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How Rupert Murdoch built a media empire



He is Australia’s most successful business leader, but Rupert Murdoch does not shy away from the headlines

September 1915, Gallipoli, as the Allies land on the beach.

War correspondent Keith Arthur Murdoch witnesses a very different war. Writing an 8,000 word private report, describing the Gallipoli campaign as a disaster.

It was the beginning of the Murdoch anti-establishment spirit, passed down to his son, Rupert, who took a half share in a small newspaper, and built a global empire.

1940s in Melbourne, and a young Keith Rupert Murdoch forged his way at his father’s newspaper, groomed for bigger things.

In 1952, his father died of cancer, and a young 21 year old Rupert returned to Australia, to pay back taxes and take the reigns of The News in Adelaide.

There, he cut costs, journalists complained of old newspapers being used in the place of toilet paper.

At an early age, Rupert knew the importance of growth and acquisition, buying the Daily Mirror in Sydney, and inventing the modern tablod.

Being a tabloid king wasn’t enough. In 1964, Rupert launched his first national paper – The Australian.

In media, political connections help When Rupert shifted his Fleet street operations to Wapping, 6,000 staff went on strike. But the police were clearly on Rupert’s side.

In 1974, Rupert Murdoch crosses the Atlantic, ready to expand. He starts off with a supermarket tabloid, but then rescues the New York Post.

But buying a TV station proved difficult, because of laws ensuring only US citizens can own a TV licence. An easy choice for Rupert, who becomes a US citizen.

He went on a buying spree to build his own network, where he put NBC, ABC and CBS on notice.

FOX would be different.

Just like with Margaret Thatcher, Rupert became close with U.S. Republican president Ronald Reagan.

By the mid 1990s, Rupert launched his own news channel, that would go on to change US politics.

Always determined to be on the front line of media, Rupert didn’t always win.

Murdoch’s entire media empire came under fire in the phone hacking scandal, after his newspapers were accused of hacking the phones of celebrities.

Today, News Corporation and Fox are now two of the most influential media companies on the planet.

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The possibility of a U.S. recession



There’s been a lot going on in markets…

It’s been a turbulent time in financial markets, to say the least.

From seeing a banking crisis sweep around the world, to a new global reserve currency start to emerge – there hasn’t been a quiet day on the market.

And there’s also a little bit of Marty McFly meets Bog Iger from Disney, as UBS appoint a former Credit Suisse CEO to help with the merger of the two banks.

AND, the possibility of a U.S. recession…

Chris Uhl from joins us to discuss.

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Disney trumps DeSantis with legal loophole



Disney has outplayed Ron DeSantis by leaning on a decades-old royal clause

In February, Florida Governor Ron DeSantis moved to take over Disney World’s governing body.

It was all in retaliation to the company’s public stance against the state’s “Don’t Say Gay” bill.

But now, new reports suggest this whole plan may have backfired.

Members of the new governor-appointed board argue the previous members stripped the board of its power before they left.

It was all part of an agreement, which was approved a day before DeSantis assumed more control of the land around Disney’s theme park.

Disney is leaning on a property law which essentially makes the company the government of the area.

New board member Ron Peri says the board has lost the majority of its ability to do anything beyond maintain the roads and basic infrastructure.

For just under six decades, Disney has operated its expansive theme park and resort in Florida under a specially designated district.

A board oversaw the area and had free reign of development processes.

Disney also had the authority to appoint district board members.

But this special status came under threat when Disney clashed with DeSantis and his “Don’t Say Gay” law.

Florida lawmakers the passed a bill in February to end Disney’s self-governing status and give the governor the authority to appoint new board members to the district.

DeSantis appointed five supervisors, including a parents’ rights activist and three Republican donors.

But the new supervisors say previous board members entered an agreement before they left their positions – effectively stripping them of any powers. #trending #featured

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The Power of Play



Let’s take a look at the history of video games and the exciting future of the gaming industry.

From classic arcade games to the latest consoles and online multiplayer experiences, gamers have been lining up for decades to get their hands on the hottest games.

But what goes on behind the scenes to create these immersive worlds? The Power of Play takes you behind the curtain to explore the hard work and dedication of game developers as they bring these virtual experiences to life.

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