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Taiwan’s annual war games simulate all-out attack with China



Taiwan has initiated large-scale war games aimed at simulating the defence against a hypothetical Chinese military drill that unexpectedly transitions into a full-fledged attack.

  • Taiwan’s annual war games practice “kill” zones at sea to break a blockade and simulate a scenario where China suddenly turn its drills into a full-scale attack.

  • Taiwan President Tsai Ing-wen has championed the idea of “asymmetric warfare”, to make its forces, also much smaller than China’s more mobile and hard to attack.

  • The drills will integrate naval, air and coast guard forces, shore-mounted anti-ship weapons and drones.

A member of Taiwan’s armed forces participates in a drill as part of a demonstration for the media to show combat readiness, ahead of the Lunar New Year holidays, at a military base in Taitung, Taiwan January 31, 2024.

War games

The drills involve various branches of Taiwan’s armed forces and are designed to test the island’s readiness and response capabilities in the face of potential aggression from mainland China, according to a report from Reuters.

The decision to conduct these war games comes amidst growing concerns over China’s assertive military manoeuvres near Taiwan, including regular airspace intrusions and naval patrols.

Analysts view these exercises as a proactive measure by Taiwan to bolster its defences and demonstrate its ability to resist any attempted coercion or invasion by the Chinese military.

Ukraine’s influence

Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine two years ago, Taiwan has been looking to see what lessons it can learn and integrate into its own exercises.

In particular, Taiwan is looking to how the much smaller Ukrainian forces have been able to fend off the larger Russian military.

By rehearsing these scenarios, Taiwan aims to enhance coordination among its military branches, refine its strategies, and identify areas for improvement in its defence posture.

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China conducts ‘punishment’ war games near Taiwan



China initiated military ‘punishment’ exercises in the waters surrounding Taiwan in response to the newly inaugurated President Lai Ching-te.

These drills come amid escalating tensions in the region, with Beijing asserting its sovereignty over Taiwan, denouncing the inauguration of President Lai Ching-te and labelling this one of several “separatist acts”, as reported by Reuters.

These military manoeuvres are seen as a show of force and a warning to Taiwan and its supporters against any moves perceived as challenging China’s territorial claims.

President Lai has repeatedly offered talks with China but has been rebuffed.

He says only Taiwan’s people can decide their future, and rejects Beijing’s sovereignty claims.

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Apple Music’s controversial top 10 albums of all time



Apple Music has released its highly anticipated “100 Best Albums of All Time” list, with the top 10 rankings causing a bittersweet symphony of destruction for some music lovers.

The list was curated by a panel of experts and based on various factors including cultural impact, critical acclaim, and commercial success, with the aim to celebrate the most influential and timeless albums across genres.

As reported by the official Apple Music Newsroom blog post, the top ten best albums of all time are the following:

10. Lemonade (2016), Beyoncé

9. Nevermind (1991), Nirvana 

8. Back to Black (2006), Amy Winehouse

7. good kid, m.A.A.d city (2012), Kendrick Lamar

6. Songs in the Key of Life (1976), Stevie Wonder

5. Blonde (2016), Frank Ocean

4. Purple Rain (1984), Prince & The Revolution

3. Abbey Road (1969), The Beatles

2. Thriller (1982), Michael Jackson

1. The Miseducation of Lauryn Hill (1998), Lauryn Hill

In other news, Apple recently became the first company to hit a $3 trillion stock market value, before falling just below that milestone, as reported by Reuters.

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Essential daily protein needs for better health



Protein is a fundamental macronutrient essential for various bodily functions, including muscle repair, enzyme production, and immune system support.

Daily protein requirements can vary significantly based on factors such as activity levels, age, and gender.

To help unpack this topic, Kate Save from BeFitFood joins to share her key insights. #featured

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