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Is the beginning of Biden’s 2024 campaign?



Biden's 2024

Is this the beginning of Biden’s 2024 re-election campaign?

As the Democrats secure the Senate for another two years, the White House has made its strongest indication to date that Joe Biden will run for re-election in 2024.

History shows us that the party which holds the presidency generally performs poorly in the midterm elections.

But the Democrats’ overall performance this year is considered the best for a sitting party in over two decades.

They went into the elections at a time of towering inflation, rising crime rates and fears of a recession. Many expected the Republicans to sweep the floor as a result.

But this didn’t happen and now Biden is staring down the barrel of another four years in office.

Sitting Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi, who has backed Biden for re-election, says the election results are cause for celebration.

“This is such a cause for the celebration. Chuck Schumer was so correct when he said it was a victory for the people and for the country.”

Meanwhile, Senate Leader Chuck Schumer says even when the path looked bleak, Democratic candidates never gave up the fight.

“Contrast our candidates with some of the people they ran against. Our strong candidates beat some very flawed challengers who had no faith in democracy. No fidelity to the truth or honour. And even when the polls looked bleak, our candidates never gave up,” Schumer said.

Republicans seek answers

With the Senate results more certain, all eyes are now on Donald Trump and Mitch McConnell as Republicans seek answers.

It was supposed to be a red wave, but many commentators have since labeled the results of the 2022 midterm elections as a ‘red ripple’.

Over the weekend, it was all but confirmed the Democrats will hold two critical Senate seats in Arizona and Nevada, and therefore retain control of the upper chamber.

While the Republicans are still favoured to win Congress, their likely majority is continuing to shrink.

Speaking to CNN, Trump critic and Republican Governor Larry Hogan says he’s tired of losing.

“It’s basically the third election in a row that Donald Trump has cost us the race,” Hogan said. “He kept saying, ‘we’re gonna be winning so much, we’ll get tired of winning.’ I’m tired of losing. That’s all he’s done.”

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How has the hospitality industry changed since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic?



Many global issues continue to have an impact on multiple sectors of the economy—including the hospitality industry.

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, how has the hospitality industry changed ?

Numerous international challenges including inflation, worker shortages, the Russia-Ukraine war and rising tensions between the United States and China—continue to have an impact on many sectors of the economy—including the hospitality industry.

According to the 2023 State of the Restaurant Industry report, the foodservice sector is forecast to reach $997-billion in sales in 2023—driven in part by higher menu prices.

So, how has the hospitality industry changed since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic?

Priya Krishna, a food reporter with The New York Times joins us to discuss. #PriyaKrishna #thenewyorktimes #food #hospitality #economy #veronicadudo #business

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Why are restaurants adding service charges amid rising prices?



American diners across the nation may be bewildered by an unfamiliar charge at the bottom of the check—a“service charge,”tacked on with little explanation.

So, why are restaurants adding service charges amid rising prices?

You’ve probably noticed it’s a lot more expensive to go out to eat.

The post-covid world is still working try and get back to pre-pandemic economic output.

And the hospitality industry is no different.

An increasing number of restaurants have added service charges of up to 22%—or more—in recent years in to keep up with rising costs.

So, are these changes in the hospitality industry a byproduct of the coronavirus pandemic?

Priya Krishna, a food reporter with The New York Times joined us to discuss. #hospitality #restaurants #PriyaKrishna #veronicadudo #inflation #pandemic #economy #thenewyorktimes

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China and the U.S. now caught up in a deadly game



As the U.S. and Chinese defence bosses spoke in Beijing, many in the room realised one thing – the two are far from ready to talk.

A thinly veiled criticism of the United States was delivered by Chinese Defence Minister General Li Shangfu.

In his first public statement to an international audience since becoming defence minister in March, Li highlighted China’s Global Security Initiative, a set of foreign policy principles and directions in line with Beijing’s style of diplomacy, which was announced in April last year by Chinese President Xi Jinping.

“It practises exceptionalism and double standards and only serves the interests and follows the rules of a small number of countries,” he told Asia’s biggest defence conference.

Among them are opposition to unilateral sanctions and economic development as a means of stemming instability and conflict.

“Its so-called rules-based international order never tells you what the rules are, and who made these rules,” Li said in a speech to the Shangri-La Dialogue in Singapore, without naming the US or its partners.

#featured #china #li shangfu #south china sea #taiwan

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