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Ramaswamy cuts through the GOP debate



In a heated and sometimes tense presidential debate, the five candidates running for the highest office in the United States shared their views on foreign policy, with a particular focus on Israel’s conflict with Hamas and the ongoing crisis in Ukraine.

While there was some common ground on the Israeli issue, sharp divisions emerged over the question of supporting Ukraine in the face of Russian aggression.

Unity on Israel-Hamas Conflict:

The candidates found themselves in rare agreement when discussing the Israel-Hamas conflict. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, known for his straightforward approach, minced no words. He declared, “I’d be telling Bibi: Finish the job once and for all with these butchers,” referring to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu by his nickname. It was a sentiment echoed by the other candidates, demonstrating a united front on this particular foreign policy issue.

Sharp Divisions on Ukraine:

In stark contrast to the unity seen on the Israel-Hamas issue, the candidates sharply disagreed on whether the United States should continue to support Ukraine against Russia’s aggression. Vivek Ramaswamy, one of the contenders, left no room for ambiguity in expressing his stance. He issued a lengthy rebuke of Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky while accusing Ukraine of harboring Nazism and anti-democratic beliefs. This stance raised eyebrows and drew strong reactions from his fellow candidates.

Tensions Over TikTok:

An unexpected point of contention during the debate revolved around the Chinese-owned social media platform, TikTok. While most candidates were critical of the platform, Vivek Ramaswamy stood out as the lone dissenter, highlighting his use of TikTok as a campaign tool. This led to a heated exchange, with Ramaswamy indirectly referencing Nikki Haley’s daughter’s use of the app, a comment that visibly angered Haley. She retorted, “Leave my daughter out of your voice,” before dismissing Ramaswamy as “scum.”

Christie and Scott: The Fringe Candidates:

Throughout the debate, it became apparent that Chris Christie and Tim Scott were receiving limited attention from the other candidates. The three leading contenders seemed to view Christie and Scott as lagging far behind in the polls, leading to a lack of engagement with them on most issues. Consequently, Christie and Scott largely remained on the periphery of the discussion.

A Surprise Appearance by Tim Scott’s Girlfriend:

In a surprising turn of events, South Carolina Senator Tim Scott introduced his girlfriend, Mindy Noce, to the public for the first time at the conclusion of the third presidential debate. Scott had been notably private about his dating life, even withholding his girlfriend’s name in an earlier interview with the Washington Post. The revelation of their relationship added a personal touch to an otherwise contentious debate.

The presidential race continues to heat up, with foreign policy debates like these shedding light on where each candidate stands on crucial international issues. As the election draws nearer, voters will undoubtedly consider these positions when making their choices. #featured

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Trump & Biden prepare for the earliest debate in modern U.S. history



The first debate of the year between President Joe Biden and former president Donald Trump will take place this week in Atlanta.

This debate marks a milestone as the earliest presidential debate in modern U.S. history, and will prove to be a critical event for both candidates.

Joe Biden and Donald Trump are neck-and-neck in national opinion polls, with a considerable slice of the electorate still undecided five months before the Nov. 5 vote. #featured #trending

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Ferrari’s debut high-performance electric vehicle will be priced above $500,000



Ferrari has unveiled details about its inaugural electric car, slated to be priced upwards of $500,000, as first reported by Reuters.

This announcement comes amidst growing global interest and competition in electric vehicles, with Ferrari aiming to blend its iconic design prowess with sustainable technology.

The Italian automaker, renowned for its high-performance sports cars, is expected to maintain its commitment to superior craftsmanship and engineering excellence in its electric offering.

Following the EV announcement, Ferrari also confirmed plans to establish a new manufacturing plant aimed at enhancing production flexibility and significantly reducing car development times.

Mike Costello from Cox Automotive joins to discuss the latest in EVs. #featured #trending

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Commercial real estate targeted for producing 40% of global emissions



Commercial real estate contributes significantly to global emissions, with reports suggesting it makes up to 40% of the total – so is there a solution in sight?

Global strategies are setting out to transform this impact by promoting the development of sustainable buildings.

As climate change continues to be a pressing global issue, the commercial real estate sector must pivot towards more eco-friendly solutions.

One of the most impactful actions that can be taken to mitigate the environmental impact of commercial real estate is the implementation of building automation systems.

Louise Monger, Vice President, Digital Buildings of Schneider Electric, joins to share her key insights into the issue. #featured

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