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Take Your Shot

Take Your Shot

Take Your Shot is an insightful talk show dedicated to exploring the journeys of entrepreneurs and innovators within their respective fields. With a focus on both triumphs and tribulations, the program delves into the stories of individuals navigating the complexities of business, offering valuable insights into the pursuit of success.

Hosted by Samuel Levi, CEO & Founder of LuxeSticks.

Samuel Levi

Renowned entrepreneur and innovator, Samuel Levi, has made significant strides in the business world over the past five years, earning recognition in prestigious lists like Forbes Top 100 Entrepreneurs. His latest venture, LuxeSticks, a top-selling skincare brand, showcases his dedication to pursuing his passion despite the competitive nature of the beauty industry.

Episodes | 13 minutes

What makes a successful swimwear brand?

Entrepreneur shifts diet culture

Jewellery designer dazzles

The journey of a psychic medium

Fostering community connection through wellness

Author leads anti-racism conversation