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Teacher’s Pet – Chris Dawson found GUILTY of murdering his wife 40 years ago



Chris Dawson learns his fate after a marathon murder trial – four decades after reporting wife Lynette missing.

Chris Dawson has been found guilty of murdering his wife, Lynette Dawson, in 1982.

Justice Ian Harrison: “I am satisfied beyond all reasonable doubt that Lyn Dawson is dead”

“The circumstantial evidence in this case is persuasive and compelling.”

“Mr Dawson, you did murder Lynette Dawson. I find you guilty”

The case so far

It’s finally D-Day for Chris Dawson.

He will either be found guilty of murder or acquitted, 40 years since the disappearance of his wife Lynette.

NSW Supreme Court Justice Ian Harrison is handing down his verdict after seven weeks considering witness testimony.

The murder trial has lasted two months.

74 year old Dawson is accused of murdering his wife and disposing of her body in January 1982.

The Crown claims he murdered her so he could continue a relationship with his then teenage babysitter, known only as JC, and retain assets such as the family home in Bayview, on Sydney’s northern beaches.

Aged 33, Mrs Dawson vanished without a trace in early 1982 leaving behind her two daughters. 

Her body has never been found.

“Lyn Dawson is dead”

Justice Ian Harrison says Lyn Dawson is dead.

The judge said he was satisfied: “Lynette Dawson is dead, that she died on or about 8 January 1982 and she did not voluntarily abandon her home.”

The six key sightings of Lyn Dawson in 1982, 1983 and 1984 have all been ruled out.

“Phone calls” were a lie

Justice Ian Harrison SC says: “I’m satisfied beyond reasonable doubt that Mr Dawson’s reported telephone calls with Lynette Dawson after 9 January 1982 are lies.” 

The judge said all the phone calls were fabrications. 

“It is in my view fanciful to suggest that conversations as lacking in content and pregnant with cliche as those described by Mr Dawson occurred.”

Justice Ian Harrison says he is satisfied beyond reasonable doubt Lynette Dawson ‘did not leave her home voluntarily’ and no one spoke to her after January 8, 1982

Scuffle at court

There was a brief scuffle outside court as Chris Dawson arrived with his twin brother Paul.

While the media scrum surrounded Chris, his brother Paul was bumped by a television cameraman as they went up the stairs to the court. He responded by pushing the cameraman in the back.

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Zara pulls ad over Gaza boycott uproar



Fashion giant Zara has withdrawn one of its advertisements from the front page of its website after facing calls for a boycott over its alleged insensitivity to the situation in Gaza.

The controversy erupted when Zara featured an ad showcasing its latest collection on its website’s front page, coinciding with a period of heightened tensions in the Gaza Strip. Critics argued that the timing was inappropriate, given the ongoing conflict and suffering in the region.

Social media campaigns and online petitions quickly gained traction, with thousands of people expressing their disapproval and calling for a boycott of Zara products. The hashtag #BoycottZara trended on various platforms, putting immense pressure on the clothing retailer.

In response, Zara issued a statement announcing the removal of the controversial ad. The company expressed regret over any offense caused and reaffirmed its commitment to corporate responsibility.

However, this incident has sparked a broader debate about the intersection of fashion and political sensitivity in an increasingly interconnected world.

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BTS stars take a break to serve military time



The world-renowned South Korean megaband BTS has announced an indefinite hiatus, with all seven members set to fulfil their mandatory military service obligations.

The news has sent shockwaves through the global entertainment industry and left fans wondering what the future holds for the chart-topping group.

This decision comes after the septet’s unprecedented rise to fame, conquering international music charts, and amassing a dedicated fan base known as the ARMY.

The group’s management agency, Big Hit Entertainment, released a statement confirming that the hiatus is aimed at allowing each member to complete their military service without interruption. This move is seen as a testament to their commitment to fulfilling their civic duties despite their immense success.

While BTS fans are undoubtedly disappointed by the hiatus, it raises intriguing questions about the group’s future. Will their time away from the spotlight allow them to explore new musical directions?

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Navalny’s mysterious disappearance deepens Russia’s prison puzzle



Alexei Navalny, the prominent Russian opposition leader, has reportedly disappeared within the intricate web of Russia’s prison system, according to his team.

The sudden vanishing act has raised concerns and fueled speculation about his well-being and safety.

Navalny’s supporters and legal team have been unable to establish contact with him for several days, sparking fears that he may be facing dire circumstances behind bars.

His imprisonment had already drawn international condemnation, with accusations of political persecution.

The enigma surrounding Navalny’s whereabouts intensifies the already strained relationship between Russia and the West.

As the world watches, questions linger about the transparency and fairness of Russia’s justice system, leaving many to wonder if Navalny’s voice will continue to be silenced.

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