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Unveiled: Ticker launches FIVE new FAST channels



One channel just isn’t enough for Ticker, so today The Ticker Company is launching FIVE new Free Ad Supported TV channels (FAST) to complement the Ticker News Channel.

The new channels focus on Money, Documentaries, Cooking, Active, and Ticker’s exclusive Insight interviews.

New channels

  • Ticker Money covers personal finance and market news. With hosts Chris Judd and Genevieve Day’s new program Ticker Talks Trends, plus a new show called Ticker Talks Growth, hosted by Bae Juice founders Tim O’Sullivan and Liam Gostencnik.
  • Ticker Chef is a new 24/7 channel featuring cooking tips and shows hosted by professional chefs, including Masterchef alumni Phil Conway and Ticker host Mike Loder.
  • Ticker Active is a new 24/7 channel bringing simple do-it-yourself workouts that Ticker viewers can do at home. It features Ticker’s new Personal Trainer hosts Sarah Mazza, Phil Conway, celebrity trainer Jono Castano, and professional footballer Aaron Evans.
  • Ticker Docos brings the best of Ticker’s Original documentaries to a whole new channel, bringing insightful topics to viewers around the clock.
  • Ticker Insight focuses on thought leadership, bringing the best of business and industry together to discuss the biggest issues of our time.

New Ticker App

The new channels are part of a brand new Ticker app, which launched today on Google Play and Apple TV, and coming soon to Samsung TVs and Comcast in the United States. The app features Ticker’s FAST channels, as well as Ticker’s VOD content.

Ticker is now a multi-channel ecosystem that speaks to the next generation of leaders and professionals, available across apps, connected TVs and through Ticker’s global streaming partners.

The new look Ticker, featuring (from left), Jono Castano, Sarah Mazza, Phil Conway, Mike Loder, Veronica Dudo, Ahron Young, Chris Judd, Genevieve Day, Liam Gostencnik and Tim O’Sullivan,

The Ticker News Channel continues to stream with Ticker’s global syndication partners, including FetchTV, Flash News and TelstraTV in Australia, SlingTV and FuboTV in the United States, RakutenTV and SamsungTV+ across Europe, the UK and Japan, Zee5 in India and connected TVs anywhere.

The Ticker Company CEO Ahron Young says:
“This is a defining moment for team Ticker. Never content with just one channel, we know our viewers are urban professionals making key life choices and looking for content that is designed for them.”

The Ticker Company Founder, Ahron Young.

“News is always in our DNA, but as we learned more about our audience we found that there’s an opportunity to create one place that delivers news, money, tech and lifestyle – tailored to them. This is Ticker 3.0,” Ahron says.

Ticker is launching ten new series over coming weeks which will air across the FAST channels. They will also be streamed on the Ticker News Channel on weekends.

The new Ticker App on Apple TV, Google Play, Samsung TV and Comcast.

The Ticker Company Chief Operating Officer Jed Bertalli says:
“It’s been a huge effort by our entire team to launch these new channels, build new apps, relaunch our website, and create new shows and content with our fantastic new hosts. The Ticker App gives our viewers free access to the stories and tips that help them in their every day lives.”

Ticker has recently appointed Jason Cadd as Chief Sales Officer, working with brands and businesses to get the message out to a global audience.

Ticker Chef hosts Phil Conway and Mike Loder.

Ticker’s Chief Sales Office Jason Cadd says:
“Ticker is the destination for businesses looking to engage a precise and captivated audience. Ticker’s average audience age is 39, so they’re looking for something completely different. They’re living in the city, often working from home, using multiple devices and have no idea what a TV aerial is.”

The Ticker App is available for download now on Apple TV. Google Play and iOS.

Google Play – Download

Apple TV – Download

Show Synopsis

Ticker Talks Trends with Genevieve Day is an engaging and inspiring talk show that dives into the world of business growth and evolution, hosted by the CEO & Founder of Day Management Agency, Genevieve Day.

Each episode features a special guest, renowned for their expertise and success, as they share invaluable insights on how to propel businesses to new heights and forge stronger partnerships with influencers.

Ticker Talks Growth with Liam Gostencnik and Tim O’Sullivan

Ticker Talks Growth is an exciting and informative talk show hosted by the dynamic duo, Liam Gostencnik and Tim O’Sullivan, founders of the successful startup, Bae Juice. 

In this inspiring series, Liam and Tim speak with special guests and delve into the fundamental steps of launching and scaling a startup. 

The Great Transformation with Tim Harcourt

Tim Harcourt brings his brand of Airport Economist to Ticker with The Great Transformation. From shifts in the geopolitical landscape, the future of international trade, how we will invest, work, adapt to changes in our environment, the challenge of the rise of AI and many more. 

Join Tim Harcourt, The Airport Economist, who speaks with the experts who help explain the challenges ahead and who will be best placed to seize the opportunities that are waiting to be realised in the fastest period of transformation the world has ever experienced.

Talk Ya Book with Chris Judd

Prepare to score big in the world of finance with AFL legend Chris Judd as your guide! Premiering on Ticker’s dynamic new Ticker Money channel, and also available on the Ticker News channel, “Talk Ya Book with Chris Judd” showcases Australia’s leading fund managers who share their highest conviction investment idea while shining a light on their investment process

In a world where financial literacy is essential, Chris Judd steps up to the plate to break down the complexities of investing into simple, actionable steps with the brightest minds in Australian finance and investment.

Ticker Home Chef with Phil Conway and Mike Loder

Get ready for a culinary revolution in your own kitchen! Premiering on Ticker’s exciting new Ticker Chef channel, “Ticker Home Chef” is the ultimate cooking show for anyone with a hectic lifestyle who craves delicious homemade meals without the fuss. Join Masterchef alumni Phil Conway and charismatic host Mike Loder as they take you on a gastronomic journey that will change the way you think about weeknight cooking.

From quick pasta dishes to savory stir-fries, refreshing salads to delectable desserts, “Ticker Home Chef” covers a wide range of cuisines and flavors to satisfy every palate. Whether you’re a seasoned home cook looking for fresh inspiration or a beginner taking your first steps into the culinary world, this show caters to all skill levels. 

Ticker Home Active with Sarah Mazza: No Excuses

Get ready to ignite your fitness journey from the comfort of your home! Premiering exclusively on the new Ticker Active channel, “Ticker Home Active with Sarah Mazza: No Excuses” is the high-energy workout show that’s tailor-made for those with hectic schedules but a burning desire to stay active and healthy.

In today’s fast-paced world, finding time for exercise can be a challenge. That’s where Sarah steps in with her quick, efficient, and effective workout routines. She believes that everyone deserves to prioritise their health, and she’s here to show you how to do it without sacrificing precious time.

Work It Out with Jono Castano: Fitness, Fun, and Intensity

Get ready to break a sweat and push your limits with “Work It Out,” the fast paced fitness show exclusively on the Ticker Active channel. Join Sydney-based entrepreneur and fitness guru Jono Castano as he brings the high-intensity workouts from his acclaimed Acero Gyms in Australia and Los Angeles directly to your screens.

Jono Castano is no stranger to the fitness world, known for his incredible passion and commitment to helping people achieve their fitness goals. In “Work It Out,” Jono takes on the role of both coach and entertainer, delivering heart-pounding, fun, and vibrant workouts that promise to leave you feeling energised and accomplished.

Phil Conway’s 10-Minute Workout: Fitness at Home

Get ready to break a sweat and boost your fitness from the comfort of your own home with “Phil Conway’s 10-Minute Workout,” an exciting fitness show exclusively on the Ticker Active channel of the Ticker app. 

Phil Conway is a fitness expert known for his passion for health and well-being. In this show, he takes on the role of your personal trainer, guiding you through intense 10-minute workouts designed to target every muscle group and elevate your fitness levels. No more excuses for not having enough time to exercise – with Phil’s guidance, you can achieve a challenging and effective workout in just 10 minutes.

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Andrew Tate granted partial travel freedom in Romania



Andrew Tate, the controversial 36-year-old influencer, has been granted a partial reprieve from the travel restrictions imposed on him.

Since August, Tate had been confined to the Bucharest area, requiring judicial approval for any travel beyond these limits. However, a recent court decision has slightly eased these restrictions, allowing him to move within Romania.

Andrew Tate has faced a litany of serious allegations, including human trafficking, rape, and involvement in an organized crime group. These accusations stem from his alleged exploitation of women to generate income for his webcam business. Multiple women have come forward, claiming they were deceived with promises of love and marriage, only to be subjected to sexual exploitation and control.

Despite the loosening of travel restrictions, it’s important to note that Tate remains unable to leave Romania. This development comes following his appearance in court this Tuesday, where he and his brother, Tristan, vehemently denied all allegations against them.

Outside the courthouse, Andrew Tate expressed cautious optimism, stating that “things are moving in the correct direction.” This statement reflects the ongoing legal battle and uncertainty surrounding his future. It remains to be seen how these legal proceedings will unfold and whether further changes in travel restrictions will occur.

The case of Andrew Tate continues to be a matter of intense public interest and debate, as the allegations against him are of a grave nature. As legal proceedings progress, many will be watching closely to see how this controversial influencer’s story unfolds.

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Citigroup CEO on layoffs: No time for bystanders



Citigroup’s CEO, Jane Fraser, has unveiled a major restructuring plan that includes layoffs as the company seeks to streamline its operations and enhance profitability.

In a recent statement, Fraser emphasised the need to eliminate inefficiencies and ensure that every employee contributes actively to the bank’s success.

Fraser stated, “We don’t have room for bystanders. Citigroup is committed to being a leaner, more agile organization, and that means making tough decisions.”

This move comes as the financial industry faces increased competition, changing customer preferences, and technological advancements that require banks to adapt swiftly.

The overhaul plan aims to reduce costs significantly by cutting jobs across various departments. While specific numbers have not been disclosed, it is expected that thousands of employees will be affected. The restructuring will also involve consolidating certain business units and reallocating resources to areas with higher growth potential.

Citigroup’s CEO stressed that the goal is not just cost-cutting but also fostering innovation and digital transformation. The bank aims to invest in technology and modernize its services to meet the evolving needs of its customers.

As the financial industry continues to evolve, Citigroup’s decision to take proactive steps to remain competitive is in line with broader industry trends. Fraser’s leadership in making tough decisions reflects the bank’s commitment to staying relevant in a rapidly changing landscape.

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Roman Empire’s endless appeal linked to masculinity crisis



andrew tate

For centuries, the Roman Empire has remained an enduring fascination for men worldwide.

The allure of this ancient civilization seems impervious to the passage of time, and a recent study suggests that its unending appeal may be intertwined with what researchers are calling the “masculinity polycrisis.”

The study, conducted by a team of anthropologists and historians, delves into the reasons behind men’s persistent obsession with the Roman Empire. It points to a multifaceted phenomenon characterised by a crisis in masculinity – a sense of lost identity and purpose that many modern men grapple with.

It’s led to the rise of social media influencers like Andrew Tate and Jordan Peterson.

The Roman Empire, often associated with strength, power, and conquest, provides a historical backdrop against which men can examine and reevaluate their own masculinity. Its military prowess, stoic values, and patriarchal hierarchy offer a stark contrast to the evolving gender roles in today’s society.

Furthermore, the study highlights the influence of pop culture, where depictions of Roman warriors, gladiators, and emperors reinforce traditional ideals of manhood. From Hollywood blockbusters to bestselling novels, these portrayals perpetuate the enduring appeal of the Roman Empire.

In the age of digital media, online forums and social media platforms serve as virtual amphitheaters where men engage in discussions about Roman history, masculinity, and identity. These spaces provide a sense of belonging and validation for those seeking to navigate the complexities of modern masculinity.

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