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Ticker Academy

Live in-person event at the Ticker Studios

Free in-person event at Ticker Park

Who is the event for?

- For business owners and leaders who are already on their business journey, and want to use the media to scale their business.

- Ticker Academy suits business owners and leaders who are looking for TV coverage.

What you will learn at Ticker Academy

  • Thought Leadership Development: How to get your pitch to media right with the 80/20 rule. You’ll learn how to identify trends, articulate insights, and establish yourself as an authority in your field.
  • Brand Expansion Strategies: Discover effective techniques for expanding your brand’s reach and influence. The academy provides you with the tools to enhance brand visibility and recognition.
  • Mastering TV Interviews: Gain invaluable insights into crafting the perfect TV interview. Learn how to effectively communicate your message, while training in a real-life working TV studio.
  • Expert Insights into SEO: Get insider knowledge on search engine optimisation (SEO) from the industry-leading experts at StudioHawk. Understand the fundamentals of SEO, keyword research, and content optimisation.
  • Strategic Social Media Utilisation: Delve into the intricacies of social media marketing and learn how to leverage platforms like LinkedIn to amplify your message.
  • Advanced Media Marketing Strategies: Receive a quick start guide to advanced media marketing tactics. From influencer collaborations to targeted advertising, you’ll gain practical insights into taking your marketing efforts to the next level.

Celebrate Your Brand

Utilising a TV interview provides an incredible platform to showcase your company’s expertise, products, or services to a wide audience.

At the Ticker Academy, you’ll learn the techniques associated with being featured on television, and how it can enhance your brand’s reputation and legitimacy in the eyes of potential customers, investors, and stakeholders.

Studio Interview

As part of the Ticker Academy, we invite participants to take part in a Ticker Forum interview series.

The 13-minute programs will be hosted by a Ticker presenter, and feature business insights from the participants.

The finished program will be broadcast on the Ticker News channel around the globe.

Expand Your Business Network

The Ticker Academy is a great opportunity to meet other like-minded business owners.

So make sure to bring plenty of business cards so you can connect and expand your network.

Leverage Your SEO

Once you record your segment on the day, you’ll learn about SEO and how to leverage your social network to make sure the right people watch the segment.

You’ll hear about success stories and the tips professionals use to create more engagement with the right viewers, to generate more leads for your business.

Learn From The SEO Experts

The Ticker Academy includes a presentation from StudioHawk.

StudioHawk was founded in 2015 by Harry Sanders, specialising in ethical SEO services delivered by a passionate team across Melbourne and London.

Recognised globally and awarded for their proven track record in achieving exceptional SEO.

Reach a large local and international market.
Let’s create an insightful TV interview that reaches your target audience.

Ahron Young - Founder of The Ticker Company

Ahron Young is an accomplished journalist and the founder of Ticker. With a career spanning over two decades, Ahron has established himself as an innovator in the media industry.

His dedication and expertise have earned him accolades, including Most Outstanding Broadcast Journalist across Australia.

In 2019, Ahron took his vision for a dynamic and accessible news platform to reality by launching Ticker. The platform has garnered a loyal following and expanded its reach globally through distribution deals with SlingTV, SamsungTV+, RakutenTV, FetchTV and many others.

Ticker is now a pioneer in the FAST TV industry, combined with its unique approach to native TV advertising.

Dr Steven Enticott - Founder of CIA Tax, Chartered Tax Advisor

Dr. Steven Enticott, a Chartered Tax Advisor, Ticker Host, and esteemed CEO & Founder, wears many hats in both his professional and personal life.

With a diverse portfolio spanning investments in residential, commercial, conservation, plantation, and farming properties, along with ventures in businesses, shares, derivatives, ETFs, precious metals, agroforestry, and carbon, his expertise traverses numerous asset classes.

Dr. Enticott’s intellectual prowess extends beyond his professional endeavors, as evidenced by his authorship of two impactful books: “Financial Distraction” and “The Man with a Plan.” His doctoral thesis, a testament to his academic dedication, delves into a topic of profound importance.

This is for anyone who runs a business who is looking for a better understanding of marketing and how to become a thought leader, to grow or scale their business.

Ticker Founder and CEO Ahron Young will be hosting the event.

He will be joined by Dr Steven Enticott, a business coach for entrepreneurs and chartered tax accountant.

Ticker host Mike Loder will also be live and in-person.

An SEO marketing specialist from Studiohawk will also take part.

No, the event is free for you to attend. If you would like to participate in a TV forum on the day, the program will be streamed on the Ticker TV channel.

If you would like to purchase a copy of the clip for your own use on social media, you can do so on the day.

The Ticker Academy is held at our headquarters at Ticker Park in Port Melbourne.

There is on-street parking on Salmon St outside the building, or a short drive from Melbourne’s CBD.

You should arrive at 9am for a 930am start. The event will last until around 2 o’clock, but you are free to network with other business leaders after in the Ticker Blue Room.

Come to the event camera-ready, so business casual, or however you would like to be seen on camera.

There will be opportunities for photos in studio as well.

Ticker will provide coffee, tea and morning tea during the event.

We have limited seating of up to 20 people per session, so it’s best you come by yourself so we can make sure everyone gets an opportunity to participate.

Register Here - Limited Seats Available

Event Details

Location: Ticker Park - L2 - 191 Salmon Street Port Melbourne.

Date: You will be able to select the best date via the registration form.

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