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Suella Braverman forced to resign as home secretary



Suella Braverman forced to resign as Britain’s home secretary, following email breach

Embattled British Prime Minister Liz Truss has lost yet another cabinet minister, with Suella Braverman standing down as the nation’s home secretary.

Braverman was forced to resign after it was discovered she sent an official document from her personal email.

This is a breach of ministerial rules.

The outgoing minister published a sensational resignation letter, slamming Truss and her government.

She says the ruling Tory party is carrying on, pretending it hasn’t made mistakes “and hoping that things will magically come right”.

“As soon as I realised my mistake, I rapidly reported this on official channels, and informed the cabinet secretary,” Braverman added. “As home secretary I hold myself to the highest standards and my resignation is the right thing to do. The business of government relies upon people accepting responsibility for their mistakes.”

Truss swiftly responded to the resignation. In her own letter, she said “I accept your resignation and respect the decision you have made”.

“I am grateful for your service as Home Secretary,” Truss added. “Your time in office has been marked by your steadfast commitment to keeping the British people safe.”

Former transport minister Grant Shapps, a long-time backer of the PM’s previosu leadership contender Rishi Sunack, is Braverman’s replacement.

Braverman is the second senior cabinet member to quit the Truss government in the past week. It follows the Chancellor of the Exchequer Kwasi Kwarteng stepping down last Friday.

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Is journalism taking a hit in Ukraine?



Ukraine’s media are adapting amid increased restrictions and the pressures of war

Ukrainian journalists have resumed reporting allegations of corruption by officials in Ukraine.

Kyiv had cracked down on wartime censorship.

Dr Paul Lushenko is a U.S. Army Lieutenant who said democracy and transparency is impacted during war.

“It is true that in the times of war, the tensions between civil liberties and national security can be skewed.

“It’s not to say it’s without risk. There are several examples where several well-known international investigative journalists have been targeted based upon their reporting,” he said.

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Is ‘AI’ the future of fantasy?



Artificial Intelligence advancements have ignited conversations about which industries will be impacted the most.

One industry seeing an uptick in AI generated content is the online adult entertainment industry.

Companies around the world are racing to rollout artificial intelligence applications and programs. The new technology is here to stay—and has changed our lives forever.

In a recent viral conversation on Twitter, a user posted an assortment of images featuring life-like women—but they were entirely generated by artificial intelligence.

While the images were made to look like real photographs—the women do not exist.

Such ‘AI”advancements have ignited conversations about which industries will be impacted the most.

So, is AI generated content good or bad for the online adult entertainment industry?

Brie Nightwood, an OnlyFans creator joins us to discuss.
#artificialintelligence #ai #adultentertainment #BrieNightwood #veronicadudo

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Why OPEC policy decisions will have a major impact on oil prices



Despite the fall in oil prices, OPEC and its allies policy decisions can have a major impact on oil prices.

In May 2023, the total number of rigs drilling for oil and gas was already down by around 7% when compared with its peak in December 2022.

Slower drilling activity eventually translates into slower production growth, creating a delay of up to 6 months.

In the meantime, high levels of production are keeping inventories elevated, especially in the case of gas, which is keeping prices under pressure.

OPEC and its allies are weighing the possibility of further oil supply cuts, despite the fall in oil prices.

OPEC+ and its allies led by Russia, pumps around 40% of the world’s crude.

So, its policy decisions can have a major impact on oil prices.

Bloomberg’s Senior Oil and Gas Analyst Fernando Valle joins us to discuss.

#oil #gas #oilandgas #gasprices #FernandoValle #veronicadudo

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