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The virtual reality budgeting app for Apple VisionPro launches



As the world of tech prepares for the launch of the Apple VisionPro, a new app has arrived just in time to help with budgeting, via virtual reality.

Enter Simplsaver, an Australian-made budgeting app, which is now breaking new ground by launching the first-ever budget app compatible with the Apple Vision Pro headset.

The Apple Vision Pro headset represents a novel style of computing that immerses users in a virtual world, where applications are at their fingertips.

Simplsaver’s virtual reality version mirrors its iPhone counterpart, offering a unique way to enhance budget management by displaying windows side-by-side within a virtual environment.

Income calculations

Both the phone and VR versions of Simplsaver provide users with a comprehensive set of features, including automatic monthly take-home income calculations, support for couples, Expense Insights, cost projections based on the Consumer Price Index, and robust privacy safeguards to protect your financial data.

While the smartphone version remains the more convenient and familiar choice for many users, the VR adaptation offers an exciting alternative for those seeking a fresh approach to financial management. Simplsaver’s mission is to simplify budgeting in every conceivable reality.

Founder of Simplsaver, Leigh Stark, explained the rationale behind this innovative step, stating, “Budgeting may not be the most thrilling use of virtual reality, but it allows us to explore financial thinking from a different perspective.

“By venturing into different platforms and designs, we can discover ways to help individuals gain a better grasp of their finances and improve their budgeting skills.”

Limited availability

It’s worth noting that the Apple Vision Pro headset is not expected to become a mainstream device due to its high price and limited availability.

Priced at $3499 USD, it will launch exclusively in the United States in February, making it inaccessible for the majority of consumers.

Nevertheless, it offers a glimpse into the future and serves as a valuable tool for app developers to explore new possibilities for their products and concepts, including the expansion of Simplsaver to other devices.

“While the Apple Vision Pro may not be the go-to choice for budgeting, developing and testing a budget app for emerging platforms provides us with fresh insights on how to simplify budget management. It gives us ideas on how to enhance our app for the benefit of everyone,” says Stark.

Simplsaver is currently available on the App Store for both the iPhone and the Apple Vision Pro, providing users with a diverse range of options for achieving financial success.

Ahron Young is an award winning journalist who has covered major news events around the world. Ahron is the Managing Editor and Founder of TICKER NEWS.

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X panic as viral hoax claims Gmail is shutting down



A hoax statement purportedly issued by Google claimed that the search giant was shutting down its ubiquitous Gmail service — sending the internet into a panic.

The fake news release, which appeared to be addressed to the 1.8 billion users of the service worldwide and was posted on X, stated: “Google is sunsetting Gmail. After years of connecting millions worldwide, enabling seamless communication, and fostering countless connections, the journey of Gmail is coming to a close.”

The notice, featuring the company’s logo, emerged shortly after Google announced it was pausing the release of its text-to-image AI tool Gemini following outcry over the software rendering factually and historically inaccurate images.

The statement even provided a specific date — Aug. 1, 2024 — as the deadline until which Gmail users would “be able to access and download all your emails.”

It ominously added, “After this date, Gmail accounts will become inaccessible.”

Spread quickly

The hoax swiftly spread across social media platforms, although many users were quick to identify it as false.

However, speculation arose that the hoax may have originated from Chris Bakke, a self-described tech entrepreneur known for internet pranks.

Bakke has a history of internet pranks, including using a photoshopped news article about McDonald’s Hamburglar to mock a New York Times profile of convicted Theranos founder Elizabeth Holmes, as reported by Business Insider.

Email platform

Gmail, with a user base of 1.8 billion people representing one-fifth of the world’s population, remains the most popular email platform globally.

Despite criticisms of Google’s privacy policies, including accusations of scanning user messages for targeted advertising, the company has affirmed its commitment to Gmail.

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U.S. lands on Moon after last-minute glitch



A last-minute communications glitch caused tension at NASA as the fate of the lunar lander hung in the balance.

However, cheers erupted at mission control as NASA confirmed the successful landing of the space lander, Odysseus, on the moon’s surface.

After a nail-biting delay of about ten minutes, NASA announced that Odysseus had touched down at 10:23 AEST, marking a historic moment in space exploration.

“We are on the surface,” declared Tim Crain, the chief technology officer leading mission control. “Odysseus has a new home,” he added, eliciting jubilation from NASA staff.

Successful landing

This successful landing not only marks a significant achievement for NASA but also for American firm Intuitive Machines, which becomes the first private company to accomplish a lunar landing.

It is also the first successful US landing on the moon since the Apollo missions half a century ago.

The spacecraft, aptly named Odysseus, initiated its powered descent to the moon’s surface earlier in the morning.

This milestone achievement comes after fellow US company Astrobotic was forced to abandon its own moon landing attempt in January due to a fuel leak.

Odysseus, the private lunar lander, had been in orbit around the moon as it aimed for a precise touchdown on Friday.

Its journey began six days ago from the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, culminating in a historic moment for space exploration and the burgeoning private space industry.

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Will doctors turn to AI to help fix professional burnout?



Doctors across the United States are grappling with burnout, staffing shortages, and excessive administrative burdens, according to a recent survey.

However, amidst these challenges, many physicians express optimism about the potential of artificial intelligence to alleviate these issues, the survey found.

Commissioned by Athenahealth, a provider of cloud-based healthcare tools, the survey unveiled that more than 90% of physicians experience burnout regularly.

The primary driver behind this burnout is cited as excessive administrative tasks, with 64% of doctors feeling overwhelmed by paperwork requirements.

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Over 60% of respondents admitted to considering leaving the medical field due to these challenges.

Manage workloads

Physicians are resorting to spending an average of 15 hours per week working beyond their regular hours to manage their workloads, a phenomenon often referred to as “pajama time.”

Additionally, nearly 60% of doctors expressed dissatisfaction with the amount of in-person time they have with patients, while over 75% reported feeling burdened by patients’ excessive communication demands outside scheduled visits.

The survey also shed light on the challenges faced by healthcare organizations, with 78% of physicians acknowledging the impact of poor staff retention and shortages within their workplaces. Furthermore, less than 40% of doctors expressed confidence in their employers’ financial stability.

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