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Top 5 Gadgets that time forgot!



With our lives so dependant on technology sometimes it’s fun to consider where it all began

Have you got any of our top 5 gadgets laying about your house collecting dust, or maybe still being used? Either way there is no denying the impact these bits and bobs had on our day to day – yesterday! Presented by Top Shelf International


We all remember the humble cassette tape.

These compact cassettes were a stand out for their time. A revolutionary way to listen to your music on the go either in your pocket or in the car. 

Before these came along, reel-to-reel audio tech was generally reserved for professionals who worked in radio stations. 

Who doesn’t remember rewinding these tapes manually using a pencil.  


Floppy Disks continue to play a part in many pieces of software as the save icon! 

These colourful little squares accompanied computer users for decades as the main portable storage method. Playing host too many of the original computer games and other utility programs.

IBM brought us the first floppy discs which became available in 1971 to the market. These read-only 8-inch disks stored 80 kB of data which ain’t much by today’s standards with tiny cards holding terabytes of files. 

Floppy discs also became the mcguffin device for a host of popular cartoons of the 90s. Apparently holding nuclear launch codes or government secrets. 


If you ever dropped one of these on your toe you would certainly know about it. 

Cathode ray tube televisions were the standard for decades and these bulky boxes of glass and technology have come a long way since. Interestingly enough there is a large community of collectors and enthusiasts who celebrate the quality these screens produce. 

Almost all computer monitors and televisions were CRT units, until LCD and plasma screens started being used. The cathode ray tube was originally used as an oscilloscope which is a machine used to show waves and later showed us …shows!


The Nokia 3310 celebrates its 21st birthday this year.  And remains almost impossible to destroy. 

This little communication powerhouse was released in 1 September 2000 and managed to sell 126 million units.

Many were lucky enough to enjoy the convenience of a mobile with this model being their first. The instant messaging of the 3310 allowed for messages much larger than the size of a standard SMS to be sent.

The joy of looking up how to produce your own ringtones was also a lot of fun with the video game SNAKE getting us through many public transport trips. 


A familiar sight for fans of Apple with the first Generation Ipod.

This gadget truly changed the way we download, share and listen to music. 

The iPod 1G is the only iPod ever to have a physically-movable scroll wheel rather than the touch models we later got – which were later removed all together.

With 5GB of usable space users could enjoy up to 1000 CD-quality songs. 

Many brands were quick to produce their own MP3 players and music devices that would replace the beloved music CD, even Microsoft later competed with their Zune breed of music player.

Mike Loder is the host of Ticker Originals. As seasoned actor and presenter, Mike is producing his own independent film. He's passionate about reporting on gaming, tech and lifestyle.

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Virgin Media outage leaves UK viewers in the dark



A major outage has left Virgin Media customers across the UK unable to use their television services

Virgin Media has confirmed a mass outage has left UK viewers unable to watch their television services, following a nationwide error.

The company confirmed the outage lasted around ten hours, which was understood to be triggered by a network power failure.

The issue began at about 10:30 GMT prompting thousands of viewers to report problems.

The firm told customers its engineers were trying to fix the problem, which hit cities across the UK, including London, Birmingham and Manchester.

Virgin issues apology for outage

Virgin Media apologised, and said it would fix it “as soon as possible”.

The issue had been caused by “a major power outage”, the firm said.

The website Downdetector which tracks outages received more than 18,000 reports of problems at one point.

Many users tweeted their annoyance at the loss of service, and the way in which Virgin Media communicated: “Can you update please? No TV. Your status page down. No info on phone lines,” wrote one customer.

The company said it had identified the fault and its engineers were working “flat-out” to fix the issue.

At 13:45 GMT Virgin Media stated: “We have now restored several channels with customers able to watch BBC One, BBC Two, ITV, ITV+1 and Channel 4. TV360 customers are also able to access apps on their box,” the firm wrote.

Customers however have taken to social media, slamming the company for the duration of the error – calling for refunds.

Virgin Media responded to those requests, advising customers to fill out an online compensation form.

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Meta to launch Uber ride-booking via WhatsApp in India



One of the world’s biggest ride sharing services is partnering up with it the parent company of Facebook to change the way we book our journey

Ride-sharing giant Uber wants to make booking a ride in India as easy as sending a message via WhatsApp.

The US-based company has partnered up with Meta, the recently rebranded parent company of Facebook, to launch a ride booking feature in its WhatsApp service within India.

The integration is set to become the first of its kind for the ride-hailing giant and will allow people to book an Uber ride without having to download the official Uber app.

Everything from user registration and ride-booking to getting a trip receipt will be managed within the WhatsApp chat interface.

The service is being rolled out first in the northern city of Lucknow, and will be expanded to other Indian cities soon according an official statement.

“We want to make it as easy as possible for all Indians to take an Uber trip, and to do that we need to meet them on platforms they are comfortable with,”

said Nandini Maheshwari, senior director of business development for Uber APAC, in the statement.

India is the biggest market for WhatsApp with nearly half a billion users.

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Is Twitter Changing its Name?



Just days after Jack Dorsey resigned for the second time as CEO of Twitter, his other company, Square, is getting a name change

The parent company of Cash App and Tidal will now go under the new corporate name of “Block”.

Other individual businesses owned by Block, referred to by the company as “building blocks”, will keep their original names except for the company’s Square Crypto initiative.

Square Crypto, whilst keeping it’s ticker name of SQ on the stock exchange, will be renamed as Spiral.

These name changes follow Dorsey’s well known interest in cryptocurrency, with the business having $220 million in bitcoin in its treasury according to the Wall Street Journal.

This contributes to Dorsey, who Forbes estimates to be worth $10.8 billion, as being one of the most influential cryptocurrency advocates worldwide.

Square’s name change comes just over a month after Mark Zuckerberg rebranded Facebook group to Meta.

Square’s business involves payment systems such as banking products for retailers as well as those small square card readers you see at some vendors.

The company’s name change is therefore is simply the introduction of a new corporate name to “tie” the company’s building blocks together.

There will be no organisational change as a result of the name change which is expected to go legally into effect around December 10th..

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