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Nation’s treasurer warns Australia can’t turn back as Sydney declares freedom day



Five million Australians who live in the greater Sydney region will no longer be subject to harsh stay-at-home orders, as the city emerges from lockdown on Monday

Dubbed Freedom Day, Sydneysiders who are double vaxxed will be able to go to cafes, restaurants and bars, whilst the caps on numbers at weddings and funerals are also increased.

Meanwhile, 10 fully vaccinated visitors will be allowed to gather inside a private home and up to 30 people can gather outdoors.

This all comes as Australia’s Treasurer Josh Frydenberg warns there must be no turning back… and the nation’s focus must shift away from lockdowns and towards vaccine take-up.

Freudenberg believes Australia will recover from the economic pandemic slump… and Sydney’s freedom day will provide a much-needed financial boost.

Frydenberg says “with vaccination rates rapidly climbing around the country, we need to make lockdowns a thing of the past and give people their freedoms back, re-engage with the world and allow the economy to reopen safely”.

This follows data that suggests the cost of the most recent lockdown in New South Wales was $950 million a week, with $7billion paid by the commonwealth in Covid disaster payments.

With concerns, the technology used to keep track on those who are fully vaccinated isn’t ready yet.


Fears of a coup as military force arrests Sudanese leaders



Unidentified Sudanese military forces have reportedly arrested four cabinet ministers and one civilian

There are also reports that the military have surrounded the house of the country’s Prime Minister Abdallah Hamdok, as the leader remains in house arrest.

It comes as the PM warns that Sudan is facing the “worst crisis” of its transition to civilian rule following the removal of its long-time ruler more than two years ago.

The remarks on Friday come as the country reels from deep divisions among the civilian and military political factions that have been leading its transition under an August 2019 power-sharing deal with the aim of leading the country towards free and fair elections.

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Michael Jordan’s sneakers sell for record $1.47m at auction



A pair of basketball shoes worn by US basketball star Michael Jordan have sold for a record price at a Las Vegas auction

Jordan wore the pair of Nike Air Ships during his rookie season with the Chicago Bulls in 1984.

The shoes were what founded the iconic partnership between Jordan and Nike – now a signature global brand.

The sale also marks the highest price ever paid for game-worn footwear of any sport, easily beating out the previous record of $615,000 paid for a pair of Nike Air Jordan’s in 2020.

The price still falls short of the most expensive sneakers ever sold.

Recent sales are just the beginning of rare shoe market that’s beginning to soar.

In April, rapper Kanye West’s Nike Air Yeezy 1 Prototypes sold for $1.8 million at a private sale.

The record price for sneakers has broken several times in recent years, and the market is now considered much more niche than ever before, attractive interest from leading collectors as well as the general public.

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Ship spews toxic gas off Canada’s coast



Sixteen people have been evacuated as fire rages onboard the Zim Kingston container ship off the coast of Canada

The vessel was en route to Vancouver when it caught fire on Saturday, and has since been expelling toxic gas which officials say is not a risk to people on land.

The coast guard reported the ship was carrying more than 52,000 kg of chemicals located in two of the ten containers that caught fire.

“The ship is on fire and expelling toxic gas,” the Canadian coast guard said. It added that 10 containers had been affected by the fire.

“Currently there is no safety risk to people on shore, however the situation will continue to be monitored,” it said.

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