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How The Queen’s funeral was marked around the world



The funeral of Queen Elizabeth II is one of the biggest events in modern history

Millions of royal supporters from every corner of the globe tuned to both commemorate and celebrate Britain’s longest-reigning monarch.

Kathmandu, Nepal

In Nepal, a special screening of Her Majesty’s funeral was held at the UK embassy in Kathmandu.

British Gurkha veterans had served the Queen for much of their working lives.

It’s understood some members even accompanied the monarch to some ceremonies.

Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Over in Dubai, the mood is sombre on board the Queen Elizabeth II vessel.

The ocean liner was launched in 1969 but retired in 2008.

It’s become a floating hotel where hundreds gathered to witness the historic state funeral on board.

Nairobi, Kenya

Over in Kenya, British soldiers reflected on the Queen’s life.

The monarch was in Kenya when he father passed away. She then rushed back to London where she became Queen.

Many have said the late Elizabeth “could empathise with service personnel”.

British Press cover Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II’s funeral

As the world mourns the loss of Queen Elizabeth, British press continue their coverage of the fallen monarch.

The Daily Telegraph writes “an outpouring of love” as King Charles III is shown on the front page with his mother’s coffin.

i Newspaper

The i newspaper marks “the end of the Elizabethan age”, as thousands fill the streets of London to bid their final farewell to Her Majesty.

The Times

The Times reports tens of thousands of people lined the streets to say farewell to the Queen on the day of her funeral.

It’s believed 2,000 people filled the iconic Westminster Abbey.

Meanwhile, millions of people around the world also saw the live broadcast.

The event is likely to be one of the most-televised in modern history.

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300,000 lbs of e-waste collected in Alaska



Backhaul Alaska is making significant strides in managing harmful waste in rural and indigenous communities across Alaska.

By collecting and recycling e-waste, Backhaul Alaska has successfully removed over 300,000 lbs. of lead acid batteries from The Last Frontier.

Their efforts ensure that this waste is responsibly recycled and returned to the World’s Circular Economy.

Backhaul Alaska is also hoping to expand its services to include waste management for agencies, businesses, and development projects in Alaska.

Reilly Kosinski, the Statewide Coordinator with the Backhaul Alaska Program joins Veronica Dudo to discuss. #IN AMERICA TODAY #trending #ewaste #pollution #environment #sustainability

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Atari acquisition ends the longest running console war



Atari, the iconic gaming company, has revealed its acquisition of the Intellivision brand.

‘Uniting Atari and Intellivision after 45 years ends the longest running console war in history,” said Mike Mika, Studio Head at Digital Eclipse, an Atari-owned game studio.

This move is seen as a strategic step by Atari to expand its portfolio and tap into the nostalgia-driven market.

Emily Leaney from TeamRetro joins to discuss. #featured

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Tim Cook eyes a worthy successor to the Apple empire



As Apple CEO Tim Cook’s tenure at the company enters its later years, speculation swirls regarding who will succeed the tech giant’s iconic leader.

On this episode of Ahron & Mike Live – Canva makes a break for Broadway, AI has been likened to a ‘demigod’, astronomers develop new tech to counter asteroids and has Apple found its next successor? #featured

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