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The headlines painting the picture of chaos in Britain



A couple of Friday’s front pages are now circulating online – reflecting the chaos in Britain

Let’s start with the Daily Mirror

It’s calling for a general election now and says the British people demand a vote.


Rishi Sunak emerges as the early favourite to become the next prime minister according to the Financial Times.

The headline reads ‘Truss quits after 44 days as PM’


The Metro is fairly scathing in its take.

The paper is labeling Truss as ‘the worst PM’ Britain has ever had, as the bitter battle to become the next leader begins.


Meanwhile, the Daily Star is finding some humour amongst the chaos.

‘Lettuce rejoice’ the paper’s headline reads.

The so-called historic souvenir edition splashes on its live-streamed lettuce outlasting Liz Truss as prime minister. 

The newspaper has put Truss in a race against the vegetable for the last six days. 


Boris Johnson is eyeing up the “mother of all political comebacks” following Liz Truss’s resignation according to The Sun. 

As disaster PM Liz Truss quits, will BOJO be back at Number 10?


Continuing on this theme, the Daily Telegraph says Boris Johnson is privately urging Conservative MPs to back him for a dramatic return to Downing Street, pledging only he can win the Tories the next election


The Daily Mail says states Boris Johnson and Rishi Sunak are leading the race to succeed Liz Truss after she became the shortest-serving prime minister in history. 

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Cybersecurity experts on the best ways to protect your business



Cybersecurity experts agree its essential to get the basics of protecting your business and customers first.

Regulators around the world are stepping up scrutiny of corporations who have failed to uphold proper cybersecurity protocols.

And on the eve of cybersecurity awareness month, experts are warning that it’s important to get the basics right of protecting your customers – or your own data.

For more, we’re joined by Annie Hagger of Cyber GC, and Sam Fariborz, group manager of cybersecurity services & program at the Kmart Group.

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How Ukraine succeeds in attacking Russian military targets



Ukraine has managed to launch successful attacks on key Russian military facilities, leaving experts and analysts baffled by the unexpected outcomes.

These strategic assaults have raised questions about Ukraine’s military capabilities and the effectiveness of its tactics in countering Russian forces.

Ukraine’s recent victories can be attributed to several key factors. First and foremost, the country has significantly improved its intelligence gathering and information warfare capabilities, allowing it to pinpoint vulnerabilities in Russian defenses. This enhanced situational awareness has enabled Ukraine to launch precise and coordinated strikes on critical military installations.

Additionally, Ukraine has received substantial support from international allies, both in terms of military equipment and training. This assistance has bolstered the Ukrainian military’s effectiveness and provided them with advanced weaponry, giving them an edge in their confrontations with Russian forces.

Furthermore, Ukraine’s determination and resilience in the face of adversity cannot be underestimated. The country’s citizens and armed forces have shown unwavering commitment to defending their sovereignty, driving them to devise innovative strategies and tactics to outmaneuver the Russian military.

The world watches with bated breath as Ukraine’s successful attacks continue to unfold, highlighting the evolving nature of modern warfare and the adaptability of smaller nations facing formidable adversaries.

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Jorge Vilda under investigation amid Luis Rubiales ‘Kissgate’ probe



Former Spain manager Jorge Vilda is set to come under scrutiny as part of the ongoing investigation into the ‘kissgate’ controversy involving Luis Rubiales.

The investigation, which has sent shockwaves through the footballing world, centers around an alleged incident where Luis Rubiales, known for his fiery personality, kissed a reporter without her consent during a press conference in 2022. The incident quickly gained attention on social media and was widely condemned.

As part of the probe, authorities are now turning their attention to Jorge Vilda, who was the head coach of the Spanish national women’s team at the time of the incident. It is alleged that Vilda may have had knowledge of the incident or been aware of Rubiales’s behavior during the press conference.

Vilda, a respected figure in women’s football, has denied any wrongdoing and maintains that he had no prior knowledge of Rubiales’s actions. He expressed his shock and disappointment at being dragged into the controversy.

The investigation is being closely followed by football fans and stakeholders alike, as it raises questions about the accountability of individuals in positions of power within the sport. The ‘kissgate’ scandal has already had far-reaching implications for Rubiales, who resigned as the president of the Spanish Football Federation amidst the controversy.

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