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Omicron variant leads to travel chaos



UK, Germany and Italy detect Omicron variant cases, Israel closes borders as the world waits


  • Britain, Germany, Italy say Omicron cases detected
  • UK PM Johnson unveils new measures to prevent Christmas lockdown
  • Israel bans entry to all foreigners
  • Dutch authorities test air passengers for Omicron variant

Britain, Germany and Italy are detecting cases of the new Omicron coronavirus variant as countries around the world reimpose travel restrictions..

The discovery of the variant sparked global concern, with a fresh wave of travel bans and a global sell-off on financial markets.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson introduced new steps to contain the virus.

Face coverings will become mandatory again in shops and on public transport in England from next week.

More stringent testing

PCR tests for everyone entering the UK will be introduced and all contacts of new variant cases will have to self-isolate. 

The two linked cases of Omicron found in Britain are connected to travel to southern Africa.

But Boris Johnson is promising that Christmas will be “considerably better” than in 2020.

The measures are “temporary and precautionary”, he says.

The UK PM laid out measures which included stricter testing rules for people arriving in the country.

Mr Johnson said: “Our scientists are learning more hour by hour, and it does appear that Omicron spreads very rapidly and can be spread between people who are double vaccinated.”

Global disruption

Israel will ban the entry of all foreigners into the country and reintroduce counter-terrorism phone-tracking technology to contain the spread of the variant.

In Germany, the health ministry announced two confirmed cases of the variant. The two people entered Germany at Munich airport on Nov. 24.

In Italy, the National Health Institute says case of the new variant had been detected in Milan.

New strain, old pain

Omicron, dubbed a “variant of concern” by the World Health Organization, is  than previous variants of the disease.

Experts do not know yet if it will cause more or less severe COVID-19 compared to other strains.

The variant was first discovered in South Africa and had also since been detected in Belgium, Botswana, Israel and Hong Kong.

Epidemiologists say travel curbs may be too late to stop Omicron from circulating globally.

The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and State Department are advising against travel to eight southern African countries.

Ahron Young is an award winning journalist who has covered major news events around the world. Ahron is the Managing Editor and Founder of TICKER NEWS.

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Amazon Prime’s ‘The Boys’ Season 4 will explore contemporary political polarisation




Show creator Eric Kripke hints at a narrative that will not shy away from uncomfortable truths, promising a season that challenges viewers to confront their own beliefs and biases.

Known for its bold satire and unflinching critique of societal issues, the series seems poised to dissect the current climate of division with its trademark blend of dark humour and gritty realism, as reported by Reuters.

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Tesla shareholders approve historic $56B Elon Musk pay package



Tesla shareholders have voted to approve Elon Musk’s unprecedented $56 billion compensation package, underscoring their confidence in his leadership and vision for the electric car company.

The package, which is tied to ambitious performance targets, includes a mix of stock options and bonuses contingent upon Tesla’s financial and operational milestones over the next decade.

As reported by Reuters, the approval underscores the support that Musk enjoys from Tesla’s retail investor base, many of whom are vocal fans of the mercurial billionaire.

The proposal passed despite opposition from some large institutional investors and proxy firms.


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The secret aspect of exercise and trauma release



Recent studies have shed new light on the profound impact sedentary behavior is having on mental health.

A meta-analysis revealed a strong correlation between increased sitting time and higher rates of depression.

Now, many experts believe that movement and exercise are not only beneficial for mental health but also play a crucial role in trauma release.

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