic game releases.


1. Grand Theft Auto 6 Teaser from Rockstar Games

Rockstar Games recently sent the gaming community into a frenzy with a Twitter announcement by Sam Houser. On November 8th, he unveiled the first trailer for Grand Theft Auto 6, and even more thrilling, he hinted at a timeline for an early December reveal – possibly coinciding with the Game Awards.

2. Nintendo’s Live-Action Zelda Movie

For all the Legend of Zelda fans out there, we’ve got something truly special. Nintendo officially confirmed that a live-action Zelda movie is in development. The legendary Shigeru Miyamoto and Avi Arad are producing, with Wes Ball set to direct. In a surprising move, Nintendo and Sony Pictures Entertainment Inc. are joining forces to finance the film, with Nintendo contributing over 50% of the funding. Get all the details on Nintendo’s official blog here. We can’t wait to see the cast of this epic adventure!

3. Atari’s Retro Revival with the 2600+

Atari enthusiasts, get ready to relive the classics! On November 17th, Atari is launching the 2600+, a retro console that supports those beloved old games. What’s more, it comes bundled with a joystick controller and a 10-in-1 game cartridge. The icing on the cake? It’s compatible with original 2600 and 7800 cartridges, ensuring an authentic retro experience. Want more? You can purchase additional games, including a two-paddle controller set & game cartridge, plus an extra joystick for two-player action.

4. New Game Releases This Week

This week brings us two classic game releases that are sure to delight gamers of all ages:

  • Turok 3: Shadow of Oblivion Remaster: Releasing on November 14th, this remastered version of the 2000 Nintendo 64 first-person shooter brings improved gameplay, high-resolution textures, and enhanced lighting and rendering. It’s available on PC, PlayStation, Xbox consoles, and coming to Nintendo Switch in Q4.

  • Super Mario RPG on Nintendo Switch: Fans of the classic Super Mario RPG can rejoice as it lands on the Nintendo Switch on Friday, November 17th. This beloved game, known for its humor and 3D-rendered graphics, is a catalyst for other iconic role-playing games in the Mario series, like Paper Mario and Mario & Luigi. The remake promises a fantastic gaming experience.

That wraps up this week’s digital entertainment updates. Stay tuned for more exciting news from the world of gaming and entertainment as we continue to bring you the latest and greatest in the digital realm. Happy gaming!

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Huge reveal from gaming company Rockstar shows GTA VI



Rockstar Games surprises fans with an early release of the Grand Theft Auto VI trailer following an online leak.


In a stunning reveal, the highly anticipated “Grand Theft Auto VI” trailer has finally hit the gaming community, and it’s not holding back on the mayhem. Rockstar Games, known for pushing boundaries, seems to have outdone itself this time, showcasing a virtual world teeming with criminal escapades and high-stakes action.


Rockstar  embraced a leak and unveiled the official trailer ahead of schedule. Fans are speculating on new features and plot twists, creating a buzz on social media.

Now, the gaming community eagerly dissects every frame of the trailer, searching for additional details beyond the leaked material.

The trailer opens with a breathtaking skyline of the fictional metropolis, setting the stage for a narrative that promises to be as immersive as it is controversial. From high-speed car chases to pulse-pounding shootouts, the snippets offer a glimpse into the sheer scale and detail the developers have poured into the latest installment. Fans are already dissecting every frame, eagerly speculating on the storyline and characters that will drive this blockbuster game.

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Google’s AI bot faces delay



Google has decided to delay the launch of its highly-anticipated conversational AI bot, codenamed ‘Gemini,’ until January.

Originally scheduled for release in December, the postponement comes as the tech giant strives for perfection in its new AI creation.

The decision to delay ‘Gemini’ is reportedly due to the need for additional testing and fine-tuning of the AI’s conversational abilities.

Google aims to ensure that ‘Gemini’ offers a seamless and engaging user experience, and the extra time will be dedicated to achieving this goal. #featured

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Spotify faces downturn as user base declines



Music streaming giant Spotify is now grappling with a significant decline in its user base.

Analysts point to a combination of factors contributing to Spotify’s woes. One major concern is the rise of alternative platforms offering unique features and a diverse range of content, enticing users away from the once-unrivalled Spotify.

Additionally, controversies surrounding artist compensation and royalty disputes have tarnished the platform’s image, leading to growing discontent among both musicians and listeners.

The company’s stock prices have experienced a notable dip in response to the user base decline. Spotify now faces the challenging task of regaining its footing in an increasingly competitive market.

Industry experts are closely watching how the platform plans to innovate and address the issues that have led to its recent setbacks.

Spotify has also announced plans to lay off 17% of its global workforce. The decision comes as the company aims to optimise resources and focus on key business priorities in the face of evolving market dynamics.

The restructuring will impact various departments, including engineering and customer support, as Spotify looks to enhance efficiency and adapt to changing industry trends. The move is expected to generate cost savings for the company while allowing it to allocate resources to areas crucial for future growth.

Despite the layoffs, Spotify remains committed to delivering a seamless music streaming experience for its users and fostering innovation within the industry. The company has emphasised that these changes are part of a broader strategy to ensure sustained success and adaptability in an ever-evolving digital landscape.



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