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Talk Ya Book

Talk Ya Book

Chris Judd’s Talk Ya Book shines a light on the investment processes used by Australia’s best investors as they talk through their highest conviction investment idea.

Chris Judd

After retiring from the AFL in 2015, Chris turned his attention to trading financial markets.

He thinks hard about the macro-economic picture and how to make money from his findings.

Episodes | 13 minutes

How AI is revolutionising the biotech industry

How is the surge in coal prices impacting industries worldwide?

Will FICO’s new credit score model boost or bust your credit?

Exploring the value of short positions in the home design industry

What factors could lead to a surge in crypto?

What are the risks vs. rewards in oil and gas investment?

What are the key fundamentals that define a strong investment?

Exploring investments in the coal mining industry

Can Light & Wonder sustain its momentum in the competitive global gaming industry?

Is Fleetwood’s market positioning resilient amid industry shifts?