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Ticker News with Ahron Young

Ticker News with Ahron Young

Join Ahron Young as he unpacks the global stories shaping our world. From international affairs, business and tech, Ticker News delivers live, on-the-road reports from a network of reporters around the globe.

Stay informed with the latest insights on the stories that matter most.

Ahron Young

Ahron Young is an award-winning broadcast journalist with more than two decades experience. He is the Founder and CEO of The Ticker Company.

Episodes | 13 minutes

Harris secures strong Democratic support for White House run despite challenges

President Biden tests positive to COVID, in wake of rising election tensions

Increase in Secret Service linked to Iranian plot to assassinate Trump

Secret Service face criticism over failure to stop Trump rally gunman

Biden fails to mitigate growing campaign concerns after public news conference

F-16 jets sent to Ukraine in response to growing Russia conflict

Russian missile kills over 40 in Ukraine, attack spurs UN Security Council meeting

Biden will not backdown from election battle with Trump despite rising pressure