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Omicron fears – will the U.S go into lockdown?



The US Centre for Disease Control has announced that Omicron is now the dominant strain in America, making up 73 percent of infections as of last week

The World Health Organisation has delivered a Christmas warning… urging people to cancel some of their holiday plans as Omicron spreads.

The head of the organisation says an event cancelled is better than a life cancelled… adding that “difficult decisions” must be made.

The WHO is now convinced the coronavirus variant is spreading faster than the Delta variant, infecting the vaccinated as well as those who have already recovered from covid. 

How is the U.S reacting to this warning?

According to the CDC, we know that Omicron is now the dominant strain in America.

In fact omicron now makes up 73 per cent of infections as of last week.. with more than 650 thousand omicron cases

Since the end of June, the Delta variant had been the main version causing US infections… but certainly not anymore.

The Biden administration says the nation will not be locking down despite the spread of Omicron

CDC Director says the new numbers reflect the kind of growth seen in other countries.

She says these numbers are stark, but they’re not surprising

The virus has since shown up in about 90 countries, even though a-lot of the Omicron variant remains unknown, including whether it causes more or less severe illness.

CDC data showing Omicron overtaking delta is not just happening in the US, similar infection rates are being seen in South Africa, the UK and Denmark.

Many authorities are predicting a huge spread over the holidays, including breakthrough infections among the vaccinated and serious complications among the unvaccinated that could stress hospitals.


Woman charged with murder of her two children



A South Korean woman has been charged with the murder of her two children

A woman has been charged with murder after the remains of her two children were found in abandoned suitcases in New Zealand.

The 42-year-old arrived in Auckland a short time ago, where she appeared in a district court on Wednesday. She is now facing two charges of murder.

There are strict suppression orders following an application from members of the children’s family.

The woman was remanded without plea in custody.

Three police officers travelled to South Korea before she was extradited to New Zealand.

The children’s bodies were discovered in August after a New Zealand family bought the abandoned goods.

The woman will next appear in the High Court on December 14.

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Guilty verdict for far-right militia founder in Capitol attack



A guilty verdict has been reached for the founder of a far-right militia group for his involvement in the Capitol attack

A Federal Jury has found the founder of far-right American group Oath Keepers guilty of seditious conspiracy during the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

In a major victory for the U.S. Justice Department, Stewart Rhodes, alongside two members of his militia group are the first to face rare charges in connection with the January 6 violence.

The Government insists the group took part in stopping the transfer of power following Trump’s defeat.

Seditious conspiracy refers to two or more people conspiring to “overthrow, put down, or to destroy by force” the U.S. government.

Rhodes lawyers are planning to appeal the conviction but the charges carry a potential jail time of up to 20 years.

The Oath Keepers claim to defend the Constitution of the United States.

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Landmark same-sex marriage protection bill



In a landmark bipartisan vote, the U-S Senate has passed Federal legislation to protect same sex marriage & Interracial marriage

Dubbed the Respect for Marriage Act, the same-sex bill will now be approved by the House as soon as this week.

After approval from the House the legislation will head to President Biden’s desk to be signed into law.

The bill is in response to concerns the Supreme Court could overturn the 2015 decision to legalise same-sex marriage nationwide.

“Today the long but inexorable march towards greater equality advances forward…

By passing this bill, the Senate is sending a message that every American needs to hear: no matter who you are or who you love, you too deserve dignity and equal treatment under the law.”

Chuck Schumer, Senate Majority Leader

The bill needed 60 votes to pass and ended with a vote of 61 to 36.

Hundreds of thousands of same-sex and interracial couples are breathing a sigh of relief today in the United States.

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