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Ecomm Insider

Ecomm Insider

Ecomm Insider is an insightful talk show that explores the fast changing world of ecommerce marketing, current trends & business practices for Gen Z & Millennial brands & marketers.

Hosted by the CEO and Founder of MADE. Marketing, Madelene Ragno.

Madelene Ragno

Madelene Ragno, Owner of MADE. Marketing, is a fiercely passionate thought leader in the digital marketing industry, in particular, the creative & paid advertising space.

Episodes | 13 minutes

Is EOFY worth the hype?

Discount offering: cheap or strategic?

Email marketing struggles with algorithm

The key to customer connection

Is TikTok the key to brand visibility?

Is influencer marketing dead?

The key to success: cracking the code on viral branding

Marketing trends: what to expect in 2024