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Omicron fears – will the U.S go into lockdown?



The US Centre for Disease Control has announced that Omicron is now the dominant strain in America, making up 73 percent of infections as of last week

The World Health Organisation has delivered a Christmas warning… urging people to cancel some of their holiday plans as Omicron spreads.

The head of the organisation says an event cancelled is better than a life cancelled… adding that “difficult decisions” must be made.

The WHO is now convinced the coronavirus variant is spreading faster than the Delta variant, infecting the vaccinated as well as those who have already recovered from covid. 

How is the U.S reacting to this warning?

According to the CDC, we know that Omicron is now the dominant strain in America.

In fact omicron now makes up 73 per cent of infections as of last week.. with more than 650 thousand omicron cases

Since the end of June, the Delta variant had been the main version causing US infections… but certainly not anymore.

The Biden administration says the nation will not be locking down despite the spread of Omicron

CDC Director says the new numbers reflect the kind of growth seen in other countries.

She says these numbers are stark, but they’re not surprising

The virus has since shown up in about 90 countries, even though a-lot of the Omicron variant remains unknown, including whether it causes more or less severe illness.

CDC data showing Omicron overtaking delta is not just happening in the US, similar infection rates are being seen in South Africa, the UK and Denmark.

Many authorities are predicting a huge spread over the holidays, including breakthrough infections among the vaccinated and serious complications among the unvaccinated that could stress hospitals.


Tonga welcomes more foreign aid as recovery continues



Aid is trickling into Tonga from around the world, as more governments deploy ships and flights to the island nation following the massive tsunami on Saturday

The underwater volcano explosion triggered tsunami waves across the Pacific, claiming the lives of at least three people in Tonga.

The wild weather event caused significant damage and crippled communications – the true extent of the damage is still unknown.

A New Zealand vessel which is expected to arrive on Friday is the first major supply ship to pending to dock.

The captain of the HMNZS Aotearoa had earlier told ticker NEWS partner Reuters that the ship was carrying 250,000 litres of water, along with other supplies. The UN says clean water supplies are the top priority for the Pacific nation.

Australia has also deployed its largest ship, the HMAS Adelaide.

The vessel set sail bound for Tonga on Friday. The ship can carry helicopters which can be deployed from the ship to bring supplies to Tonga’s smaller outer islands.

That vessel is due to arrive mid-next week.

The UK also announced on Friday it was also redeploying its HMS Spey to the Tongan response and had sent aid supplies ahead with the Australian ship.

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17 dead after immense explosion rocks western Ghana



17 people have died in Western Ghana after a truck carrying mining explosives collided with a motorcycle sparking an explosion

The explosion has left hundreds of buildings destroyed, many feared to be trapped among the rubble.

The accident happened around midday, near the mining city of Bogoso, 300km west of the West African country’s capital of Accra.

The exact number of casualties so far stands at 17, with authorities on the ground confirming another 59 are in hospital.

However, the head of the Prestea Huni-Valley municipal government where the explosion took place, Isaac Dsamani, told local media that officials had counted “about 17 dead bodies” so far.

According to reports, at least 57 who were injured had been taken to local hospitals.

More than 500 buildings have been destroyed.

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Ivanka Trump to be investigated



The US House select committee investigating the January 6 Capitol riots is now requesting to speak with Ivanka Trump

Ivanka is Donald Trump’s daughter and was a senior White House advisor during the insurrection.

The request marks a major step forward in the investigation, as the panel closes in on the former president and his inner circle.

The committee publicly released a letter addressed to Ivanka… seeking “voluntary cooperation”.

The letter also includes testimony regarding Trump’s efforts to pressure former Vice President Mike Pence on the morning of the attack.

A spokesperson for Ivanka Trump has refused to respond as to whether the former president’s daughter will cooperate.

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