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Sunak calls for Australia to find solution to Comm Games cancellation



The UK downplays the idea of hosting the event again after the Victorian Government abruptly cancelled the 2026 event citing a cost blowout

Downing Street expressed optimism in finding a “viable solution” for the 2026 Commonwealth Games originally planned in Australia, but dismissed the idea of the UK stepping in to host the event. 

Scotland’s First Minister, Humza Yousaf, expressed interest in exploring the possibility of hosting the games as part of a multi-country UK bid.

Victoria’s premier, Daniel Andrews, had announced the state’s withdrawal due to escalating staging costs.

“This is a disappointing outcome for both fans and athletes,” Prime Minister Rishi Sunak’s official spokesman said.

“We hope that the Victoria state government, the Games federation and Commonwealth Games Australia will now work together to find a viable solution to hosting the event in 2026.”

In 2017, Birmingham took over the hosting rights for the 2022 Commonwealth Games after the Federation stripped Durban, South Africa, of the opportunity.

The event’s cost in Birmingham was £778m (AU$1.5bn), with funding shared between the central government and Birmingham City Council. An independent report highlighted the positive contribution of £870.7m (AU$1.7bn) to the UK economy.

When asked about encouraging a home nation to host the 2026 event, the government spokesperson advised against rushing into decisions.

“In the first instance it’s for those bodies and groups I’ve just mentioned to have those discussions and see if a solution can be found,” said the spokesperson.

“Obviously the UK has been honoured to host the Games twice in the past decade (Birmingham 2022 and Glasgow 2014) so we will see what comes out of those initial discussions.”

Katie Sadleir, the chief executive of the Commonwealth Games Federation, welcomed the possibility of Scotland being part of a multi-city, multi-country host.

“The UK are fantastic hosts and we would be very open to having a conversation with them about it, if that’s something they would be interested in doing,” she said.

Humza Yousaf expressed interest in exploring the possibility, while England, Scotland, and Wales’ national Commonwealth federations were disappointed by Victoria’s withdrawal, stating it was unsettling for athletes.


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Why are we desperate for modern tech?



Unraveling the crucial role in modern tech infrastructure

In the dynamic landscape of digital advancements, data centres stand as the unsung heroes, anchoring the core of modern technology infrastructure. Exploring this integral aspect, we delve into the significance of data centres in today’s interconnected world.

As the pace of digitalisation quickens, data centres take the forefront, becoming indispensable for the seamless functioning of our increasingly interconnected global ecosystem. The growing complexities, sizes, and scales of these centres, raising pertinent questions about their impact on sustainability. The expanding footprint of data centres contributes positively or negatively to the quest for a more environmentally conscious world.

Against the backdrop of omnipresent digital infrastructure, the focus shifts to the resilience of data centres. Key factors ensuring the robustness of these centres are explored, underscoring their critical role in maintaining uninterrupted digital services. However, the rising pressure on power grids introduces concerns about potential blackouts and their unforeseen consequences for Australian businesses.

Joe Craparotta, Vice President for the IT business at Schneider Electric, sheds light on the pivotal role data centres play in our interconnected world.

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Taylor Swift named Time magazine’s Person of the Year



Taylor Swift has emerged victorious in a prestigious competition for Time Magazine’s Person of the Year, surpassing stiff contenders such as Barbie, King Charles III, and Sam Altman.

In a surprising turn of events, the globally renowned pop sensation, known for her chart-topping hits and captivating stage presence, has captured the hearts and minds of millions worldwide, cementing her status as a cultural icon.

Swift’s impact extends far beyond the realm of music.

Her relentless advocacy for social causes, from gender equality to LGBTQ+ rights, has resonated deeply with a diverse audience, transcending boundaries and generations. Time Magazine acknowledges her remarkable influence on society, celebrating her not only as an artist but as a force for positive change.

The news of Swift’s triumph has ignited discussions across the globe, sparking debates on the significance of pop culture in shaping the world’s social and political landscape.

Her journey from country sensation to global superstar and activist exemplifies the power of artistry and advocacy to make a profound impact.

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Andrew Forrest demands fossil fuel executives’ accountability at UN COP28



Mining magnate and philanthropist Andrew Forrest made an impassioned call for accountability during a sideline interview at the UN COP28 climate conference.

In an extraordinary outburst, Forrest demanded that fossil fuel industry leaders be held responsible for their contributions to climate change.

Speaking to reporters, Forrest stated, “It’s time for the heads of fossil fuel executives to be on spikes – not literally, of course, but figuratively. We cannot continue to ignore the devastating impact these industries have on our planet. The time for action is now.”

Forrest’s comments come as world leaders gather to address the climate crisis and set ambitious targets for reducing carbon emissions. He emphasized the urgent need for a transition to cleaner energy sources and a shift away from fossil fuels.

The mining billionaire’s outspoken stance has sparked a debate among conference attendees, with some applauding his fervor for climate action and others cautioning against such extreme rhetoric.

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