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Mercedes Benz asks F1 team to help engineer mass market EVs



The German automaker wants to keep up with the likes of Tesla in the electric vehicle space

Mercedes Benz has plugged its Formula One team into the engineering process.

It wants to build vastly more efficient mass-market electric vehicles, as the German carmaker jumpstarts efforts to keep pace with Tesla.

“The race is real, whether it’s on the race track or it’s targeting those innovations to go into into the next electric powertrain for Mercedes.”

F1 technology has always eventually bled over into mass-market vehicles.

But Mercedes’ F1 collaboration is unprecedented, because it embeds that racing mindset and technological expertise directly in product development.

In 2022, the premium carmaker unveiled its EQXX concept car, a super-efficient electric vehicle with a range of more than 1,190 kilometres.

The EQXX was jointly developed with the F1 team, including Mercedes AMG High Performance Powertrains, or HPP, in England.

“We need to absolutely maximise every single joule, chase every single watt of loss. And that’s really the ethos that we were looking for in EQXX, how do we create a super efficient real world EV?” HPP advanced technology director Adam Allsopp said.

The EQXX took just 18 months to develop, or a fraction of the time it takes to craft a new production car — the company says.

Speed is ever more important because newer entrants, above all Tesla, can develop or tweak models far more quickly than legacy carmakers.

Fast-moving Chinese EV makers have cut development time to an average of 2.5 years and are launching innovative, cheaper models in Europe.

The need for speed is also coupled with a push among carmakers to make electric vehicles more efficient and reduce costs – by lowering weight, improving range, and using less battery materials.

“Efficiency is so key to not only the materials that we’re using, but the sustainability of what we’re doing.

“If we can create a car that can achieve the same performance and the same range with smaller batteries because we’re more efficient, then it means that we are we’re not only taking care of our customer, but from a sustainability point of view, we’re in a better position so that mutually reinforces a number of the commitments that Mercedes have made,” Allsopp added.

Others in the auto industry, like Ford and Volkswagen, are also ramping up the race for speed and efficiency.

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“I think there is a great risk”: will AI steal our jobs?



Artificial Intelligence has become an increasingly powerful and pervasive force in our modern world.

Artificial intelligence is not a new concept. However, the growing advancements have the potential to revolutionise industries, improve efficiency, and enhance the quality of life.

Along with its promising advancements, artificial intelligence also brings certain risks and challenges that must be acknowledged and addressed.

It has become the focus of lawmakers, who are working towards greater regulation of the sector.

U.S. and European Union officials recently met in Sweden to weigh up the benefits and challenges of artificial intelligence, and other emerging technologies.

“The AI process is creeping up on us,” said Dr Keith Suter, who is a global futurist.

“You’ve got competition between companies.”

It’s almost like some of us can see this raft that’s heading towards the rapids and a disappearance towards the waterfall, and we’re giving a warning but it’s not being heeded because everybody’s in this race to get down to the river,” Dr Suter said.

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Is the metaverse the future of social network?



U.S. firms like Meta, the parent company of Facebook and Microsoft are going all in on the metaverse. Meanwhile, Chinese companies appear to be taking a more cautious approach amid tighter regulation.

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Who will win the global metaverse race?



China is looking to invest in the metaverse market as numerous cities rollout policy proposals.

Technology continues to change our lives forever.

As new advancements are released to the public—safety continues to be a major concern.

People are interacting with computers in a different way, with the word Metaverse becoming a buzzword in both the tech and business industries.

While the term, “metaverse” is broad, it refers to a set of digital spaces online—including 3D—that allows people to do many things from socializing and learning to interacting and collaborating.

Analysts say it’s the next evolution in social connection and the successor to the mobile internet.

According to Morgan Stanley, the metaverse market could be worth $8 trillion in the future.

China’s technology giants are investing in the metavese and recently, numerous Chinese cities have announced policy proposals to attract and support metaverse companies.

This comes after tense year of regulatory scrutiny on the countries tech sector.

The Chinese city of Zhengzhou recently announced a series of policy proposals to support metaverse companies operating in the region.

The initiative involves the municipal government establishing a nearly $1.5 billion dedicated fund in an effort to foster growth and development in the industry.

So, is the metaverse taking the world by storm?

Oz Sultan from the Sultan Interactive Group joins us to discuss. #china #metaverse #veronicadudo #ozsultan #regulation #crypto #tech

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